DIY Christmas Mobile For Your Windows

I can finally say it out loud, without a risk of being called crazy – Christmas is coming people, and I’m very happy to start making some decorations! This year my Holiday decor will be all about dreamy whites with delicate gold accents, paired with natural elements like wood and green twigs. If you are like me, loving this kind of heavenly looking theme, check out the upcoming posts, as I will share some more ideas with you.

DIY Christmas Mobile
DIY Christmas Mobile For Windows

Let’s start with a little, pretty mobile you can make in few minutes to decorate door handles, windows, walls and anything else you find to hang it on. This kind of decoration is a small addition, that should get you into Holiday mood without transforming your home into Santa Claus headquarter all at once! Have a look below how I made it:

Materials To DIY Christmas Mobile

Here’s what you will need:

  • Big wooden (curtain) rings (you can shop them at your local hardware store)
  • Small metal brass (curtain) rings
  • small spruce twigs
  • wooden beads
  • a string to match the color of your mobile

How I made my Christmas mobile:

I would highly recommend to play with all the elements first to see what composition you like the most. If you are planning to decorate more than one spot, you can vary their looks by mixing the materials, so that they aren’t identical.

1. Lay down all the elements in the right order and distance one from another.

DIY Christmas Mobile - Lay down all elements

2. Depending on the distance you decided to kept between each element, cut the right size of the string to combine all the elements.

DIY Christmas Mobile - Combine elements

3. Pass the string through the beads, then wrap the string around the wooden circle. Repeat this method to combine all the elements into a mobile.

DIY Christmas Mobile - pass string
DIY Christmas Mobile - pass string 1
DIY Christmas Mobile - pass string 2

4. At the end trim your spruce twig to fit your design and attach it to the mobile. The good thing about spruce is that it is very resistant so it should stay looking fresh for about two weeks!

DIY Christmas Mobile - fresh touch

Now when your mobile is ready you can decide where to hang it! My favorite idea would be door handles or near the windows. If it was for me, my home could be decorated in this way all year round, but let’s stay sane and avoid weird looks from the neighbours. Have a great day all!

DIY Christmas Mobile Project
Christmas mobile with a touch of green