20 Amazing Ways To Spread Pink Christmas Decor Throughout Your Home

Dressing the house for Christmas doesn’t have to be a hassle, it doesn’t have to be boring and it certainly doesn’t have to be the same every year. Instead, it’s okay to buck tradition a bit and go with something that inspires you but feels just as festive as the usual red and green of the season! Today, we’ve compiled 20 amazing ways to spread pink Christmas decor throughout the home and add a touch of extra girlish charm to the holiday adornments! Let’s take a look!

1. Pine Cones

Pink spray painted pine cones

Fill apothecary jars and bowls in dining rooms, breakfast nooks and on coffee tables with pink-hued pine cones! It easily helps to create the wintery, festive feeling while adding a unique, feminine appeal.

2. Windowsills

Pink Windowsills

Sprinkle a bit of girly Christmas cheer in some unsuspecting places like on the windowsills, these mini trees are an easy and kid-friendly way to do it!{found on goinghometoroost}.

3. Tablescapes

Pink tablescape decor

When it comes time to serve up Christmas dinner, do it on a table that speaks to your choice for seasonal decor. You can still be festive and cheery with a bit of this blushing hue at its center.{found on theperfectpalette}.

4. Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper

To really make the theme come full circle, think about wrapping up the family’s gifts in shades of pink too! Of course, add pops of white, grey, silver and gold for extra holiday spirit!

5. Candlelight

Pink Candlelight

Christmastime is the best time of the year to grab some candles and create little nooks of romance and warmth. And if you’re dreaming of a pink Christmas, keep that in mind when choosing your wax.

6. Parties

Pink Parties Arrangements

From dinner parties to cookie swaps to kids’ Dirty Santa sleepovers, holiday hosting can also go right along with your dreamy, pink Christmas theme. Just look at this spread for quick inspiration!

7. Baskets

Shiny pink Chrismtas Ornaments

Use baskets around the house to create a cozy-inspired scheme but fill them with Christmasy items! Ornaments and the like can be thrown in to celebrate the season!

8. Ice Skates

Pink ice skates

We are absolutely swooning over this idea. Vintage ice skates thrown over banisters or even as a front door piece of decor is such a girlish, charming addition to anyone’s Christmas decorating.

9. The Nursery

Pink Nursery room decorated for Christmas

Add a bout of sparkle and Christmas spirit to your little one’s nursery! Celebrate in style and use this gorgeous set-up as inspiration and a springboard to your own ideas.

10. Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses in Pink

Who loves making winter wonderland, tiny villages throughout the holidays? You can even find these piece made with Victorian styles or dipped in pastel pink colors that you can decorate the mantle or bay window seat with!

11. Stockings

Stockings Pink

If you’re really inspired by pink at Christmastime – then go for it! Even your stockings can be dipped to your delight in this feminine shade. It really helps make the idea come full circle.{found on nellyvintagehome}.

12. Centerpieces

Pink Table Centerpieces

Of course you can just incorporate pink into your day’s theme. Just check out this centerpiece which utilizes the softness and elegance of pink to tone down the reds and greens.{found on cocokelley}.

13. Garland

Garland around mantel

Again if you want to stay traditional but add bouts of your own personality, add in the pink by sprinkling it. Just like they did with this mantle garland that’s grandiose, welcoming and gorgeous too!

14. Poinsettias

Poinsettias in Pink

Did you know you can even get the classic Christmas plant, poinsettias, in a shade of gorgeous pink? Decorating at the front door or at the fireplace with these gorgeous arrangements.

15.  The Chairs

Chair decorations

Small details matter, and that goes for the chairs too. From the cushions to the tie backs, you can add a bit of Christmas spirit to every decision. Just look at these Christmas mouse fairies adorning the kids’ chairs!

16. Ornaments

Pink Christmas Tree Decoration

If you want to keep with a traditional tree but still add a bit of personal styling go with pink ornaments. Grab all different shades and create an ombre effect!

17. Santa

Pink Santa

If you really want to be bold, add some pink Santa around the house. The mantle or even the nursery could use old St. Nick dressed in a softer shade.

18. Coffee Trays

Coffee trays

On coffee tables, side tables or even dining room buffets jazz up the trays and serving pieces with pops of Christmas spirit like you see here. Votives and mini Christmas ornaments can help out in this little project.

19. The Wreath

Coffee Trays

Add wreaths to the doors and windows that hold you favorite shade of pink. Add some metallic silvers and golds in their too for extra seasonal flair.

20. Christmas Tree

Another pink Christmas Tree

And finally, even your Christmas tree can be adorned with this fun and girlish color. It still evokes the feelings of the holiday without giving up your personal style.