Pantry Organization Is Key To A Functional Kitchen

The New Year is here, the holidays are over, and it is time for a fresh start — not just for yourself, but for your home as well! I like to use this time of year to really clean out my home, de-clutter and make it function at its best. We are all running crazy and are too busy, so we need things in our home to be as efficient as possible.

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The kitchen is a perfect place to jump start your organizing. Today I am adding functionality and organization to the pantry. Even if you do not have a full pantry, these tips will still help you make the most of whatever kitchen storage space you have and bring organization to a whole new level.

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If you are like me, this is what your pantry looks like. I always have the best of intentions for keeping it neat and tidy. It’s often hard to even see what I have in there because food items are hidden. I need to do something about this!

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My solution was purchase a selection of containers, bins, and baskets. This way I can sort things into categories. I will be able to slide food groupings out of the pantry to see what that I have. If you don’t want to buy containers like these, you can always make your own bins and boxes to store food. Adding labels or chalkboard paint to write the contents on them can be easily done. The appearance of the organizational tools is not as important as their function, but an eye-appealing arrangement is a plus.

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I purchased these glass jars for food products.

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These labels are easy to find in most stores and will help you with organization.

Peel and stick labelsView in gallery

These are simple peel and stick labels. After you put food in the containers, label and date them to help keep things fresh.

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This is the end result of my massive reorganization and improved functionality for this pantry! Everything has its place and is easy to access. Now I can easily see what food products I have.

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Finding a way to make storage functional can be challenging. Putting all of the cans in a large basket allows me to pull it out, making it easier to look for a particular product. No more knocking down cans to reach the back of the shelf!

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Because I have kids, I created a “child” shelf. This contains snacks, granola bars, and other food items that they eat most often. It’s helpful because they now have a designated shelf of choices when they want a snack. It also helps me when it comes time to pack their lunches. I have most of what I need for them on one shelf.

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Because I grouped foods together,  I am able to pull out a bin and select what I need without wasting time rummaging around.

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Because the bins have a reusable label, it’s easier to keep things organized. If my husband or children are putting away the groceries, they know where everything belongs.

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The next shelf is all about meal prep. Here I keep baking items and any boxed dinner items like rice, pasta or noodles. Again, this is very convenient because I can get everything I need all at once.

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These flat baskets are a really useful storage item. If you cannot find these or something similar, a baking tray, plate or even a serving tray will do the job. Having something that slides out of the shelves is especially helpful when you’re looking for specific items. Knocking over glass jars is never a good thing, and these flat baskets eliminate that risk.

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I got really creative with the top shelf by putting items in glass containers with labels, as well as by using canisters I already had. The canisters and the spice rack were sitting on my countertop, taking up valuable work space. Because I organized and stored things so efficiently,  I was able to move these into the pantry. Now I have more counter space to work on meals!

Glass jars keep seal freshView in gallery

These containers have an excellent seal and will keep items really fresh.

Spice rack on the pantryView in gallery

Having some kind of spice rack is a must because the small jars get lost and tip over. One convenient, organized  rack is easily accessible and helps me keep track of what spices I have.

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Because I have kids, I do buy things in bulk. I left the very top of the shelf empty for my “bulk” storage section. These are items I do not access everyday. The nice thing about having a basket is that I can easily pull it down when I do need the food. Pulling one thing off of a high shelf can cause a avalanche of food items if you’re not careful.

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I love how it looks. I love how it functions. I love the organization. This is exactly what I needed to kick start my quest to organize my home!

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Taking the time to set up functional storage space, labeling things, and making sure everything fits in the best way possible — these are all simple steps you can take to organize your home and ease the stress. We all have busy lives, so having items be easily accessible and ready when you need them is just one small step you can take in simplifying your life.