39 Wood Crate Storage Ideas That Will Have You Organized In No Time!

There are so many ways to organize and tidy up the house. Most of us want our homes clean and free from clutter but style is important too! Fortunately enough, there are a plethora of ideas floating around the Internet and today we’re sharing innovative ways to bring neatness to the house by using wooden crates. Write them down, get inspired and scroll through all 39 wood create storage ideas that will have you organized in no time!

Floating Shelves

Floating boxed wooden shelves

You can easily turn wooden crates into floating shelves to suit all kind of organizational needs or even create a display wall inside the living room. This can be a really fun DIY to test your skills at as well.

Spice Rack

Wooden spice rack

Did you know that you can split a wooden crate and turn it into a spice rack? Of course you can hang it on its own and do the same thing, or get even more creative with the styling. The important thing here is that you’re organizing all your spices – and if enough room, sauces too!

Mini Bookcase

Mini bookcase on wheels

Use one or even four wooden crate to create a miniature bookcase to suit your needs inside the bedroom or even home office. Add some wheels to make it easy to move and voila … book organization in minutes!

Storage Ottomans

Storage Ottoman

If you want another DIY that will help with styling and storage then turn the crate – or crates – you have into a storage ottoman for the living room. Store games, Blu rays, books and the like inside.{found on monmakesthings}.

Console Tables

Console table with hairpin legs

Use those crates to create a console table too! And it’ll have built in storage for anything you need to put inside and keep out of the corners. We love them as is or if you add some color to it as well.

Playroom Locker Cubbies

Playroom Locker Cubbies

Check out these playroom locker cubbiezs that work perfectly for organizing and storing all of the kiddos stuff with playtime is put to rest. Paint them, embellish them and learn how to make this for your home.{found on thatsmyletter}.

Record Keeper


Use wooden milk or wine crates to keep your vinyl records organized and ready for playing. This can be quite the interesting set up and we love its rusticism.

Kitchen Island Storage

wooden boxed storage for kitchen island

If you have the space and need some inspiration, use wood crates to organize your kitchen island. From utensils to fruit, there are so many ways to utilize the idea.{found on mylove2create}.

Mudroom Design

Colorful Mudroom Design Storage

Again, there are a ton of ways to actually use wooden crates inside the mud room, from holding boots to backpacks. But this particular design is one to get inspired by, don’t you think?

Rolling Toy Bin

Rolling Toy Bin

We love using wooden creates for toy storage, because there are so many different ways to do it and so many places around the house to put them. But if you attach some wheels to the bottom, they become even more versatile for the kiddos!

Side Table with Storage

Side Table with Storage

Your side tables can be built with the use of wooden crates too. Because of its simplicity, it’s really easy to do at home and you can fit whatever you need inside instead of atop cluttering up the tables.

Under Cabinet Crate

Under Cabinet Crate

Check out this fab idea for the kitchen! You’ll need to do a bit of DIYing to make it happen but it’ll come in handy for grab-and-go snacking and making everything a bit cleaner in the kitchen.

Towel Rack

Bathroom wooden storage from crates

Those crates can be turned into towel racks for the bathrooms too! Big or small, depending on your need for storage, this too can be a fun DIY to partake in.

Linen Storage

Linen Storage

For those that have more sheets and blankets that can fit in a closet or those that don’t have a linen closet at all, try designating some larger wooden crates to the organization.{found on shanty-2-chic}.

Shoe Bench

Shoe bench from wood crates

For the closet, foyer or mud room, you’ll be able to use these to help with the organization as well, instead of creating a cluttered corner in any of those spaces.

Dish Shelves

Dish Shelves

Learn how to make some of these charming and vintage-inspired shelves for the walls out of wooden creates. And then, you’ll have a wonderful place to store your excess dishes or display them!

Descending Bookcase

reading room with creates bookcase

Create a spot in the house to hold all of your books but do it in a way that adds a bit of fun style. You can make this as modern or as fun as you would like!{found on maisondepax}.

Media Organization

Media organization through wooden box

Use the crates to hold your movies too! On the sides of the TV or making a bigger spot to handle your larger collection, your media needs to be organized for the family too.

