18 Different Living Room Window Treatments

We’re all so used to seeing the same sheer fabrics or monochromatic color schemed inside that details become irrelevant and forgotten. But they shouldn’t. Not if you’re trying to cultivate a space for the family that not only feels warm and comforting, but stylish and personal too. From furniture choices all the way to the windows, small accents and design nuances are meant to be seen. Highlight the room and all of its natural lighting by knowing which treatment to place on the windows and which work with your genre of decor. Let’s have a look at 18 different looks for the living room that work for the windows.

1. White Chrome Grommet

White Chrome Grommet

White, crisp and clean, these curtains are topped with chrome grommet and finish off this modern space with ease. They’re made with thicker fabrics so they’ll still keep out light in the evening without losing the brightness of the room.

2. Double Rod Pocket


We’re absolutely swooning over this living room design and one of the major reasons is this stunning window treatment. Using curtains with rod pockets, but doubling them up. Sheer for the daytime to soften sunlight and a silver gunmetal for a bit of romance in the evening.{found on gregnatale}.

3. Modern Drapery and Valence Combo


You can also mix valences with standard drapes or curtains. And here is proof that not every valence will have a dated or too traditional style for your modern home.{found on agatacdesign}.

4. Traditional Pleated Beige

Traditional Pleated Beige

Here’s a beautiful example of how you can use traditional, homey elements and create a cozy space that’s still very stylish and a tad contemporary too. With the right fabrics, even beige curtains – with traditional pleated tops – can seem fashion-forward and chic.{found on juliettebyrne}.

5. Ring Top Paired Prints

Ring Top Paired Prints

This living room may seem busy but it’s full of unique femininity and stylish energy. These curtains hang loosely with their ring tops and we’re in love with the idea of use two prints throughout one window treatment.

6. Striped Valence and Curtain Duo

Striped Valence and Curtain Duo

For a chic and preppy accent, try out this valence and curtain set that tops off smaller windows with clean ease. Th pom-pom detailing adds an extra bit of charm as well.{found on kateforman}.

7. Eclectic Dip Dyed Curtains


These curtains were too gorgeous not to feature in our spread. They’re cozy and eclectic while staying trendy in this youthful room. They also highlight and dress the tall windows without overwhelming the space.{found on myefski}.

8. Gran Seafoam Rod Pocket

Gran Seafoam Rod Pocket

By hanging curtains up high, near the ceiling, and creating a bit of a “puddle” on the floor, you’ll transform a traditional living room into one with a much more grandiose feel.{found on lesliefineinteriors}.

9. Tab Top Linen

Tab Top Linen

We mostly seen tab top curtains inside romantic or softer bedrooms as they have a breathier and airier essence. But, if you’re cultivated a living room wight that same ease, then these linen curtains may be just what you’re missing.

10. Burlap Tie Top

Tab Top Linen

These vintage-inspired, burlap curtains are tied right onto the rod. It adds a breezy, casual look to a space that’s inspired by handmade accents and detailing.

11. Black Textured Grommet


Modern and tidy, here’s another great way to round out a more contemporary space by detailing the windows just as much as the rest of the room. A bit of texture adds interest to the wall and window

12. Green Pinched Pleats


Contemporary but full of life and color, this living room is complimented nicely  by a set of green curtains with pinched pleat tops. Traditional in silhouette but unique in color and shine, we love this combination of old and new styles.{found on ekbinteriors}.

13. Draped Curtain Panels


For a more romantic and soft look, try draping your curtain panels like so instead of installing them in the “normal” ways. Add sheers behind the design for extra privacy, but have fun creating a unique look.{found on sheffieldfurniture}.

14. Highlighting Ring Top Floral


This is a really beautiful display of how curtains can transform and highlight a room. These printed curtains frame the windows and the room with color and style.{found on vintagescout}.

15. Colorblock Neutral Pleats


A fresh and modern take on traditional drapes, these colorblocked, neutral beauties highlight this ultra contemporary living room with ease. The pleated tops are subdued enough not to draw attention to anything other than the natural lighting as well.{found on hausproperties}.

16. Tie Top Sheers


The combination of tie top sheers in this breezy space is such a perfect way to turn your living room to a summertime friendly zone. It allows all the natural lighting to come rolling in but also softens it as well.

17. Floor-to-Ceiling Pocket Print


This room is stunning and so is the layer of the house. When you’ve got double windows to cover, you’ll need something lengthy and probably custom-made. And with these floor-to-ceiling rod pocket curtains, you not only get functionality but an artistic touch too.

18. Cream Pleated Drapes


These creamy drapes are a luxurious and inviting warm to round out this living room. With pinched pleated topped for a tradition feel and lush fabric, this room looks larger but just as family-friendly.