How To Cross Stitch Your Way Up The Style Ladder – 20 Hints

Being the oldest form of embroidery, the cross stitch has made its way all over the world so everyone is familiar with it. We usually associate it with traditional household items such as tablecloths and doilies but the technique also became a motif in modern designs. The following creations and projects are your incentive for learning how to cross stitch. This recent trend is becoming increasingly popular with the younger generation so there’s no longer an age barrier for the style.

Cross-Stitches Sofa
Cross-Stitches Sofa and armchair
Seating Featuring Oversized Cross-Stitches
Armchair with a cross stitches

Oversized cross-stitches define the X-Me Collection by Copenhagen-based designer Ellinor Ericsson. The collection attempts to find a balance between the extreme simplicity and lack of ornamentation specific to Nordic furniture and the adorned Rococo designs. The oversized cross-stitch patterns are made using wool and are used to decorate a braided birch wood couch and lounge chair. Both furniture pieces share a casual and laid-back look and are designed for privacy and relaxation in social environments.

Cross Stitch Heart Pillow

The most popular type of cross-stitch designs are the ones you can craft yourself. So let’s have a look at a bunch of inspiring DIY projects on this theme. we’ll start with this chic accent pillow. To make one just as beautiful you’ll need fabric for the pillow case or an already existing one, yarn, a needle, a pattern, thread and pins. Basically you just have to pin the pattern to the fabric and then cross-stitch the design. When you’re done, remove the paper. {found on cutesycrafts}.

Autumn free cross-stitch patterns

You can find a lot of great free cross-stitch patterns on the internet, each featuring its own unique twist. The apple pattern featured in Storypiece requires beads. So pick a color and start stitching. Stitch the first row and then start using beads. When the apple is complete, the finishing touch will be a green leaf also created using the same technique. You can then glue the fabric to a slice of wood and display it in your home.

Cross-stitch ornaments for Christmas

Cross-stitch ornaments can take many forms and can be customized and personalized in a lot of different ways. For example, instead of using the usual white cloth, you can use white string on a black background. Find out how that would look like from the project on Handcraftedvintage. The required supplies include an embroidery hoop, black Aida cloth, embroidery floss, a piece of felt, a hot glue gun and ribbon.

Haters gonna hate cross stitch

Personalization is an important factor for each and every DIY project, including the cross-stitch decorations we’re focusing on right on. Sometimes someone else managed to get it right with a design that’s exactly to your liking. Perhaps you’d enjoy the embroidered decoration featured on Etsy which has a colorful message. It puts together a nonconformist idea and a traditional technique.

Cross Stitch embroidered bouquet

Once you get a hang of it, you can try all sorts of complex patterns such as the colorful flower bouquet on Downgrapevinelane. First, download the pattern and print it on paper.. then trace it on the fabric and start stitching, making sure you use the right colors in the right places. Each flower is made using a different technique so have a look at the instructions before you start.

Hello Cross Stitch Pattern

You don’t necessarily have to use cloth if you want to cross-stitch. In fact, a pegboard would be perfect for this. You can use it to make things like the giant cross-stitch sign featured on Littlebuttondiaries. All you need is a pegboard, wool in six colors, masking tape and paint in a light color. If you want your sign to say something other than “hello” then simply modify and adapt the project.

Pegboard cross stitch

A pegboard is also the main ingredient in this stylish recipe for success. Pegboards are useful in a lot of ways, for organizing office supplies, tools and all sorts of things. You can decorate it with cross-stitch designs to make the whole ensemble more enjoyable, eye-catching and beautiful. Find out all about it on Craftandcreativity.

modern pegboard cross stitched heart

You can actually use a small pegboard as a decoration for your home. In case you’re wondering how that would look like, check out Hellodiy. To recreate this abstract design, you’ll need a pegboard, yarn, a pencil and scissors. Use the pencil to sketch out a design and then just follow those lines to create the final look.

Wood plank cross stitch

A piece of wood can also be used as a canvas. In this case, a drill is also needed. Use a drill bit as thin or as thick as you want, depending on the type of design you plan on creating. A suitable idea for fall would be the project described on Makeit-loveit. Nothing really says fall like a sign that actually spells the word.

Cross stitch heart in wood

As long as you have a drill, a piece of wood and some cord or yarn, you can make all sorts of cute and beautiful decorations using the cross-stitch technique. To make things easier, first draw a pattern on a piece of paper and then tape it to the wood. Drill the holes through the paper and the wood using the marks as a guide. Then have fun cross-stitching. {found on oleanderandpalm}.

how easy it is to cross-stitch wood

Now that you know how easy it is to cross-stitch wood, perhaps you’d enjoy something a bit more challenging like decorating a chair or a stool using the technique described on thislittlestreet. The materials needed include a stool, masking tape, acrylic paint, varnish, a drill, wood in four colors, a large-eye needle and paper.

How to cross stitch a chair

Some chairs seem to have been made for this. They have the perfect design for you to cross-stitch on. So if you already have a chair as perfect as this one now is the time to give it a makeover. Go retrieve your cross-stitch kits and get to work. Check out Mypoppet for detailed instructions and feel free to change the design and pattern as you want. Mix and match the colors you like most for great results.

up cycled chest of drawers against white brick wall

Actually, chairs and stools aren’t the only furniture pieces you can decorate in this manner. Cabinets and pretty much everything else can be decorated in a similar fashion. We just found another inspiring tutorial on Molliemakes so check it out and perhaps you’d like to use it as inspiration for your next DIY project.

cross stitch pencil cup

You can actually cross-stitch on anything is the surface allows it. For example, decorate a pencil holder. The ones with the webbed design are perfect for that. You can create any pattern or design you want. If you like this rose flower, check out Thecraftpatchblog for all the necessary details on the whole project. You can also use this idea to make some really nice personalized gifts.

Cross stitch office storage container

Cross-stitching on unusual surfaces can become a real passion and hobby. You can start with something small like your office supplies. You can sketch your design on grid paper and use colored pencils to make the design more realistic. On thescrapshoppeblog you’ll find all the other necessary instructions for a well-done project.

Wall cross stitches sticker

Did you know you can create a beautiful cross-stitch design without using any yarn? There are sticker pack you can buy that let you decorate your home with interesting patterns without the need to use the usual tools and materials. Simply stick these to a wall or a flat surface and enjoy. Find out more about the stickers on Laurenmoriarty.

Cross stitch canvas

It’s also possible to your own custom sticker design using washi tape. you’ll have to use a template or to draw the design first then just cut small pieces of tape of different colors and start outlining the design. You can use this technique if you want to decorate your walls or your furniture. {found on merrimentdesign}.

Cross stitch lamp shade

Actually, it can all be simpler than that. You can cross-stitch the designed pattern with paint or with colored markers. For example, look how beautiful the lampshade featured on Dreamgreendiy is. You can make something just as beautiful yourself or you can improvise and come up with a new and unique idea for your lampshades or home décor in general.

Wall cross stitches pattern

You can also find some inspiration for new and unusual ways to use cross-stitch patterns in your home décor on Bloesem. Decorate your walls, accent pillows and furniture and always explore new ideas, using your creativity.