What Is A Raised Ranch House

Raised ranch style houses have returned to the forefront among homebuyers. The renewed interest has sparked a home renovation boom.

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Fine Homebuilding

According to the National Association of Realtors, homebuyers love both open floor plans and two-story homes. Raised ranch homes have ample space and open floor plans. As raised ranches were for young families of the past, the new floor plans work well for families today. 

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Raised Ranch Houses Split Level

Raised ranch floor plans are unlike split-level floor plans. A split-level home features staggered levels, with half-story changes, and short staircases. A raised ranch house has two stories built on top of one another.

 A bi-level has a lower level sunken into the ground below grade, with the top floor level above it. There is an entry halfway between the two levels at grade level.

Raised ranches include low roof lines, large windows, sliding glass doors.  The backyard space often includes decks and patios. There are few exterior details beyond shutters and porches.

Raised Ranch House Renovation Designs

Here are some ways to update raised ranch house exteriors. Take inspiration from their beautiful work.

Modern Raised Ranch House

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For this remodel, the designers used batten board exterior siding on the first floor that runs in counter to the lower level.  

The main level windows are large and bring natural light in the main living area. The remodel to the landscaping gives the home a more manicured style. 

Charming Cottage Raised Ranch House

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Ana G. Homes

This raised ranch home is from Ana G. Homes. bi-level ranch from the 70s and turned it into a cottage-style home.

The old siding was replaced with board and batten siding on the top floor and horizontal siding on the lower living space and attached garage. 

The window boxes give these homes some depth. A new front door in a gray-blue creates a focal point.

Traditional Raised Ranch House

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This raised ranch is on a one-half-acre lot. The landscapers replaced the shrubs so that they do not tower above the windows on the first floor to take advantage of natural light sources. 

Modern Cottage Raised Ranch

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Greenwich Time

Melissa Straub and Second Wind Homes completed this home renovation. Cedar shakes give texture and they added garage doors and a front door with side transoms that bring more light into the interior living space.

Modern Farmhouse Raised Ranch

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Fine Homebuilding

For this remodel, the homeowners replaced the aged shingle siding on the top level and brick on the finished basement level.

  • covered the top with wooden paneling for the siding and replaced the windows with more distinctive frames. 
  • added a new entrance with cedar knee braces and front door.
  • widened the flight of stairs on the front and added a veneer of natural stones with bluestone treads.

Raised Ranch Deck

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Fine Homebuilding

Raised ranch homes have interior living space. Raised ranches are smaller than average new homes. If  you want more room, expand your outdoor living space with a large porch. 

The Best Tips for Exterior Raised Ranch Renovation

  • New siding – Update old siding with batten board horizontal siding. Create distinction between the floor levels by using a siding with a different direction. For example, pair batten board siding on the top with horizontal siding on the lower floor.
  • Colors – modern neutrals like white, ivory, or gray.
  • Front entrance – Consider a new front door painted in a unique color, wider steps, an overhang above the door to depth, and an interesting railing that leads to the front door.
  • Landscaping – A consider other features that will extend the outdoor living space of the house including larger decks and patios.

Raised Ranch Interior Ideas

Realtors and builders understand that raised ranch homes have so much to offer in terms of space and simple living. Here are some updated raised ranch interior spaces for you to consider.

Raised Ranch Kitchen Remodel

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Ana G. Homes

In this renovation, Ana G. Homes removed the wall to create an open floor plan. They extended the kitchen with the large island and repainted to make everything lighter and brighter. Also, they raised the ceilings to give the illusion of more space.

Living Room Remodel

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This designer uses the same techniques in their design. They raised the ceiling, added skylights to increase the natural lighting. Also, they clad the ceilings in wood paneling.

Raised Ranch Bedroom Remodel

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Greenwich Time

Melissa Straub and her team focused on a few key elements. They added more closet space and gave the room further distinction with the use of shiplap wood paneling.

Front Entry Remodel

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Ana G. Homes

Raised ranch homes have a front entry in the middle. Inside, these feature a half flight of stairs up to the top level and a half flight of stairs down to the lower level. Homes that haven’t been renovated have closedoff entry stairs that block natural lighting. 

Ana G. Homes recommends opening these walls to create more visual openness. In this front entrance, they added a new door with side transoms for more light and added a storage nook. 

Best Ideas for Interior Raised Ranch Renovations

  • Ceilings – Many raised ranch homes feature low ceilings. One way to make the homes appear larger is to raise the ceilings. In addition, you can add distinctive wood paneling and paint the ceilings with a fresh coat of white paint.
  • Walls – Remove walls to open the floor plan. This will modernize the interior of the home and help it to function in a more efficient way. 
  • Closet space – Add closet space w as modern homeowners expect large closets.
  • Paint – Paint the walls neutral and light colors to expand the look of the interior spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Who invented the raised ranch?

Clifford May, an architect from San Diego invented the ranch style home. He designed the first of this style home in 1931 in California to promote simple and natural living. Due to its construction and living space, ranches rose in popularity. Split levels and raised ranches were a variation of the ranch as they increased living space without the need for more property.

When were raised ranches popular?

Raised ranch homes were popular from the 1950s through the 1970s. While interest for them lagged renewed demand is surging.

What style of house is a raised ranch?

A raised ranch is like a ranch style home with two floors. One story is sunk below eye level and another that is above it. The front entrance features two half flights of stairs, one that goes to the lower story and one flight of stairs that goes to the top level.

How do you increase curb appeal of a raised ranch?

You can paint the exterior and neutral color. You can replace the siding for more modern vertical siding. Also, update the front with a new front door painted in a beautiful color. Landscaping increases your curb appeal. Make sure that the landscaping you choose, highlights your home’s best features rather than covers them.

Raised Ranch Homes Conclusion

Raised ranch homes have smaller carbon footprints, which explains their popularity among eco-conscious homebuyers. which make renovation more affordable.

The homes are built on large lots, providing them with more outdoor space.

Untouched raised ranches have a dated style, but there are definite steps you can take to make these homes more attractive.