20 Elements To Use When Creating A Retro Kitchen

Retro kitchens are funky, charming and quite playful too. They utilize fun colors, vintage pieces and a personality that you can’t find anywhere else. And today we’re showing you how to conjuring one right inside your own home. Check out these 20 elements to use when creating a retro kitchen and start getting busy with your redesign or renovation today!

Checkered Tile

Checkered Tile Retro kitchen

A checkered tile floor is an absolute must when creating a true retro kitchen. Black and white is the classic, timeless option but red and white works too if you want something a bit bolder.

Polka Dots

Blue Kitchen Fridge for a retro design

Add polka dots wherever you deem fit. They add a bit of femininity to the space but they also help create that funky, vintage feel that retro kitchens draw their personality out of. Think linens when it comes to this print as they’ll play nice.{found on mercurymosaics}.


Red is a perfect color for a retro kitchen

Red evokes that playful nature that retro styles have, especially when playing with “diner” styles. Use it as a main color or in your accents for a beautiful contrast to your stark neutrals.

Funky Hardware

Funky kitchen hardware

From your knobs to the drawer pulls, switching these pieces of hardware out to something that fits with the style will help with your transformation of the space. Remember, it’s the little details that matter.{found on sarahphippsdesign}.

Throwback Appliances

Throwback Appliances

From the fridge to the stove, instead of going with more modern appliances try finding some with the vintage appeal. This will certainly help change the personality of your space as well.{found on knightarch}.


Tupperware Kitchen

Tupperware has definite retro vibes and you’ll not only love using it but it’s a great way to decorate your kitchen as well. It’s just another element that will pay homage to the throwback era.{found on hscremodeling}.


Cocal cola chairs

Who is a fan of Coca-Cola? Well, if you are, adding a bit of their accents to your retro kitchen will surely be a winner. As it too adds to the vintage appeal and funky personality of the time.

Clocks, Scales & Timers

Timers and clocks for retro kitchen

As we mentioned previously, details are important. So add a retro clock to the wall, an antique food scale on the counter top and a charming timer situated on the stove and oven.{found on hammerandhand}.

Black & White

Black and white kitchen floor

Even if you want to nix color but still create a retro kitchen black and white can get the job done for you, so don’t worry. Use these classic neutrals as the foundation of your space.

Breakfast Bars

Kitchen countertop tiles

Breakfast tile countertop bars are a must as they evoke that diner style we all love but also give you the opportunity to create a place to decorate and add your own unique touches as well.{found on jacksondesignandremodeling}.


Mint kitchen color scheme

Mint green is another go-to color when exploring retro kitchen style. From backsplash to the cabinets, this color works both as accent and as foundation so don’t be afraid to play around with it a bit.


Signage Art

Add some throwback signage to the space too! Over the stove, breakfast bar or even creating a gallery wall behind the kitchen table. This too is a way to bring in your own personality.

Stainless Steel Lights

Stainless steel lighting fixtures

Stainless steel lights are your best option when choosing your fixtures for a retro kitchen, especially when you have pendants over the breakfast bar and the like. When it comes to this, the simpler the better.

Mixers & Breadboxes

Mixers and Breadboxes for retro design

Leave out your classic mixers and breadboxes on the countertops. They should be seen! Even though you’ll be using them, you’ll want to use them as part of the theme’s decor.

Pastel Cabinets

Pastel kitchen color scheme

When creating a retro kitchen you’ll want to really think about your cabinets, because it can make or break your theme. So, if you really want to go all in – don’t be afraid with deciding on pastel color cabinets and take your vision full-throttle.

Padded Stools

Padded kitchen bar stools

Padded stools can be thrown in the mix too. Stay away from steel or wooden bench seats because those are more traditional and modern, but those with padding can help with the personality you’re searching for.

Open Storage

Retro kitchen with open storage

Use as much open storage as possible in your design. Even if your cabinets have window glass, you’ll get to peek at all the pieces you’ve chosen inside – which hopefully – coincide with the style genre.


Orange kitchen color scheme

Stripes are another help in creating interest and personality inside your retro kitchen. Pay attention to the linens when adding your stripes, as it’s a great way to mix and match.{found on kropatinteriordesign}.

Diner Style

Retro dinner style kitchen

When you think retro, do you think about 1950’s fun diners? Because we certainly do and we wouldn’t blame you at all for turning your kitchen into a bout of diner festivity!


Breakfast nook

The most popular color choice when transforming your kitchen into a retro solace is turquoise. It’s clean, it’s fun, it’s joyful and it goes so well with the vintage essence of every piece.