How To Make A Beautiful Mesh Wreath That’s Not Like All The Others

It’s never a bad time to make a deco mesh wreath. They’re lovely decorations that you can place pretty much anywhere and they can be designed and customized in tons of different ways. A cute idea that we recently came across is to use decor mesh to give the wreath a full but also delicate and boho-inspired look. We’re going to explore a few of the most creative ways in which you can add mesh to a wreath and really make it work. 

18 Beautiful and Easy To Make Deco Mesh Wreath Ideas

Deco mesh flower wrath

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One of the first things that come to mind when we think of deco mesh is flowers so here’s a really pretty flower wreath that you can make from scratch. It can be customized with your choice of colors so pick up some mesh in a bunch of nuances based on the color palette that you want to go with. Also get a 12 inch wreath frame, some pipe cleaners, zip ties, floral wire, wire cutters, a 6” foam ball (or just half of it really), acrylic paint, a glue gun and a rotary cutter. This whole list makes the project seem quite complicated but it’s really not. Just check out the tutorial on grillo-designs and see for yourself. 

Poly Mesh Sunflower Wreath

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A sunflower wreath made of yellow mesh would look really cool and would also be pretty easy and fun to make as well. For the center of the flower you can use a combination of pink string and pink roving to weave a circle and to fill out the center of a wire wreath form. Then you can add all the mesh pieces using yellow pipe cleaners so it looks nice and full. If you want to you can also add a few petals of a different color just for some added texture. More details about this project can be found on blissmakes

Colorful mesh wreath 

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An even easier method that you can use to make a mesh wreath is described on lambertslately and it involves cutting pieces of deco mesh and letting them curl up to make a bunch of cylinder-like pieces. You then take these and twist a pipe cleaner around the center of each one and then attach them to a wire wreath. You can make these mesh cylinders in a bunch of different colors and mix them up to make a rainbow-themed wreath. 

DIY Burlap Wreath

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Burlap mesh is wonderful if you want to make a simple and chic wreath, perhaps one with a vintage or boho design. There’s a tutorial on craftylifemom which focuses on this particular idea and we think it’s really inspiring. We really like the simple version of this burlap wreath before all the little details and ornaments are added. It’s nice and simple and it can then be personalized based on the occasion so for example you can decorate with a few Christmas-themed ornaments or give it a spooky Halloween-inspired look. 

Mesh ribbon

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Twist ties are a good alternative if you don’t have any pipe cleaners. They can be used in the same way to secure the mesh ribbon to a wire wreath form and to create a full and wavy effect. This technique is really simple and it doesn’t require a whole bunch of decor mesh compared to others. It’s great if you plan to then decorate the wreath with things like faux flowers for example because then the mesh will serve as a backdrop rather than a focal point for the design. Check out Life, Family, and Fun for more details and tips on how to make a mesh wreath. 

Christmas mesh deco wreath

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Deco mesh can only be one of the materials you use to make the wreath. If you like wreaths that are super full and have lots of different textures and ornaments on them, check out this Christmas-themed one from southerncharmwreaths. As you can see, the mesh blends right in but that’s not to say it’s not important. It helps to give the wreath that full effect and to fill the gaps between the ornaments. There’s a bunch of different supplies that were used to make this particular wreath, like ribbon in a few different colors and patterns, greenery, twigs, Christmas ornaments and a few flowers too. 

Gorgeous purple Wreath

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This gorgeous purple dahlia wreath is a perfect decoration for spring or summer. It’s vibrant and has a pretty simple design and as you can tell it’s made from a whole bunch of deco mesh. The project starts with a 16” metal wreath form and also a 12” one and an 8” one. That’s what gives the flower a full center as opposed to a hollow one. Attach all three wreath forms with zip ties and then start prepping all the petals. You’ll need around 3 rolls of 5.5” purple deco mesh for the whole project. Cut it into 8” strips, roll the corners in towards the middle and use a twist tie to keep it like that and to later attach it to the wreath form. For the leaves around the outside you can use the same technique with green burlap ribbon. Additional details can be found on hearthandvine

Burlap style

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If you like burlap wreaths as much as we do you’ve probably already looked at a bunch of different designs and techniques that you can use to make one. Here’s one that’s fairly simple, mostly made of burlap ribbon with jut a bit of color added afterwards. You can also use burlap-colored mesh for this if you prefer a more lightweight and delicate appearance. The colorful flowers added at the end look really nice against the neutral brown. Check out kenarry if you want to find out more about this particular design. 

