Increased Kitchen Functionality: Stainless Steel Work Tables

Unlike the kitchen island, a work table offers extra counter space for prepping food and getting work done in the kitchen but it doesn’t focus on also adding storage space. However, the two functions can be combined in a hybrid design. But, even so, a stainless steel work table, for example, retains its character and usually offers storage in the form of an open lower shelf.

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In theory, any kind of table would be just as useful in the kitchen. However, stainless steel is a preferred material because of its antibacterial properties, durability and easy maintenance. Stainless steel work tables are really practical because they’re also stain and water-resistant.

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Another reason why one would prefer a stainless steel work table in the kitchen is because of its industrial look. Such a table can either enhance an industrial-style kitchen or it can add an interesting twist to the décor. In most cases, the result is an eclectic kitchen.{found on carolynrebuffel}.

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In modern kitchens, stainless steel worktops blend in easily. They coordinate with the stainless steel appliances and the result is a balanced look. When used in combination with wood such as in this case, the steel is less striking.{found on svdesign}.

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Although similar to a kitchen island in a lot of senses, the work table doesn’t always include storage space and doesn’t usually have a compact design. But both options can double as a bar.{found on kitchenlab}.

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It’s possible for a work table to have a built-in sink. It’s a really practical feature, given the function of the table. This brings it closer to the kitchen island in terms of design. But the lack of drawers and storage in general allow the two pieces to remain distinct.{found on carterkayinteriors}.

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Also, there are a lot of different design options. For example, this worktable is small and was customized to match the rest of the kitchen furniture perfectly. Its stainless steel top matches the other countertops and the fact that it’s compact allows it to fit nicely in this small kitchen.

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The main advantage of kitchen work table is that they offer you extra counter space which is ideal in the case of small kitchens with a lot of appliances squeezed into a limited space. In that case, of the kitchen is open, you can even add two work tables.{found on maxadesign}.

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Apart from the stainless steel top, this seems like a regular table. It has a wooden frame and a simple design. Underneath, two stools fit perfectly, allowing the table to perhaps even double as a bar or breakfast area.{found on kfddesigns}.

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There’s no reason why such a work table couldn’t also be used outdoors, perhaps on a covered patio. It’s the perfect piece of furniture for an outdoor kitchen and dining area, allowing the two functions to be easily combined.