5 Fresh, Clean and Spring-Worthy Bathroom Colors!

Every bathroom in your house should feel fresh and clean. Light colors, little contrasts and simple designs are usually the best ways to keep things tidy and smooth. And with spring in full bloom, it’s the best time of year for a bit of a bathroom facelift. With the season as our inspiration, we’ve compiled a quick list of fresh, clean and spring-worthy bathroom colors that will spruce your powder rooms right up. Take a peek!

1. Aqua.

Elegant bathroom

Just the water, this color is cool and refreshing. It looks calm, relaxing and clean paired with crisp whites and even a few pops of sunshiney yellow. This would be perfect for a half bath but your guests would love this bit of serenity when they stay over too. You may just want to accent a white bathroom with some aqua towels and shower curtain for an even cleaner appeal.

2. Coral.

Elegant bathroom

For a bright and cheery color, that’s neither too feminine or too masculine, why not try out some coral? It looks great paired with blues, greens, yellows and whites (all clean and fresh shades) and is definitely spring-worthy! It’s a great color to accent with, but doesn’t look too shabby on the walls either, even in smaller bathrooms.

3. Corn.

Elegant bathroom

This light shade of yellow is perfect for a calm and cool bathroom. It isn’t harsh on the eyes and looks wonderful and homey with a dash of gold or ivory. You could also pair it with some soft pinks for a bit of a girlish flair. This is another shade that does well on the walls and doesn’t swallow a small space.

4. Lime.

Elegant bathroom

It’s vivacious and loud. It sings like spring and gives everyone a nice jolt of color and life. Lime green is more stylish and versatile than you may think. Pair it with black and white for a modern style or let it stand on it’s own with a light, neutral foundation. Don’t overdo the boldness of this shade but don’t be afraid to give your bathroom a dose of it either.

5. Periwinkle.

Elegant bathroom

Similar to violet with a bit more of a light blue tone, periwinkle is a vibrant color but it obtains the relaxation and serenity that all blue shades have. But, it’s a bit more unique and eclectic. It’s also quite beautiful. So, give it a try and find your perfect shade of periwinkle!