Ideas Will Make Your Housewarming Party The Hit of the Neighborhood!

From food to decor, there are tons of ways to make your housewarming party more than just a way to meet the neighbors and show off your new pad. Instead, make it a night to remember! Put your DIY skills to the test and pay attention to tiny details by cultivating an event the everyone will be wowed over. These ideas and tips will make your housewarming party the hit of the neighborhood. Check them out below!

Themed Food Spread

Themed food party

Italian, Mexican, American or breakfast, theme your food spread and create a menu that meshes well. It’ll be more fun for your guests too!

Warm Welcomes

Warm Welcomes Front house

Make sure your porch and front door have an inviting sense. Welcome your guests warmly with the right kind of decor.

Add Easy Bites

Cheese tasting cutting board

Not everything has to be intricate or gourmet, instead, add some easy bites to the tables. Gorgeous cheese plates are always a bit hit at parties.

Fill The Address Book

fill the address book

Set out your address book and have all of your guests come inside and write down their information. It’s an easy way to get a detailed chore done in no time!

Unique Drink Stations

Create a unique cooler station for backyard

Think about setting up drink stations at a few places around the home and yard. And do so in a more unique and stylish way.

Make It All Bite-Sized

Housewarming Make It All Bite-Sized

Make it easier on the party-goers and create a menu full of bite-sized food. Don’t worry about everyone getting a large, heaping plate. Instead, they can pick and bite what they choose.

Pay Attention To The Time

Pay attention to the weather

Evening affairs will be more formal and daytime celebrations become more casual. Pay attention to this when preparing.

Snap Photos

Snap photos

Grab your polaroid and float it around the party! Make sure to capture the memories of this big events! And your guests will love the interaction.

Check The Weather

Outdoor weather check

Don’t get stuck with an outdoor party on a cloudy day filled with rain. Have a backup plan!

Sprinkle Around Balloons

Ballon housewarming decor

Create a pathway filled with festive balloons or just have them floating around the first floor. Balloons can be done in a super posh way and we love this idea!

Setup A Photobooth

Create a photo Booth

Part of the party decor or backyard landscape could be a funky photobooth for everyone to participate in. Place that polaroid here!

Throw Water Balloons

Throw Water Balloons

Why not? Add this to the backyard for warmer weathered events and end on a fun, high note! The kids will sure love it!

Make It A Movie Night

Backyard movie night

You could theme the event even further by showing a movie in the backyard too! Make it comfy and everyone can relax a bit.

With A Popcorn Bar

Popcorn bar design

What’s a movie night without some popcorn? Add some toppings too, chocolate, salt, extra butter, Ranch seasoning, cinnamon and more!

Remember The Nonalcoholic Sips

Housewarming non alchoolic bar

Kids will surely be in attendance and not everyone at the party is going to want alcohol in their refreshments. Make sure you have some non options as well.

Unpack & Decorate

Unpack and decorate

You don’t have to have everything ready and going, but have everything unpacks and make sure to decorate a bit. Don’t forget to hang up some art for ambiance.

Show Your Best Views

Show Your Best Views

Cater the food tables and drink stations around the best parts of the home. Show the best views and most stylish locations.

Play Music

Play some music

Create an awesome play list too! Have music running on a loop to create that welcoming and fun atmosphere you’ll be rooting for.

Ice Cream Is Welcome

Icecream bar

Ice cream is welcome, especially in the summertime. You can also create a fun, “bar” experience with this idea too.

Don’t Be Afraid To Decorate

Decorate the stairs with accessories

Obviously, decorate your home, but don’t be afraid to add extra party details too. Garland, pom-poms and streamers can be done in unique and fashionable ways.

Provide Glass Markers

chalkboard tray

Whether it’s a ribbon or a chalk label, it’s important to mark everyone’s drinks. No one wants to sip from a stranger’s cup.

Think About Comfort

Think about comfort for an outdoor movie

From fans to blankets, think about your guests’ comfort. If it’s colder outside, make sure you keep friends and family warm and vice versa.{found on thejunkdrunk}.

Add Extra Lighting

Add extra lighting

Create ambiance with candle lights and lanterns! It adds a sophisticated appeal for your evening celebrations or a more fun and festive vibe.

Serve Kabobs

Serve Kabobs

Kabobs are easy to prep and guests love them! From fruits to cheeses and meats, kids and adults alike will grab them and run.{found on bystephanielynn}.

Prep A Message Wall

Prep A Message Wall

Grab some sticky notes and create a “message” wall as another way to interact with your neighbors. They can write down fun welcome messages or even their phone numbers and addresses!{found on cocokelley}.

Send Them Home With Cookies

Send Them Home With Cookies

What kind of home celebration doesn’t involve cookies? Use them as dessert or something to send home with your loved ones and new neighbors.{found on mydirtyaprons}.

Get Creative With Seating

Get Creative With Seating

Add extra seating around the house for when guests want to take a load off. But get creative with it! Add floor pillows and the like in corners and nooks.

Think About How The House Smells

How the house smell

Light some candles, boil some cinnamon and orange peels on the stovetop … do something to make your house smell just as good as it looks.

For The Kids

Water bucket playful for kids

If you’re inviting the kiddos of the neighborhood, then do something special just for them. Maybe may a water gun station in the backyard!{found on firsthomelovelife}.

Set Up A Smore’s Bar

Smore bar

For outdoor affairs, start a fire and setup a place to build a make smore’s. It’s super easy to do and an absolute hit among your party-goers.{found on apumpkinandaprincess}.

Add Champagne To Celebrate

Add Champagne To Celebrate

It is a celebration afterall, so why not add champagne to the mix. Make sangria with the bubbles or just top off a glass or two for a welcome toast.

Interact With Your Guests

Interact With Your Guests

Make sure you’re having fun with the new neighbors too. Set up some outdoor games or have some cards around the house to play a quick game of Rummy or War.

Chic Your BBQ

Chic bbq bar

Even if you’re having casual food, chic up the way it’s served. The condiments and utensils can be set out a lot more fashionable than what we’re all used to.{found on karaspartyideas}.

Build A Recipe Box

Build a recipe box

Have everyone that walks through the door write down a recipe. This is another great way to have everyone get involved and talking.{found on thirtyhandmadedays}.

Say Thank You

Say thank you

Don’t forget to write thank you notes for everyone who showed up! Handwritten letters are the best form of gratitude.

Hideaway The Breakables

Hideaway The Breakables

Just a tip, before everyone shows up, put away the breakables. There’s not reason for your brand new home to get broken in so literally.

Prep The Bathrooms

Clean the bathrooms

Pay attention to the details in the bathroom too. Add some fresh florals and candles to make it a bit more guest-friendly.

Think About Stains

Think about stain

No-stain white wine, champagne and sparkling water are all great ways to keep from getting scared of spills. Again, just another tip for keeping your new home … NEW!