22 Festive Ornament DIYs for Kids

Not only does the Christmas season bring festive parties and the anticipation for Santa, it also includes lots of home decor that little fingers long to touch but shouldn’t. It can be a real struggle to child-proof your home for the holidays. But I’m here to suggest a compromise. You can have your sparkly glass grown up ornaments on the top of the tree and leave the bottom for your kids to decorate how they will. So call them over and let them choose a project or two from these 22 festive ornament DIYs. They’ll be thrilled to have some Christmas decor just for them!

DIY paper straw ornaments

Straws are a super safe crafting medium for kids and this tree ornament is the perfect excuse to buy a few extra packages of patterned paper straws. You can choose the colors to match the decor in the rest of your home or let them pick whatever crazy colors they like best. (via Make and Do Crew)

DIY snowflake ornament

Who doesn’t love a good popsicle stick craft? Pull out your button box because this snowflake ornament DIY is perfect for little ones who are practicing their motor skills. You glue, they put on the buttons, together you make a fabulous team. (via Crafts by Courtney)

Cardboard christmas ornaments

If you’re looking for a safe craft that leave with your kids at the table, cardboard ornaments like this will definitely cut it. You can cut them out beforehand or let the older ones use the scissors. All ages will love painting away on their own unique ornament. (via Handmade Charlotte)

DIY star ornaments

To the back yard they go to collect twigs and sticks for a Star of David ornament! Once you show them how to wind the string, you can let them wind free and make as many as they like. I’ll bet you’ll want to keep these out all year round. (via Chai and Home)

Pom pom quote ornaments

When you have kids, you probably have a pom pom stash in your craft box. Go ahead and pull those out for this craft. Younger kids may need a little help, but the older ones will love putting together this multi-step ornament! You can even have them make some as name cards for your next holiday dinner. (via Make and Tell)

Beaded Christmas Tree Ornament

Sometimes, you’re just desperate for a craft that your toddler can do on their own. This is it. Turn on Frosty the Snowman and you can take a Facebook break while they string beads onto some wire. When their done, just twist it into the shape you want and then let them hang it on the tree themselves. They’ll be so proud. (via Snugglebug University)

DIY balsa wood ornaments

So you don’t want a bright pom pom ornament or beaded wire on your gorgeous Scandinavian decorated tree. I understand. Have kids cut shapes from balsa wood and paint them with black and white paint pens. (via Say Yes)

Pipecleaner geo ornaments

Pipe cleaners are so sparkly and cheap, why not make some ornaments out of them? Kids can twist them into geo patterns or even trees and candy canes. They’ll look wonderful against your glass balls, I promise. (via Love Maegan)

DIY hexnut ornaments

Want a quick craft that you don’t need to go to the craft store for? Raid Dad’s toolbox for some hexnuts and let kids glue them together in patterns of stars and snowflakes. It’s so easy, you’ll have to make some for Grandma and Grandpa too. (via Hello Natural)

DIY modge podge ornament

Modge podge rules the world, am I right? Have your littles use it to paste fabric or patterned paper onto plastic ball ornaments. Since you can pick the patterns, you can make sure they’ll look awesome on your pink tree. (via Crafts by Courtney)

Paper tube ornaments

Before you throw away that cardboard wrapping paper tube, think about these gilded ornaments. If you cut the strips, your kids can paint and glue to their hearts content. (via Clutch)

DIY birdseed ornaments

Clay is such a fun crafting medium. Kids will enjoy making shapes of candy canes and snowmen and Santa hats. You can even turn the weird shapes into trendy geo ornaments with a Sharpie. (via Make and Fable)

DIY pom pom ornament

Yes, I had to include another pom pom DIY. Believe it or not, there’s a foam ball underneath those colors. Let kids cover some with Christmas-y shades. They can use pins or glue to attach them, whichever you think safer. (via Northstory)

DIY CD snowmen ornament

You knew there was a reason to keep those old CDs. With a few things from the craft box and some paint, you can have some adorable snowmen faces to hang on your tree. (via Happy Hooligans)

DIY eskimo ornaments

Aren’t those eskimos just darling? This is a great craft for older kids who need something to do. They’ll enjoy getting to use real tools and then the crafting supplies to create a village of these guys. (via Emuse)

DIY Sharpie animal ornaments

Go ahead. Steal some of your child’s plastic animals. If you get them painted white, you can let the kids use Sharpies to draw designs on the little creatures. (via A Bubbly Life)

Peppermint candy ornament

This candy ornament DIY will need some adult supervision because of the oven handling. And to make sure the littles don’t eat all the peppermints. But they’ll love choosing the different shapes to make and watching them come out flat. (via Craft Penguin)

DIY sequin ornaments

When I found this ornament, I immediately thought “Girls Birthday Party”! If you have a daughter who’s birthday is in December, get her party friends to make you a slew of these shiny sequin-covered ornaments. (via One Dog Woof)

Mini wall hanging ornament

If you’re going to put woven hangings on your walls, why not make some for your Christmas tree as well? Your friends will love these so much that you’ll want to make some alongside your kids as Christmas gifts. (via Wills Casa)

Leather tree ornaments

Looking for a DIY kid-friendly ornament for your black and white tree? You found it right here. Black leather cut in triangles and glued together make the most simple and beautiful mini trees you’ve ever seen. (via Hello Lidy)

Gingerbread dough ornaments

Everybody loves a good salt dough recipe. Make yours smell like gingerbread cookies and it will look like your kids hung Santa’s offering on the tree. Not recommended for toddlers who will try to eat them. (via Tikkido)

DIY birdseed ornaments

Are you really not digging the thought of sharing your tree with your kid’s ornaments? Let them fill your trees outside with gifts for the birds! It’s definitely a pretty way to keep those chirpers around this winter. (via Home is Where the Cookies Are)