Rope Handle Storage

Rope Handle Storage

If you want your storage to have a completely finished look, add some rope handles! It’s a pretty easy DIY to complete and you’ll have beautiful, rustic crates to use for around the house.{found on thehouseofsmiths}.

Garage Helpers

Garage wooden crates storage

Whether you use them to fill up metal racks or just line them on the floor, wooden crates are perfect for separating and organizing your garage necessities. And it’s easy!

File Boxes

File Boxes

Wooden creates make perfect file boxes. Use them in your home office for important family documents or work papers – even tax information can be stored here in style.

Over-the-Sink Storage

Over the sink storage

You could create a gallery wall of storage over the sink in the kitchen. It’s got a farmhouse feel and you’ll have a plethora of options when it comes to organizing your stuff.

Magazine Holders

Magazine storage

Use your found wooden crates to keep your magazines nearby, organized and not cluttering up any countertops or corners. Fit these right under coffee tables or beside the sofa!{found on prettyhandygirl}.

Craft Room Organizers

Craft Room Organizers

This wall of organization will make a crafter swoon. And the best part of this idea is how you can style it in so many different ways: paint, prints, patterns, fabric and more can bring this scene to life.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Laundry Room Organization

Laundry room organization with wooden crates

Create over-storage in your laundry room or closet using wooden creates. Just check out this slick setup that was finished off with what looks to be black spray paint.{found on homedepot}.

Under-the-Bed Storage

Under-the-Bed Storage

Larger wooden crates (with or without wheels) work beautifully as under-the-bed storage. Fit sports equipment, uniforms, seasonal clothing and the like right underneath!{found on theidearoom}.

Rolling Book Crate

Rolling book crate

Just like with toys you can also create a rolling book crate for the kids to get along with inside the playroom or nursery. It makes organizing easier and playing less messy too!

Pantry Organizers

Pantry organization with crates

Take your crates inside the pantry! These are perfect for sorting boxed snacks, bread and the like without having your goods spread out and falling all over the pantry shelves.

Cookbook Keeper

White washed wooden crate

Yep, even your cookbooks could have a place of their own. Use a wooden crate to store these anywhere you have the room, including in a stylish and sweet way on the countertop.{found on theredpaintedcottage}.

Wardrobe Boxes

Walk in closet with wood crates

Accessories, shoes and sweaters can all find a place inside a wooden crate when it comes to the closet area. Just make sure to line them with some cloth as to not snag any of your wardrobe pieces.

Stacked Desk Organizer

Stacked Desk Organizer

Stack smaller crates and create a funky little design on your desktop. Use it for personalizing and storing your necessities right on top without a mess.

Firewood Storage

Firewood storage crates

These wood pieces are absolutely perfect for storing your firewood. Whether it’s right next to the mantle or out in the garage, use these to keep it all together and tidy.

Kitchen Countertop Organization

Wooden crates for cups storage

If you need extra storage space in the kitchen, grab a crate and get to work turning it into exactly what you need. Add some color or embellishment (or not) to blend the style and fill it with what needs to be organized.

Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center from crates

This is another DIY project to get started on this weekend. These crates can really turn into the perfect entertainment center and the best part is the easy storage.

Mudroom Cubbies

Entryway white painted crates

Some floating mudroom cubbies will definitely come in handy for the family, you can even add baskets inside so the smaller items don’t fall or get lost. Keys, purses and more can fit right inside!{found on aimee-weaver}.

Coffee Table with Storage

Coffee table from wood crates

Just like an ottoman, you can turn some wooden crates into the most perfect coffee table that has enough storage to keep your books, some movies and even the family’s games in order.{found on instructables}.

Fruit & Veg Stand

Fruit and vegs storage

Incredibly charming and fun for the family, easily turn your crates into fruit and veg stands. Just grab and go with some healthy snacks for everyone in the house!{found on thewoodgraincottage}.

Wine Bottle Rack

Wooden crate turned into a small bar

Again, you can use your crates as is to store your goodies or you can redesign them a bit into something more chic. Either way it will be a unique way to keep your wine in one place.

Bathroom Rack

Bathroom wall rack from crates

You can keep your bathroom necessities organized too with some makeshift crate racks. Keep your countertops clear by hanging some of these nearby!