How To Mix Scandinavian Designs With What You Already Have Inside

Scandinavian designs are clean, crisp and effortlessly comfortable. The term stems from when it was birthed in the 1950’s describing styles emerging out of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. And this “design movement” was based on a simplistic and mininmalistic idea. Fortunately for us, this same genre of home decor is trending and acting as quite the hipster way to dress a home. It’s also a great way to mix, blend a highlight more traditional features. Most importantly though, Scandinavian design is all about function. No matter how modern, contemporary or sweetly stylish, it has to be functional in the space to fall under this niche category. Here are 20 ways to mix Scandinavian designs with what you already have inside your home!

1. Mix With Femininity.

Scandinavian style mixed with feminine touch

These crisp lines and easy designs can be mixed and used within any color scheme. This entire living space is created with the focus being around the blush sofa but the furniture pieces around it highlight its Scandinavian, functional (and trendy) spirit.

2. Shop For Color.

Minimalist painted chair to achieve scandinavian style

If you’re lucky, you can find these simple designs already dipped in color. But if you’re really creative you can paint them to your liking as you compliment the beautiful, sleek lines.{found on madeindesign}.

3. Mix With Eclecticism.

Mix With Eclecticism

Add simple furniture pieces – such as side tables and coffee tables – to a more chaotic space. You’ll get the function you need but a freshness that fills a room and makes it feel more complete.

4. Add Asian Spirit.

Asian inspired bedroom with nordic touch

Because of the minimalistic vibes of Scandinavian style it’s easy to blend pieces or signature accents into more relaxed, Asian-inspired spaces. Just take a look at this bedroom complete with crisp whites and a simple bed design and nightstand.

5. Mix With Light.

Scandinavian Design String Lights

A great way to accent a bright, spacious room is with simple – and beautiful – Scandinavian elements. And when they’re dipped in a rich, warm shade, you get an even more contrasting and surprising look to enjoy.

6. Add To A Cottage.

Open Shelves must have for Scandinavian design

Open shelving is another element of Scandinavian design that can be utilized throughout the house, especially in the kitchen. Mix with cottage or vintage details for a cozy, crisp space.

7. Mix With Family.

Black Scandinavian Design Interior

Even in a chaotic, family home you can use the simplistic approach. Even when you have color and clutter, the simple lines and designs of Scandinavian furniture can help settle a room.

8. Add To Innovation.

Modern lighting to scandinavian design

Within the ease of Scandinavian design, you find a modern light and spirit. And that fashion-froward energy also bodes well with a more innovative way of decorating, like this miss-matched dining room with artistic lighting.

9. Mix With Organization.

Creativ Boards

A happy home is one that’s organized and that includes inside the foyer and mud rooms. Grab pieces with that sleek, simple style that makes a trendy look but one that’s functional for the family.

10. Add To Comfort.

Comfortable bedroom with Nordic style

This bedroom makes for a comfortable spot to rest, relax or use as your guest room. Subdued colors create ease, mixed textures create interest but the white furniture and simplistic appeal is how you create a space that’s made for anyone.

11. Mix With Work.

Mix and work

What better way to stay inspired at home than to keep this easy-going and inspirational. Built-in bookshelves – dressed in white – and office chairs with innovative techniques are a brilliant way to stay brilliant – away from the workplace.

12. Add To Traditional.

Traditional scandinavian design

Traditional living rooms are usually filled with the essentials. There are pillows, blankets, side tables, a coffee table, maybe an ottoman, a plush sofa and possibly, if space allows, accent chairs too. And in this space you get the sharp designs and fashion-forward energy while keeping it comofortable.

13. Mix With Rusticism.

Mix With Rusticism

Yes, you can even mix these usually “bright” and “white” designs and features inside a more rustic home. Take a good look at the lines surrounding each piece of furniture as well as the structure of the room. It’s simple, yet highlighted by a bit of country charm.{found on jeffersdesigngroup}.

14. Add To Antique.

Add antique bod furniture

Even antiques and vintage-flavors could use a bit of Scandinavian essence for a refreshment. Mixing a bit of color and light fixture to a more functional space can add the personal style you need while staying neutrally stylish.

15. Mix With Modern.

Modern Scandinavian Kitchen

Blending modern designs with this European flair is a no-brainer. This modern kitchen is highlighted by the artistic, yet minimal, art of the legs of the bar stools.{found on dankitchens}.

16. Add To A Blank Slate.

Outdoor minimalistic with Scandinavian style

This is an obvious one but it’s also a golden idea in terms of styling. If you’re just moving in or starting completely over. Go for the completely minimalistic feel that Scandinavian style was built on.

17. Mix With Retro.

Scandinavian mix with retro

The term “retro” evokes a sense of the 60’s and that’s exactly what this room does. There’s a mod vibe that utilizing furniture pieces and an easy layout that matches that of the Euro niche.{found on pendalandneille}.

18. Add To The Kids.

Add to the kids room the Scandinavian style

Yes, even the kids can benefit from a sleek, Scandinavian space. Their bedroom can be jazzed in a fashion-forward way all the kids will envy. It will also keep them more at rest and at ease.

19. Mix With Art.

Mix with art the styles

From artistic elements to trendy pieces to actual art, no-fuss furniture pieces and open foundations are a great way to bring in Scandinavian elements and also show off and highlight those pieces you love without overwhelming them with prints or chunky furniture.

20. Add To Masculinity.

Dark kitchen with infusion of Nordic style

Even the most macho bachelor pads can use a bit of slickness that Scandinavian design can bring. Bachelor pads or rooms that just feel a bit more masculinity can be smoothed with delicate, minimalistic additions.{found on feldmanarchitecture}.