Moscow Midnight Sherwin Williams is a Bold, Classy Color Choice

Moscow Midnight Sherwin Williams is a bold choice for interiors with drama. It’s great as an accent color, cabinet paint or wall color. It makes a statement wherever you use it so it’s not for the color-shy homeowner.

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Sherwin Williams Moscow Midnight SW 9142 is a very dark blue color with some green undertones.

With a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 5, it is a super dark color. The LRV scale runs from 100 to 0 with the brightest white ranking at 100 and absolute black at 0.

Hence, you get the idea of how dark Moscow Midnight is.

A Deep Teal Color

Overall, most people would probably call Moscow Midnight a deep teal color. It has a rich and classy vibe that make a space feel luxurious.

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Because it is so low on the LRV scale it absorbs a great deal of light. Thus, you’ll need some elements in the room that are much lighter to balance its darkness.

Of course, the amount of daylight in the space will also affect how Moscow Midnight looks. Accordingly, if a room does not have a lot of light or if it faces north, it will be a very dark blue. In space with abundant natural daylight, this paint color will look much light and not as heavy.

When it comes to lighting, choose the types of bulbs with care. Pick bulbs that are warm or cool enough to create the look you want.

Coordinating Colors

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Because SW Moscow Midnight is such a dark color, you’ll want some contrast. Sherwin Williams recommends shades like Pearly White SW 7009, Comfort Gray SW 6205 and Mountain Air SW 6224.

For a monochromatic look, choices on the same paint strip work well. Try Blustery Sky SW9140, Waterloo SW 9141 and Debonair SW 9139.

Ideas for Using SW Moscow Midnight Paint

You already know that Moscow Midnight is a dark, rich color. Moreover, it’s a bold choice. So how best to use it in your home? Check out these projects for inspiration.

Bold Dining Room

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DJF Builders Inc

Dining room walls painted Sherwin Williams Moscow Midnight are a great combination with light wood furniture. The paler color of the wood makes a nice contrast and stands out well.

Gold accents are your go-t0 metallic finish in a space like this.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

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Davey McEathron Architecture

Blue and white is a classic combination, even when the blue is Moscow Midnight Sherwin Williams.

Here the bold blue cabinets are paired with pure white tiles and marble countertops. The pretty blue tile backsplash picks up on both colors.

Farmhouse Twist

Farmhouse TwistView in gallery
TEKRA Builders

The lighting in this farmhouse kitchen makes the Moscow Midnight cabinets look more blue than teal.

Here too, the bold hue is paired with white for great contrast. The difference in color is why you always need to test paint samples in the room!

Distinctive Door Color

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Dawn Marie Design

A door painted with Sherwin Williams Moscow Midnight is a great way to add a touch of this color to a room.

It is a bold accent but not overwhelming. Having the rest of the space light and neutral helps the door stand out.

Dining Room Upgrade

Dining Room UpgradeView in gallery

A board and batten accent wall gets an even bigger upgrade with Moscow Midnight paint. The added element of the molding strips makes it a high-end change.

Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom MakeoverView in gallery

The same style of board and batten wall can also upgrade a bedroom.

Sherwin Williams Moscow Midnight is a great choice here too because the whole room is neutral.

Stunning Master Bedroom

Stunning Master BedroomView in gallery
Chanda Kea | Interior Designer

Painting all the walls in a room with Moscow Midnight paint can be a bit much, but not when you have lots of windows.

This stunning bedroom has loads of natural light and a high ceiling. Keeping everything else white or neutral and grounding the look with the blue rug is perfect.

Hallway Accent

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Desiree Eldridge

A ho-hum corner in an entryway gets a whole new look with Moscow Midnight Sherwin Williams.

The accent area pulls the eye forward and makes console and art even more interesting.

A Dramatic Exterior

A Dramatic ExteriorView in gallery

It turns out that you should consider Moscow Midnight for the exterior of your home too. Look at this dramatic home with cream trim and the red door and awning.

The gray decking also works well with this bold hue.

Front Door

Front DoorView in gallery
Casa de Mayos

Painting the front door Moscow Midnight is a fabulous accent on a house. This brick exterior really makes the blue door pop.

The paint color also highlights the unusual style of the windows on the double doors.

Furniture Refresh

Furniture RefreshView in gallery
The Reveal Charleston

Giving old furniture a refresh with paint is also a good opportunity to use Sherwin Williams Moscow Midnight.

The brown wood looks good with the teal. Moreover, the pops of white on the hardware are just the right amount of extra detail.

Powder Room

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Jennifer Barela

If a powder room is very small, you can’t make it look much bigger. Instead, embrace the space and make it a dramatic one with a color like Moscow Midnight.

Brass or gold metals are the best pairing for this dark color.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What color is Moscow Midnight?

Sherwin Williams Moscow Midnight is a dark blue with green undertones.

What color is Dark Night Sherwin Williams?

Sherwin Williams Dark Night also a dark blue but the green undertones are stronger and deeper.

What colors go with Moscow Midnight?

Sherwin Williams suggests a few coordinating colors that look great with Moscow Midnight. Pearly White SW 7009 and Comfort Gray SW 6205 are good choices. For a lighter color in the same family, try Mountain Air SW 6224.

What color Is SW midnight?

SW 6264 Midnight is a purple paint color and looks nothing like Moscow Midnight.


Sherwin Williams Moscow Midnight is a very bold paint choice that can make a big statement in your home. If you’re not quite so brave with color, use this deep hue as an accent color on a door, furniture or one wall.