How To Optimize Stacked Washers And Dryers For A Perfect Combo

The reasons for which a washer and a dryer would be one on top of the other are numerous and mostly revolve around space-efficiency. This strategy is usually used when floor space is limited such as in the case of a studio apartment for example. Every little bit of space needs to be optimized for maximum efficiency and this sometimes means stacking things.

Laundry room featuring stacked washers and dryers

You can also use this strategy if, for example, there’s no room for the washer and dryer under the counter. Stacking them in a corner by the kitchen counter would be, in this case, a very acceptable and practical solution.{found on quiniscoe}.

Laundry washer and dryer behind the doors

The placement of these two appliances is very important. Given the fact that you’ll be stacking them it’s possible that they can’t be hidden behind closed doors or curtains. Even so, you have to be prepared to find the perfect spot for such a large feature. Room corners seem to be a great option.{found on dawnhearn}.

conceal your stacked washer and dryer

There are several ways in which you can conceal your stacked washer and dryer. One option is to let them occupy a space inside a large wall unit. They can stay hidden behind a set of doors without anyone suspecting a thing.

Hide the appliances behind the doors

There’s no need to completely conceal the appliances if you decide to place them in the laundry room. Both the washer and the dryer fit in naturally. Concealing them is simply a matter of looks and personal preferences.{found on terracottadesignbuild}.

Stacked washer and dryer behind pocket doors

Pocket doors are very practical for concealing our stacked washer and dryer combo. They’re actually very practical in general when you want to save space.{found on venegasandcompany}.

Hide the washer and dryer behind curtains

Curtains are also a good option. This strategy works if, for example, you decide to place the washer and dryer in the bathroom. Of course, this isn’t the only acceptable placement and you can adapt the concept to your own needs and means.

mudroom with washer and dryer
Green Laundry Room Design With Stacked washer

In case you choose to put your stacked washer and dryer on display you must pay attention to the way they’d look in the context of the room. If they’re prominently placed then they must also look good. Ideally, you’d take all these details into consideration before you buy the appliances.

Bold Red Laundry room Washer

If you choose to display them then a bold color might help. They’ll stand out even if color is not an issue so you might as well make the most of this situation and create a colorful and fresh décor using your favorite shades.

Stacked washer and dryer for laundry room

A contrast of colors can also be created if the washer and dryer are white and don’t really stand out in any way. In this case the décor surrounding them would stand out. Perhaps if the cabinetry would feature an interesting color the décor would cheer up.

Dark stained wood laundry room
Small laundry room in darkwood and stacked washer

Simpler and more neutral colors can also be used to create interesting displays. The combination of white and dark-stained wood, in this case, is very elegant and beautiful.

Height for washer and dryer to be placed

Another thing to take into consideration is the height at which both the washer and the dryer are placed. You should find it comfortable to load and unload them without having to use a stool or to bend down at an uncomfortable angle.{found on eskuche}.

Custom furniture for washer and dryer

Then, of course, there’s also the issue related to the design of the washer and dryer. If you decide to stack them then front-loading models are your best option.

Stack them in a corner of the room -washer and dryer
Washer and dryer open in the same direction

If you decide to stack them in a corner of the room, take into consideration the way they open. They should both open in the same direction, preferably against the wall so you have more room to move around when using them.

Design laundry room furniture around the washer and dryer

You can design your laundry room furniture around these two appliances and this way you’ll be able to come up with an optimal distribution of the space. You can even include a storage space above them. Sure, you’ll only reach it using a stool but it would still be practical.{found on artisticreno}.

stacked washer and dryer built into your custom furniture

Have your stacked washer and dryer built into your custom furniture and let them become a natural part of the room’s design and layout. The chosen style is, in this case, of little importance.{found on kiyoharamoffitt}.

Compact washer and dryer

Is space is very limited, then consider opting for a compact washer and dryer. They should be enough for a single person or even for a couple. Of course, it’s up to you to decide which details take priority.{found on darrenjames}.

Stainless steel washer and dryer

Contrasts are sometimes welcomed. An eclectic laundry room such as this one could play with contrasts both in terms of colors and materials.{found on oldworldkitchens}.

Stacked appliances for laundry

There are cases when a single washer and a dryer are not enough. The strategy in this case is no different from what we’ve described so far. The only difference is that you’ll need more space.

Split appliances in two groups and stack

You can split the appliances into two groups, design a wall unit around them with some storage at the center and make this structure the focal point of your laundry room.{found on 2designgroup}.

Black master laundry room with four stacked appliances

All the tips and ideas offered above still apply, including the fact that a corner placement is practical and space-efficient.{found on abruzzokitchenandbath}.