DIY Storage Solutions For A Well-Organized Garage

The garage is pretty much always that one space where you store everything you’re not using right now and everything ends up piling there and causing the space to look like a dump site. Every once in a while you gather the strength to clean up and find some temporary garage storage solutions but it all just ends up looking as bad as always after a while. The secret to keeping the garage clean and beautiful is having a system that lets you organize everything so that’s what we’ll focus on today.

Organize small objects with pegboards

DIY Garage pegboard for tools

For the small things you can use pegboards on the walls. It’s a way of nicely organizing things like small tools and supplies so you always know where to look for them when you need something. Include a variety of storage systems such as hooks, boxes, shelves, etc. {found on thecreativityexchange}.

Garage storage system with pegboards

The best thing about pegboards is that they let you save floor space. All the items that usually stay in a box are now displayed in plain sight, easy to identify and find when needed. This storage system should be used for the small things that you usually spend a lot of time looking for. {found on thebudgetdecorator}.

Practical pegboard wall for garage

In addition to being very practical and easy to install, pegboards are also very cheap. In addition, you can accessorize them in a lot of different ways, according to the nature of the objects you want to store this way. Check out Stampinat6213 for a few interesting ideas in this sense.

White Mount pegboards

Mount pegboards on the wall in front of your workbench. This way you’ll have everything gathered in one place and you won’t have to look elsewhere you the items that you need. Organize the objects according to categories. It can be by size, shape, color, use or however else you want. {found on thedesignfiles}.

Garage Pegboard panels

Pegboard panels can also be used for items other than tools. For example, store your sports equipment in this manner. Use containers for small things like gloves, balls and other things and keep your skis, helmets and other things ion the wall as shown on Cleanandscentsible.

Screw Organizing

For the tiny things like screws and nails you can use plastic containers. If you have a shelf on your pegboard, permanently attach the lids to its underside and then you can just twist to attach or remove the container. This is an idea we found on Chezlarsson.

Toy storage

Kids toy storage in garage

The toys kids use when playing outside are usually kept in the garage but they end up occupying a lot of space and making the whole space seem messy. Avoid all that by adopting a storage system. A good example is offered on Domesticcharm where metal buckets are used. They each have labels and are kept on shelves.

Storage for garden tools

PVC Garden tools storage

Garden tools and other similar things are left leaning against the wall or simply on the floor which is not exactly practical, not to mention safe. So how about a more appropriate storage method such as the one featured on Prettyhandygirl? You can use PVC tubes to keep all lined up and organized inside a simple pallet box.

Label tools in garage

Another great way of keeping your garden tools organized and labeled on the wall is offered on Ashbeedesign. Here, PVC pipes were attached to wooden planks and the mounted on the wall. Each garden tool now has its own slot.

Pallet gargae storage system

A different method of storing and organizing large garden tools is offered on Hometalk. This time wooden pallets were used to create a storage system for them. The project is simple and all you need is a pallet which you can sand and paint or customize however you want.

Magnetic storage

Magnetic storage

Everyone knows how practical and useful magnetic knife racks are in the kitchen. So use that as inspiration for your garage. Things like screwdrivers, drill bits, nails and other things can be kept organized and easy to grab by using magnetic storage. Check out Apartmenttherapy for a DIY example.

Magnetic tool holder

On BHG you can see how simple and practical having a magnetic tool holder can be when you have a lot of drill bits and other similar things that need to be stored in an organized and simple fashion. You can attach the magnetic rack to a wall, shelf, cabinet or door to save space.

Storage shelves for screwdrivers

Shelf for screwdriver storage

A very practical storage idea for your screwdriver collection is to have a simple wooden wall-mounted shelf with a few holes in it. You just drill the holes and then each screwdriver can occupy one slot. Making the shelf is really simple and you can use the instructions on Freshcrush for the project.

Wooden board screwdriver storage

The supplies needed for such a project include a wooden board or, as shown on Homemade-modern, a table leg, sandpaper and L brackets. If you want, you can even give your old tools a makeover by dipping them in colored paint.

Storage for balls and other sports equipment

Garage storage for balls with cords

If you have more than one soccer ball or basketball in your garage, then it’s worth implementing a storage system for them so you don’t trip over them whenever you’re looking for something else in the garage. The corner storage system featured on 100things2do is a really great idea. Also, it’s easy to build.

Ball storage system with cords

The ball storage system can be integrated into a much larger wall unit that gathers all your sports equipment in one place. Here you can keep your tennis racquets, snowboards, even your bike. Design the unit according to the items that you want to store there. {found on designedtodwell}.

