DIY Christmas Wreath – How To Make With Leftover Felt

It’s time to deck the halls and these cute wreaths made from felt can be created in various sizes to add a handmade touch to your holiday decor! Make a Christmas wreath for the front door, a few small ones for the windows, or some medium sized ones for the your interior doors. The best part is that they last forever and can be used again for next year!

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Materials you’ll need to make a Christmas wreath:

  • felt in various shades of green
  • fabric scissors
  • wire
  • wire cutters
  • needle
  • thicker thread (embroidery thread or pearl cotton)
  • hot glue (optional for the end arrangement)

How to make a Christmas wreath step by step:

Step 1: cutting the felt

Start cutting out leaf shapes from the felt with your fabric scissors (these will give you a much nicer cut than regular scissors). If you double over the felt you can cut them more quickly. Cut various colors and sizes in a rain simple rain drop leaf pattern. Cut a few handfuls.

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Step 2: thread process

Using your needle and thread, sew together 2 leaves at the bottom. Fold the leaves in half while sewing through them to give them some dimensions. Tie off your thread and leave long ties at the end of the stitches to tie onto the wreath. Make multiple sets of these using alternating shades of green to thread onto the wire.

Step 3: Circle shape

Put together your wire circle. Use thicker but pliable wire to create a circle shape, cut and wrap the end around the start of the wire to finish off the circle.

Step 4: Use a bit of glue

Attach the leaves by tying the leftover thread of leaves around the wire. Tie all of your sets of leaves until the wire is completely covered. To avoid them all sliding down together, at the bottom, you may want to use a few dabs or super glue or a hot glue gun to adhere the leaves in place on the wire. You can also use some glue to arrange a nicer pattern of the leaf tips.

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Step 5: Hanging

Once finished, hang on a nail or wreath hanger and your project is complete. These wreaths are super light so they can be used just about anywhere. To off  yours by adding a colorful ribbon at the top or bottom if desired!

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