DIY Bedroom Décor and Furniture Ideas Anyone Can Try

The bedroom is one area of the house where you have to be creative and find design and décor solutions that apply to your own style and preferences. The bedroom needs to be that particular space where you feel most comfortable, most at home. In a lot of cases, that means taking matters into your own hands. We’re talking, of course, about DIY projects. Here are a bunch of ideas you should look at.

Bed ideas

Pallet bed design with string lights

Building a bed from scratch is not that complicated. After all, it’s just a big box or platform for your mattress and you could build one using recycled pallets. Basically you just clean, sand and stain the pallets (not all steps are mandatory) and then you stack them and align them to create a platform big enough for your mattress. You can even add some accent lighting if you want.

Industrial Pipe Bed Frame

There’s also the option to build a metal bed frame that fits perfectly around your mattress. For that you can use pipes. Remember to measure twice and cut once because there’s no room for such mistakes when you’re building a key piece of furniture for your home. You can use wood planks for the platform. You can check out the tutorial provided by Instructables for more details on the materials you need and the steps you need to take.

Wood Bed Frame Plan and Build

These days the idea of having the mattress lie directly on the floor seems to be quite popular. There’s a certain casualness that makes the idea appealing. But still, it’s not exactly practical to do that and it would be much better if the mattress were to have a box or a cover to contain it. You can build that yourself using wood. Themerrythought offers a simple tutorial on this. Check it out for more details.

How to build a canopy bed

Four poster beds have always been attractive and having one is often a dream that, for some reason, delays becoming real. So why not try to make the bed yourself. After all, it shouldn’t be that difficult if all you want is a simple design. But since even a simple design can be challenging, check out the detailed instructions provided on Decorsanity before you start.

Canopy bed diy with curtains

Another very charming category is that of canopy beds. They are definitely very beautiful but what if you already have a bed? Well, then you can add a canopy, of course. This can a pretty simple DIY project. Useful instructions can be found on Onekingslane. Feel free to adapt them as you wish.

Hanging beds diy for bedroom

And since we’re now distancing ourselves a little bit from regular beds and analyzing other types of designs, let’s also take a look at the hanging daybed featured on Ana-white. It’s basically a simple platform suspended from the ceiling on which a mattress is placed. The only tricky part is suspending it from the ceiling and making sure it’s safe and secure.

Triple Bunk Beds DIY

Bunk beds are another interesting concept you can try. You can opt for this type to save floor space which is useful in areas such as the kids’ room. Building bunk beds from scratch, however, is no easy task but it can be done if you follow the instructions and have a clear vision of the final product in mind throughout the process. You can take a look at the project featured in Thehandmadedress for more ideas.

Headboard designs

Turquoise vintage shutters headboard

Whether you’ve built the bed yourself or bought it in a store, it doesn’t matter. The headboard what we’ll focus on now. Let’s say your bed doesn’t have a headboard. In that case, the possibilities are numerous but a particularly interesting idea is to use vintage shutters. They can be repurposed and repainted if necessary and they’ll add a really nice charm to the bedroom. {found on samanthaelizabethblog}

Ikea stick wood headboard

If the bed already has a headboard or if you’d rather use a store-bought one, there are still ways in which you can customize it. For example, on Sugarandcloth you can find out how to give your headboard a makeover using a case of Stikwood. These are basically peel and stick wooden pieces which you can use for a lot of purposes, this one included.

Simple nightstand alternatives

Small floating night stand

Although not always a must-have, the nightstand is often an element that completes the room in many ways. It’s also one of the elements you can get creative with from a DIY point of view. For example, Urbanacreage shows how a cabinet door can be repurposed and turned into a nightstand. The project is simple and can be customized in a lot of ways.

Wooden crate turned into a night stand

Even simpler than that can be to repurpose a wooden crate and to use it as a nightstand in the bedroom. The main thing is to find a crate that has the right dimensions. If you want, you can add a shelf or two to make it more functional. {found on passionshake}.

Lighting options

Hang string lights closer to bed

The lighting in the bedroom has to be pleasant. So while the usual ceiling lights might work well in areas such as the living room, here you might want to consider other options. A lovely idea can be to use Christmas lights. Hang them by the bed in a chic fashion. {found on facingnorthwithgracia}.

Adjustable night stand lamp

One table lamp placed on each nightstand, on either side of the bed, is a common approach. This option offers you task lighting when you want to read in bed or for other activities. Of course, you can add string lights above the bed as well.

DIY Wall Sconce

Wall sconces are another simple option. But we’re not talking about the store-bought types. On Vintagerevivals you can see how you can make your own wall sconce using a few simple elements.