Power tool shelves

Shelf storage for tools

Where do you keep all your power tools. Sure, usually they each come with a box but those occupy space and make it difficult to grab them when needed. A much more practical and space-efficient solution is offered on Woodworkingtips. The storage shelf featured here is something you can easily build yourself and adapt to your own needs and tool collection.

Vertical storage

Vertical storage on wheels for garage

When you have limited floor space and a lot of things that need to go in that space, vertical storage is your best option. The pull-out systems featured on Hometalk allow you to transform your garage into the ultimate storage room. There’s a space here for everything. This is ideal if you have a lot of tools that need to be kept organized.

Bucket storage for miscellaneous

Bucket storage for miscellaneous

Regardless of how well organized you are, there are always some things that don’t really belong anywhere and you just end up hiding them in the corner of a shelf or drawer. But if you really want everything to be perfectly organized, then come up with a storage solution for those things in particular. On Azdiyguy you can find a great idea: buckets mounted at a nice angle, perfect for keeping miscellaneous items in.

Overhead storage for rarely used items

Overhead storage system in garage

Seasonal items and other things which you only use at certain times throughout the year occupy valuable floor space the rest of the time. The solution to this problem is really simple: overhead storage to free up the floor for other things. For this you can use shelves, boxes, hooks and all sorts of other methods and systems. Check out Arstybuildinglady for some inspiration.

Shelving systems

Simple wood garage shelves

A shelving system such as the one described on Ana-white can become the main storage piece for the garage. Everything can be organized in boxes and containers. Use labels to make it easier to find the item you’re looking for. You can also color-label everything.

Smart organization overall

A well-organized garage usually features a variety of systems and units. You can find a bunch of inspiring ideas on hisugarplumsblog.

Shelving units

Shelving units

Check out the simple shelving units. They’re perfect for organizing and storing buckets, jars and all sorts of containers.


Pegboards For tools

The pegboards are used for small items. All the basic tools can be found here, including a handsaw, hammer, a set of screwdrivers and other similar things. The painbrushes are kept all in one place inside a tin can.

Shoe organizer

Shoe organizer

All the spray paints are organized using show storage pockets. The idea is not only smart but also really practical and simple.

Monkey bar system

Monkey bar system

Another ingenious idea which we found here features a monkey bar system for storing scooters, bats, balls, bike pumps and all sorts of other things.

If you enjoy gardening, then consider creating a garden station in your garage. You can find some inspiration on maillardvillemanor.

Drop leaf shelf

Drop leaf shelf in garage

Adding a shelf that you can simply fold down whenever needed is a pretty great idea. Sometimes you need a work surface whether it’s for sorting things out or for simple DIY project. When not needed, it basically takes up zero space.

Open shelves

Open shelves

A set of open shelves is perfect for keeping small things organized in boxes and containers. Also, it’s where you can keep planters and pots.

Wall storage for tools

Wall storage for tools

Your gardening tools can sit vertically, all neatly organized and easy to grab whenever needed. There’s also plenty of room on the floor for your boots and a trash can.

It’s important to be clever and to find new and ingenious solutions for simple problems. For example, you can find out how you can repurpose everyday objects inside your garage in order to gain more storage space by checking out the ideas on Onegoodthingbyjillee.

Rods under the shelves

Garage organization rods

This is a really simple and great idea. Attach two closed rod brackets to the bottom of an existing shelf and then add a wooden closet rod. Then you can organize and store your winter jackets and other things there.

Wall storage for folding chairs

Wall storage for folding chairs

Another clever thing you can do is install metal shelf brackets in order to create a storing system for folding chairs. Just stack the chairs and keep them all on the wall and away from the floor.

Ceiling storage for the bike

Ceiling storage for bike

Don’t waste floor space with things that can be kept on the wall or ceiling. For example, you can store your bike in a rather interesting and unusual way. Install bike hooks on the ceiling to free up space in the garage.

Wall tool rack

Wall tool rack

A wall tool rack is really easy to install and you can use it to keep all your large tools organized and neatly stored without wasting floor space or having to search for them everywhere every time you need one.

Buckets, labels and magnetic racks

Garage buckets label

All these things are really useful in a garage, mostly for storing and organizing small things. It’s important to use labels when you have multiple containers and to come up with a different system that lets you easily find the thing you need.

Repurposed hanger

Repurposed hanger

A simple hanger usually used for clothes can be repurposed and used for storing tape rolls in the garage. Just hang it from the underside of a shelf or from the ceiling to keep everything in check.