Patriotic Mesh Wreath

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A mix of red, white and blue decor mesh can be used to make a patriotic-themed wreath. If you want to you can also use patterned ribbon to add the stripes and the little stars. Start with a layer of blue deco mesh secured to a metal wreath form using twist ties or pipe cleaners, then start adding the colorful ribbon pieces. Combine them into little bundles and layer them so you don’t have to attach each one individually. There’s a more detailed tutorial on heartfilledspaces which explains the entire process from start to finish. 

Ribbon pattern mesh

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There’s a variety of different types of mesh ribbon in lots of different colors and even lots of patterns. You can combine a few of them if you want to but you can simplify your design to make the project easier and faster. Here’s a deco mesh wreath that’s simple without looking boring. It has little stripes and the color palette is focused around red and blue as accents and a neutral main nuance. Check out the tutorial on kellylynnssweetsandtreats to find out more about this project or how you can add more details to it. 

Flower Mesh Wreath

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Let’s go back a bit to flower wreaths because they’re just so beautiful and there’s a bunch more cool designs that we want to share with you, like this one from Julie’s Wreath Boutique. We really like how well defined each petal is and the fact that even though they’re all the same color and have the same texture you can easily distinguish the outlines. The center is really cute too. The secret to getting this crisp and beautiful shape is to fuse two pieces of mesh together to prevent fraying and to be methodical and organized about how you then place them on the wreath form. Check out the video tutorial for a demonstration. 

Fall Deco Mesh

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Color is very important and can define the overall theme of your design. For example, a combination of colors such as orange, red, brown and yellow can be used to make a fall-themed wreath. Pick some deck mesh in these colors and add a bit of dark green as well that plus a wire wreath form and some twist ties is all you need to make a beautiful wreath just like this one. Check out etsy if you want to skip the crafting process and enjoy the final product. 

Large wrath

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You can also take inspiration from this ruffle wreath if you want to use deco mesh in a more interesting way. It’s a simple and elegant look and it can work with a lot of different colors and color combinations. Pick a color scheme that matches your porch or your front door or have several wreaths that you can swap on occasion for a little bit of variation. You can order this on etsy

Welcome mesh plaid wreath

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How about a welcome wreath, something to greet your guests with and to add some color and beauty to the front door? This one has a rustic design and is made with mesh and buffalo plaid, with brown, faded green and black and white accents. The welcome sign is a lovely detail. You can choose from a few different color variations, including one with burgundy accents. Check out this wreath on etsy or make your own version of it from scratch. 

Pumpkins Wreath

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What better way to welcome autumn than with a big wreath decorated with all the fall goodies like mini pumpkins, pinecones, berries and more. This is a lovely design for a Thanksgiving wreath, with lots of texture and a variety of different colors like oranges browns, a bit of green and yellow with burlap accents. Burlap mesh is mixed with colored and patterned ribbons to give this wreath a really full look. Head over to etsy if you want to get this for yourself or as a gift. 

Christmas mesh wreath

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With Thanksgiving and Halloween over it’s time to hang a Christmas wreath on your front door. These can be decorated with all sorts of things like berries, pinecones or some seasonal greenery and it’s not to pick just one or two types of ornaments to avoid making the wreath look more complicated than it needs to be. This design from etsy is nicely balanced. It’s made with deck mesh and plaid buffalo ribbon with a black and white checkerboard pattern and with a bit of green and red showing through. 

Strawberry Black and White Check Front Door Deco Mesh Wreath

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A strawberry-themed wreath can look really in summer or any time really. This one is really lovely, with lots of strawberry details in various different forms. There’s red deco mesh and lots of different types of ribbon mixed together which makes this look really full and adds lots of texture to the design. It’s a really fun and cheerful wreath that you can use to add color to your front door or to other areas of the house. Check it out on etsy for more details. 

Another traditional Christmas Wreath

Whoville WreathView in gallery

And here’s a Christmas wreath with a twist. It’s made with deco mesh and ribbon with red and white candy stripes and a festive ho ho ho pattern and there’s a bit of green in there as well. What sets this wreath apart from other Christmas-themed ones is the Grinch ornament at the very center so if you want something festive and simple but you also want a wreath that’s not like all the others, this seems like an original option. Make one yourself or get this one on etsy