Simple And Classy Ways To Store Your Vinyl Record Collection

These days nobody really bothers to save their music on CDs when all they need is an iPod. However, vinyl records never really disappeared. In fact, they’re more collectible now than ever and they deserve to be stored and displayed in a beautiful and classy way. We’ve collected a few vinyl storage options with timeless appeal that are ready to do the job right.

Vinyl Record Storage Shelf

With a vintage-inspired design and a simple and sleek structure, this vinyl record storage shelf featured on Urbanoutfitters can keep a medium-sized collection beautifully organized on a bottom rack and two flat shelves. It’s made of iron with a choice of three finish colors.

Corner Store Vinyl Record Rack

This Corner Store Rack offers three spacious shelves perfect for storing vinyl records but also magazines and other things. It has an elegant golden finish and a simple design able to adapt to a variety of decors, both modern and traditional.

Alexander Vinyl Storage Rack

The Alexander vinyl storage rack is made of acacia wood and can hold up to 50 records in a total of twelve slots. This system allows the records to be organized in multiple categories according to a variety of preferences.

Assembly Home Mid-Century Vinyl Record Media Console

Simple and made of MDF and basswood veneer, the Assembly media console is just what you need if you want to store your vinyl records in a classy and elegant way and to hide them behind closed doors. The unit has a mid-century modern design.

Half Cube Vinyl Rack

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern and casual, the Half Cube should be an interesting option. It’s made of perforated steel shaped like a half cube and can hold up to 70 records. It only comes in a black finish and it measures 17.5” x 18” x 15”.

Mid century mdern vinyl media storage

A console is a perfect option if you want to have your record player and your favorite vinyl records in the same place. This one you can make yourself using a Besta shelf from Ikea. You can find out more about how to build this unit on Ikeahackers.

Vinyl Cabinet Storage

The vinyl cabinet featured by Kilscrow lets you display your records while also keeping them nice and safe in drawers. The piece is customizable in your choice of wood and dimensions and the standard design can hold 70 records in soft-close drawers.

viny record storage solid wood stand

Small record collections can easily fit in a minimalist stand like this one. It’s a handmade piece made of solid Douglas fir. It allows you to store and display 35 records and it makes browsing super easy thanks to its optimized design. We found this piece on Etsy for $138.


If you want to display your record collection in a way similar to record stores, the Atocha Design record stand should be a pretty good choice. It’s compact and simple, with a classy and versatile design and it allows you to proudly display your collection.


A similar piece is this record display rack we found on Etsy. Don’t be fooled by its compact look. This beauty can hold up to 400 vinyl records. It can be made to order to suit your specific dimension requirements.

Industrial record storage for vinyl

Want something with a bit of industrial flair? Make your own record cabinet. Abeautifulmess shows you exactly what you have to do. You need some pine boards, metal milk crates, casters and some glue. You can customize this design to suit your own specific needs and preferences.

Window seating and storage for vinyl

Don’t want to waste floor space with a record console? Try to combine functions with a piece that serves both as a storage unit for vinyl records and as a window bench. Doesn’t this one look beautiful? Its functionality makes it even more attractive.

Large vinyl collection storage

Larger record collections need bigger racks to hold them. So instead of one, perhaps you’d need two or even three, depending on their storage capacity. These ones also seem to have some hidden storage compartments below.

Wall collection with vinyls

And if your record collection is huge, then consider dedicating an entire wall to it. These cubbies are only partially used as record holders. The upper ones are filled with books but this actually offers a really practical idea: use a bookcase.

Vinyl record storage media

Or have some custom cubbies mounted on the wall. This turn table and vinyl record storage system by Broken Home is a perfect example of how style and function can work together harmoniously.

Leaning bookshelves but for vinyl

If you prefer something a bit more casual, use a leaning bookshelf. This is actually a really versatile system which can be adapted to a variety of situations and needs and it seems that your vinyl record collection could sit quite well on the lower shelves.{found on apartmenttherapy}.