40 Man Stuff For Styling and Personalizing

Help your beau get his personal space in check with these 40 quick and easy man cave ideas. Style it right, give it a bit of personalization and make it a more unique part of the home than the normal sofa and TV setup. Take a peek!

1. Stadium Seating

Stadium Seating

Create a man cave that looks like you just stepped into the stadium. If your beau loves football, use this space as the best inspiration.

2. At the Bar

Beautiful sport bar you can create on basement

Or you can create a sports pub type vibe like you see here. You’ll get the best of both function and style with this design!

3. The Arcade

Basement bowling alley

And here we have a combination of both an arcade and a bowling alley. Splurge a bit and create the best spot for fun in the house!

4. The Huntsman

The Huntsman cave

If you’ve got a huntsman in the house, check out how chicly made this man cave is. It’s got all the right nuances to pay homage to the hunting sport but enough style to make it wow-worthy too.

5. Cigar Lounge

Cigar lounge bar

For something a bit swankier, you can transform the basement or bonus room into a cigar lounge of sorts. Just look at this beautiful “man cave!”

6. Contemporary

Contemporary basement man cave

Here’s a beautiful example of how to create a masculine space with all the right contemporary pieces. It’s super fashion-forward but it doesn’t give up any of that classic, man cave energy he’ll be wanting.

7. The Garage

Even your garage can be turned into something funky and functional. Just check out this small garage design featured here!

8. A Bit Brighter

Man cave designed in basement

We love this idea from HGTV because it’s light and bright. Don’t think you have to be dark and edgy to have a classic man cave inside the home.

9. Study Vibes

Library turned onto a man cave

Create a more relaxed, study vibe inside the man cave by using it as your library space too. We love the subtle tones and welcoming feel of this idea.

10. Something Rustic

Rustic cave style design

Here’s a great example of how to create a more rustic setting for those that like the more natural and organic feel. It’s still stylish but in a way that fits those outside the city.

11. Star Trek

Star Trek Home Cave

Do we have any Trekkie fans out there? Why not create a themed room based on your greatest obsession, from Star Trek to the Philadelphia Eagles?

12. The Music Man

The music man cave room

For those that love music, why not display some of their favorites? From the record collection they adore to the guitars they’re proud of, theme the space around that!

13. Bathroom Too

Masculine bathroom design

If the cave is lucky enough to have a bathroom attached, pay some extra attention to it. Make it funky and why not add a urinal for some laughs?{found on joeschmelzer}.

14. Action Figures

Action Figures collection

Whether it’s the G.I. Joes or Marvel characters, for those that have a great collection of action figures, make the cave center around its focus. How fun is this?!{found on benedictaugust}.

15. Textural

Leather mancave armchairs

This man cave has tons of beautiful and edgy design elements including lots of textures making it both masculine and interesting. Just look at those contemporary cabinets.

17. With A Car

Grage style closer to your car cave

If you have the space, a beautiful car could be the focus of the entire room. Whether it’s a working project or a collectable that you want to show off but not damage … it’s just neater great idea!{found on anthonycatalfanointeriors}.

18. Working Nooks

Special corner for your cave room

If the man of the cave likes to work on projects from art to handyman type stuff, create a nook that he can call his own. Use this snazzy and organized corner as inspiration.{found on twinpeakscontracting}.

19. Concrete

Concrete style man cave living room

Check out this savvy space with its concrete fireplace and glass shelves. Display everything from those action figures he loves to bourbon.{found on shelleystarrdesign}.

20. Funky Detail

Toilet paper holder with a vintage style

Here’s another great idea to dress the bathroom with. A rustic shelf topped of with a vintage license plate – it’s easy to DIY too!{found on funkyjunkinteriors}.

21. His Closet

Hunting closet in a grage addition

Transform a space into his very own sporting closet. From his outdoor gear to the fishing rods, they can all stay nicely organized and ready for play down in the cave.{found on mosbybuildingarts}.

22. The TV Stand

Old car jeep tv stand

Get really creative with different parts of the cave. From the side tables to the TV stand, do something really funky like you see here!

23. 60’s Retro

Paint the walls in a deep color

Have a decade inspire your decor. This man cave looks to be dressed in some 60’s, retro swag and we’re totally digging it.

24. The Future

Favorite sport team framed

You can always create something with a more futuristic vibe as well if you’re envisioning a more modern space. We love the combination of fashion-forward decor and sports elements.

25. A Workshop

Workshop barn designed for a cave man

This entire cave is someone’s workshop and it’s just another great piece of inspiration when it comes time to designing your very own man cave. It just depends on what you want it for!{found on murphycodesign}.

26. In The Shed

Garden shed turned into a man cave

For those that don’t actually have a “cave,” here’s something beautiful inspiration for transforming the shed. Whether you want rustic or contemporary, don’t rule out this space.

27. Poker Tables

Poker table design

You could always add a poker table to the mix too. Make it the center of the design and grow your idea from there.

28. Showing Off

Wood floor man cave

Here’s another great example of how to show off his collection of – well – anything, that’s both stylish and “cool for the cave.” These shelves are lighted too!

29. Home Theater

Home Theater

Sometimes it’s all about the sports watching and movie binging. And if that’s the case, make sure you create a theater everyone can enjoy.{found on justbasementsottawa}.

30. Urban Attic

Urban attic playroom

Here’s an attic that’s been turned into the cave. Complete with games and a pretty cool layout, the entire family can enjoy this space too.{found on spacearchitects}.

31. The Desk

Unique desk style

We had to feature this man’s space simply because of the desk. A piece like this will bring out a lot of life and personalization to any cave.

32. Blackout

Billiard room with Tomdixon lighting above

Create something monochromatic and smooth with a blackout effect. Your man can hideaway in his cave and reap the benefits the space has to offer.

33. A Toolbox

Wire shelves for towels

You’d be surprised how many places you can squeeze in an older toolbox. Just look at the sink here!

34. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel backsplash

Lots of stainless steel can help to make a chic and clean look but also one that has a more masculine energy. Just take a peek at this kitchen space.

35. Gentleman’s Club

Gentleman's Club design

How about creating something with a certain sophisticated style? Turn your basement into your very own gentleman’s club.

36. Take it Literally

Real cave wine room

When designing your space from scratch, you could always take the idea of a “man cave” quite literally like you see here. Walk right into the deep, darkness of your personal space!{found on amaronbuilders}.

37. Sports’ Pub

Cave room with bar

Instead of the bar, create a pub right inside your own home. With a bit of Irish flair and some sports’ memorabilia, you’ll have something everyone will love, especially the “man of the house.”

38. Add Golf

Interior golf area

Why not add some golf into your design. A bit of put-put action could really top off the personalization behind your man’s man cave.

39. Full of Color

Colorful basement area

Add some color to your cave and grab some inspiration from this vibrant bowling alley addition. How much fun would this be for both the family and all of your friends?!

40. At the Spa

Spa man cave design

Depending on the flow and style of the house, you may want to do something really unique and relaxing inside the man cave. Create a spa-like atmosphere for everything to enjoy.