DIY accordion sconce

Similarly, Francoisetmoi provides a tutorial for an accordion wall sconce. It’s not only practical but also quite good-looking. You can personalize its design and look according to your own preferences but the main idea remains the same.


Morrocan bedding diy

We’re not saying you should start to make all your blankets and duvets yourself from scratch because, unless you have a real passion for this or a really good reason, there’s no point in even considering the idea. What we want to propose is the idea of customizing your bedding. Like, for example, the way you could change the look of a simple blanket and give it a Moroccan-inspired design. {found on Makescoutdiy}

Handpainted Pillows

As far as pillows go, there’s plenty of room for customization in this area. If you want, you can even make your own pillow covers from scratch. Start with white cotton canvas. You can use the stamping technique but also the freehand painting technique to create some really interesting designs and patterns. The ideas featured on Etsy are simple and easy to recreate.

Mix and match bedroom makeover

We also found a wonderful tutorial on Poppytalk. It shows you how to make a pillow cover with a chic geometric design and cute pom-poms in the four corners. Gather your supplies and follow the instructions. Add your own twist to the project if you wish.

Customization for the area rug

Tassel fringe rug diy

There are ways to actually make an area rug from scratch but that’s not what we’re interested in right now. What we have in mind is a simple method for customizing an existing rug. For the project featured on Earnesthomeco you need a chunky rug, crochet yarn, a clipboard and scissors. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. The result is a rug embellished with tassels.

Bedroom Guide for Carpet

But before you do that, you need to select a rug for the bedroom. This part can be tricky. There are several options to take into consideration. For example, for a queen-size bed, you could opt for two small rugs, one on each side of the bed. A larger rug can cover the area under the bed and some space on the sides as well, depending on its dimensions.{found on pinterest}.

Upholstered bench

DIY upholstered bench

This project starts with an existing bench, perfect for the space at the foot of the bed. Any type of bench would do, as long as it has the right dimensions and structure. The idea is simple and nicely described on Dwellingsbydevore. You’d be using foam pad to upholster the bench and make all cozy and comfortable.

Hanging chair designs

Hanging macrame chair

You’re surely familiar with hanging chairs and how comfortable they can be. They occupy a special place in the bedroom for that reason. Usually, they fit nicely in the corner of the room or by the window and they’re ideal for reading nooks. On Classyclutter you can find a wonderful tutorial on how to make a hanging macrame chair using clothesline and a sturdy frame.

Floating credenza

Ikea floating credenza

This is a project featured on Sugarandcloth which we find really beautiful and customizable. The things you need include an Ikea Besta shelf, suspension rails, a panel, glue and a few other elements. Basically you’d be turning these things into a chic floating credenza that would look lovely in the bedroom.

Curtain-related projects

Hand painted curtains

Can’t find a suitable curtain design or pattern for the bedroom? Why not deal with this yourself? We’re suggesting to simply use white fabric and to hand paint it. You can create any design or pattern you want. It can be a geometric pattern, a minimalist one or something cute if you’re doing this for the kids’ room. {found on Abeautifulmess}

Colorful wall art above the bed

Curtains can also be decorative and they don’t have to cover up the windows for this purpose. For example, Imaginegnats shows you how you can display something that looks similar to a small curtain on the bedroom wall to create a focal point. The rainbow colors are a lovely touch.

Wall art ideas

DIY Rainbow Cloud Art for Wall Bedroom

Now comes the fun part. We’ll take a look at a few ideas for how you can decorate the walls of your bedroom. First, let’s look at the lovely rainy cloud featured on Dreamalittlebigger. It’s really easy to make and all you need is some wire, pliers, ribbons, scissors and a glue gun.

Hanging tapestry above The bed

A very simple method for making a bedroom feel cozy and welcoming is by hanging a tapestry or a colorful rug on the wall, behind the bed. It can be something quirky, fun, colorful, elegant or however else you want it to be. {found on apartmenttherapy}

Twine and clothes pins for pictures

One of the most common and simple ways in which you can personalize a space involved photos. The idea proposed on Dormroomcrafts is really lovely and goes like this: you can use string, tiny clothespins and photos to decorate a wall. It would look casual and interesting.

Mix and match – full bedroom makeover

Mix and match bedroom makeover

Now that you have a few ideas for how you can change the décor and ambiance in your bedroom through DIY projects, you can even plan a complete makeover. It can include painting the walls a different color, getting a new are rug and customizing it, creating new pillow cases, maybe even crafting a headboard, hanging some string lights and some handmade wall art. Curious how such a project would evolve. Check out Athomeinlove for more info.