How To Mix And Match Stainless Steel Kitchen Shelves With Your Style

Any stainless steel surface, whether it’s a shelf, a countertop or anything else, has its pros and cons just like any other material offers both advantages and disadvantages. Stainless steel shelves have the advantage of being versatile by nature. They are most suitable for the kitchen although they can be integrated in a variety of other spaces given that the style and décor allow it.


Basic pros and cons

First of all, stainless steel surfaces are highly durable and resilient. A stainless steel shelf, for example, is resilient to water damage, heat and stains which makes it suitable for areas such as the kitchen but also the balcony or terrace where you can use it as a display area for potted plants.


Stainless kitchen shelves are also hygienic and they don’t get damaged by mold and germs don’t grow on their surface.


And if you’re trying to make your small kitchen appear larger and more spacious, you can use stainless steel shelves and counters. They reflect light and thus create a visual illusion of a bigger space. Add this to the list of pros.


In terms of style, these shelves are more versatile than you might think. It’s true that they’re ideal for contemporary kitchens but they can also fit well in spaces with a strong industrial flair. It’s a matter of using the right combination of finishes, materials and colors in order to create the desired look.


One inconvenient would be the fact that stainless steel surfaces get scratched and dented relatively easily. However, this usually applies to countertops. Shelves, on the other hand, are not used as much and are thus less likely to get damaged.


Certain characteristics can easily in both categories. For example, stainless steel is a material that looks and feels cool. This is a good thing in some cases. For example, your shelves won’t get heated in the summer and won’t get damaged by hot items. However, some find the look cold and uninviting or, in other words, not the best choice if you want to create a hospitable ambiance.


Another questionable characteristic has to do with maintenance. A stainless steel shelf is easy to clean and all you usually need is some warm water and a cloth. You can use mild detergent if needed. However, fingerprints are easily noticeable and they tend to ruin the whole look. To get rid of them you can use glass cleaner and you’d have to be really careful in general not to leave new ones.{found on drawingroominc}.

Cleaning issues

We mentioned that maintenance tends to be a problem in the case of stainless steel shelves or any other such surface. Now let’s expand the subject a little bit. If it’s routine cleaning we’re talking about, all you need to do is use warm water and a cloth. This works in most situations. Dry it with a towel to prevent water spots and wipe in the direction of the polish lines.


If you want to clean some stubborn stains, then use a bit of mild detergent and some warm water. Wipe down the dirty area and rinse the shelf thoroughly to prevent stains and spots from appearing.


The biggest problem with any stainless steel surface are fingerprints. You can take care of this issue with glass cleaner or ammonia. Just spray the cleaner on a microfiber cloth or directly onto the shelf and wipe the area gently in a circular motion. Rinse and dry with a towel.

stainless steel cleaner

Another option is to use stainless steel cleaner. It can help minimize scratching and remove difficult stains and it also helps to polish the shelves. Always rinse and dry the area.{found on acouplecooks}.

Decor ideas.

pair of stainless steel shelves

A pair of stainless steel shelves can be a chic addition to a simple, traditional kitchen, offering it a modern twist. The placement of the shelves is wonderful in this case. They’re practical and good-looking at the same time and they complement the backsplash beautifully.


You can create a pattern by visually connecting the stainless steel backsplash with a set of shelves made from the same material. That fact that all three share the same dimensions and are placed parallel to each other is an important detail here.{found on jvisser}

create cohesion in the kitchen

One way to create cohesion in the kitchen is with a countertop, a backsplash and set of shelves that feature the same material and finish. This can work in a modern kitchen although the style is not exactly a deal-breaker.

stainless steel surfaces and disperse

Coordinate all your stainless steel surfaces and disperse them throughout the kitchen. This includes the appliances, counters, shelves and even your pots and pans. You can use this strategy to create an eclectic yet cohesive design.


And yet the shelves don’t have to match the counter or the backsplash to fit in beautifully. In fact, you can focus on contrasts to add visual interest to the kitchen. All the yellow accents are really chic and go well with the stainless steel.


Keep the visual interest on the upper part of the kitchen by adding shelves and decorations. The lower cabinetry can be white or neutral and the backsplash can be the transitional element between the two zones.{found on decorresource}.


Take advantage of the material’s defining qualities and make the most of your kitchen. Use open shelves to make storage easier and more practical. And since stainless steel is heat-resistant, you can even install corner shelves above the stove.{found on gaspars}.


Alternate various storage options such as built-in units, wall-mounted cabinetry and open shelves. The diversity will keep the kitchen from looking monotonous and boring.{found on poggenpohl}.

make a small kitchen appear larger

Use stainless steel surfaces to make a small kitchen appear larger. There are various ways of integrating elements such as shelves or counters in a kitchen so find the option that suits you best.{found on buckinghamid}.


Since stainless steel shelves are hygienic surfaces they’re excellent for storing and displaying dishes, glasses, cups and other things. Keep them all organized and accessible while also maintaining an airy décor throughout.{found on jonathancaron}.


To make the décor seem less cold and uninviting, add visual interesting to it with geometric shapes, patterns and interesting correlations and combinations.{found on a3architectsinc}.


This type of shelves works great with both light and dark colors and can be combined with a large variety of materials. The design and ambiance change depending on the choices you make.{found on swartzkitchens}.


We find this combination exquisite. The way the slim shelves look against the patterned wallpaper is the perfect mix of elegance and quirkiness. It’s a combo that can look really great in both modern and traditional kitchens.{found on ermillerdesign}.


Stainless steel add a dose of industrial to it. It’s in its nature. So it’s no wonder this kitchen is a great representation of the style given the décor and all the shelves present in its design.{found on kitrepublic}.


The way the stainless steel features are dispersed throughout the kitchen is really nice. The appliances, backsplash and shelves are not all clustered in the same area but rather used to create a diversified and balanced look.


Making a long and narrow kitchen seem and feel spacious is no easy task. A good approach is to focus on functionality and to pick a style and go with it. Like the way this kitchen features an industrial look which helps it look professional.{found on trunkcreative}.