Architecture in Home Design

The aesthetic appeal of a home lies first and foremost in its lines, form and silhouette.

Fans of modern homes will find plenty of ideas for home design in the residences we feature. Each one is an example of innovative modern architecture that spans various styles and design sensibilities.

Here you’ll find examples of everything from modern homes design for costal locations with sweeping sea views and mountaintop getaways surrounded by forests.

Of course, there are plenty of modern homes in family neighborhoods as well as urban areas for you to peruse.

Modern Home Decor

Naturally, architectural features play a big role in modern home décor as well.

The graceful arch of an alcove, angular lines of a minimalist penthouse or the soaring ceiling of a living room are all ways that modern architecture figures into home design.

Browse the articles to discover wonderful architectural features in modern home décor from homes located all over the world.

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