20 Dreamy Libraries To Model Your Own After

We’ve shared gorgeous libraries before but today we’re focusing on the most dreamy and romantic of the bunch. Having a library inside your home is quite a luxury, especially for avid readers. Whether you dedicate an entire room to your book collection or just a hallway, creating a library for the family’s enjoyment can be a challenge and you’ll need the right kind of inspiration. Check out 20 of our favorites!

1. Cottage Countryside

Cottage Countryside

The natural lighting floods in from the windows and highlight this cream escape. We’re in love with the double-walled spaces, full of books and romantic accents infused with cottage-style charm.

2. Rustic Grey

Rustic grey library room

Here’s a beautiful, eclectic space that can easily be recreated at home. The sun shining through the windows and the offbeat way the shelves float on the walls make this quite the daydreaming home.{found on vogue}.

3. Family Room

Family room with library

Sometimes you can combine both the family room and the library into one gorgeous design. And this space did just that. All of the entertaining and lounging essentials are in one, tidy and dream-like spot.

4. Youthful Ways

Youthful living room with library

There’s a bit of youthful energy surrounding this welcoming little library. And you get an even cozier feeling when your books get to surround the home’s fireplace – even better for enjoying holidays and rainy afternoons with.{found on hortonandco}.

5. Stylishly Roomy

Stylishly Roomy

This room has quite the grand feel to it. If you have a large book collection and have an entire room to donate to it, then we say go for it! Create a luxurious and whimsically modern escape for the entire family to enjoy.

6. High-Vaulted Elegance

High-Vaulted Elegance Library

Have your books extend up to the very top to create a richer feel and mix your library into a space that’s also used for entertaining. It’s a lot more interested than starting at plain walls but it also becomes a functional space.{found on lminteriordesign}.

7. Peekaboo Place

Peekaboo Place Library

Part of the dreaminess of the design is the peek you get from the outer rooms. It’s a bit mysterious and sharp, and we could picture ourselves walking inside, shutting the doors and diving into a great read.{found on thepeakofchic}.

8. Nebulous Nook

Nebulous Nook

Take that extra space at the top of the stairs and transform it! Don’t waste the extra square footage, instead turn it into a charming, shabby chic library!{found on archiahomes}.

9. Victorian Dining

Victorian Dining

This space blended both the dining room and the library and creating a Victorian scene that’s quite breathtaking upon first look. We love the feminine and grandiose detailing – as it’s all about intricacy.

10. Organized Chaos

Organized home library

Sometimes it’s really just about the books. All you need are the shelves and then you go to town filling them all in. It creates a personalized style that you can’t get by doing anything else!{found on elliotwalsh}.

11. Washroom Romantics

Small powder room decorated with books

As we’ve said before, when you have a small space, you must utilize every inch. And here is the absolute best way we can show you that in real-life. This powder room was taken to an entirely different level!{found on joannathornhill}.

12. Tiniest Spots

Tiny space for reading and storage

Even in the smallest of spaces you can make a miniature library for your own delight. Just look at this whimsy, romantic little book created just for the love of it all.{found on whitstableisland}.

13. Color Coded

Color coded home library

One whimsical way to style your home library is to think in color. This color coded space is full of life and personality with just the added accent of the shade organization.{found on hudsoninteriordesigns}.

14. Accessory Mixed

Accessory Mixed

Another way to “dream” up your library – especially if you don’t have quite enough books to fill up the shelves – add some accessories. Create style throughout the library without overwhelming anything.{found on pauldavisarchitects}.

15. Custom Nook

Custom nook for library and reading

Sometimes you have to divide up a large space yourself. These custom-built shelves were made to house books and create a library corner in the midst of all of the luxury and modern vibes.{found on elementalarchitecture}.

16. Two Floors

Modern home library on two floors

If this isn’t a dream, we don’t know what is! Two floors full of books to love, read, collect and share. And it’s all in a light, bright and open space to enjoy.{found on svdesign}.

17. Contemporary Quaintness

Floating shelves for library

If I could dream up my own little library, completely personalized to me, it would look just like this. Situated at the end of a hallway, all of my favorite books would be waiting along with a chair, a throw and maybe even a pillow or two.

18. Red Luxury

Red luxury home library

Can you believe that this library is actually inside someone’s home and not a hotel or bed and breakfast? It’s got a rich air and luxurious beauty surrounding its red accents, but it’s also got quite the cozy vibe as well.{found on divinetheatre}.

19. Edgy Mystery


Here’s a library with a bit more mystery involved in its design. We love the hint of darkness as it makes for a romantic setting but one that’s not so literal in its dreamlike vision.

20. Modern Roundabout

Perfect round sofa for home library

What makes this design so special was the detail and transformation. Again, natural lighting highlights and brightens the space and the founded furniture creates an extremely unique look that will stand out from the usual office setting.