40 Bedroom Paint Ideas To Refresh Your Space for Spring!

Springtime is here and it’s time to start refreshing your home. Clean up, throw up and add a new coat of paint or two to breathe life back into your personal space. With these 40 bedroom paint ideas you’ll be able to transform your sacred abode with something new and exciting. Take a look and get inspired!

1. Sage

Bedroom color paint SageView in gallery

For a muted, earthy feel try out a shade of sage in the bedroom. It’s relaxing enough to be comfortable and can have a bit of a masculine feel as well.{found on terratelms}.

2. Mustard

Large bedroom with two beds - yellow-mustard wallsView in gallery

For something funky and trendy, go with a mustard tone. Use it as an accent wall or create a shining spot by dressing the bedroom in it completely and toning it down with natural accents.{found on novispace}.

3. Coral

Coral bedroom wall with solid wood furnitureView in gallery

Feminine and free, coral is a gorgeous shade to utilize throughout springtime or when your bedroom needs a face lift. It blends well with a lot of other shades too![found on abramsbooks}.

4. Seafoam

Seafoam bedroom wallsView in gallery

Seafoam also has a very earthy balance that will refresh, revive and brighten a space. You can make it as edgy or as girlishly charming as you’d like as well.{found on crystalwaye}.

5. Mist

Mist gray bedroomView in gallery

A misty, gray bedroom could be the most tranquil and serene of this all. Just take a look at this breath of fresh air to revamp your vision.

6. Aqua

Aqua bedroom design with a mirrored frameView in gallery

Aqua is one of the more fun and brilliant blues on the color wheel. It’s a happy shade that will still make you feel right at home – no matter the theme you choose to go with.{found on margaretdonaldsoninteriors}.

7. Tangerine

Tangerine bedroom wall paintView in gallery

If you want something that’s both bold and refreshing, why not give tangerine a good try. This is perfect if you want a pop of color as an accent wall contrasted with a more neutral tone.{found on rumehome}

8. Charcoal

Charocal bedroom wall paint colorView in gallery

This darker neutral is one of the most versatile of the bunch. Pair is with other easy foundation tones or any shade of pastel![found on spaceharmony}.

9. Cherry

Cherry bedroom wall decorView in gallery

For a fiery and dramatic addition to the bedroom, add pops of cherry red. This too can be toned down with slight neutrals like white and creams.

10. Midnight

Dark color paint for bedroomView in gallery

Don’t be afraid to dress your room in a deep, midnight black. It can be quite luxurious and inviting when styled right.{found on cpstyling}.

11. Linen

Linen bedroom decorView in gallery

A light and creamy space can be quite beautiful and welcoming, and a linen-dressed bedroom can fit right into that category. Adorn the walls in this light shade and personalize it!

12. Lavender

Levender bedroom colorView in gallery

If you want to wash your bedroom in a charming and romantic essence, try doing so with a gorgeous shade of lavender. Accent it with neutral or blush for an extra pop of personality.{found on jonacollins}.

13. Pacific

Pacific bedroom viewView in gallery

Ocean blues can be the most tranquil and inspirational of all. Cover your room in a pacific paint that will ignite your mind and have you resting better at night.

14. Pistachio

Pistacio bedroom color masculine vibeView in gallery

Green is one of the most reviving colors to use in the house, and with this pistachio you can go light and charming or a bit deeper and masculine. Take your pick!

15. Sun

Yellow sun bedroom colorView in gallery

Create a happy space inside your home by dressing your bedroom in a sunny shade of yellow. It’ll brighten and recharge your life with one swipe of the paintbrush.

16. Ballet

Feminine inspired bedroom with a brass chandelierView in gallery

Delicate and sweet, a ballet pink bedroom has the girlishness we love without all of the fuss. It’s romantic and soft, perfect for resting in the evening.{found on castrodesignstudio}.

17. Star

White bedroom with red duved and ceiling fanView in gallery

This hazy shade of white can be quite refreshing. It’s a duller shade of white for those that don’t want anything too bright or crisp around their space.{found on twelvestonesdesigns}.

18. Taupe

Taupe bedroom colorView in gallery

Taupe is a funny color. Is it in the gray family? Is it in the brown? Nevertheless it’s a unique neutral that can be a lot of fun when decorating.{found on cardeabuildingco}.

19. Storm

Storm bedroom design with symmetryView in gallery

This deep blue is just another way to make a unique splash in the bedroom but one that’s also quite modern and trendy too. It’s got a masculine edge but one that matches well with pastels.

20. Leaf

Green leaf inspired bedroom colorView in gallery

If you’re inspired by the outdoors, why not decorate with a brilliant shade of green. As crisp as a green leaf, you’ll highlight your bedroom in an entirely new way.{found on cantoni}.

21. Brick

White brick painted wallView in gallery

A deeper and richer shade of red may be what you’re looking for. If you need a little passion and drama in the bedroom, go with a rustic brick red.

22. Vanilla

Vanilla bedroom wall colorView in gallery

Sweet and frothy, cover your bedroom in a bit of vanilla for something charming and graceful. Free your space of too much fuss and go with this silky shade.

23. Creamsicle

Creamsicle pastel colorView in gallery

Looking good enough to eat, this creamsicle covered bedroom is full of quirkiness and unique tones. It’s never harsh but it’s always quite personal!

24. Magenta

Magenta bedroom paint colorView in gallery

A bit more passionate than just plain pink, this rich shade has a bit of sexiness involved. And it’s perfect for accent walls and contrasting shades.

25. Olive

Olive bedroom paint colorView in gallery

For a traditional look but one that feels a bit more organic and natural, try a deep shade of olive in the bedroom. It works great on all walls or as a headboard accent.

26. Gold

White and gold bedroom colorView in gallery

If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious think about adorning your room in a golden shade. With a bit of sparkle you can create a super glam experience for yourself.

27. Chocolate

Chocolate bedroom paint color with a masculine vibeView in gallery

Traditional and homey but also rich and bold, chocolate brown is one of the best options for cozy bedrooms. It plays well with a variety of other shades but it keep a beautiful foundation.

28. Rose

Rose bedroom colorView in gallery

For those that get inspired by vintage flavors, try dipping your bedroom into a rosey pink. This tone can create an easy elegant and a beautiful spirit to a space.

29. Peach

Peach bedroom color with a chandelierView in gallery

Here’s another light and frothy color that works wonders for spring revamping. Peach tones can really invigorate your bedroom.

30. Lilac

Lilac bedroom colorView in gallery

A bit of blue and a bit of purple, lilac is one of the most beautiful tones but also one of the most unique. It’s not used frequently, but when it is, it shines!{found on jonacollins}.

31. Apricot

Apricot bedroom color designView in gallery

Here’s another tropical tone that can jazz up a bedroom, refresh it and make it a much happier place to thrive. Rest your head easy in apricot-covered space.

32. Sand

Sand bedroom colorView in gallery

This is another neutral shade that can revive a room but also keep it in a more traditional arena of styles. We love it and we love how easy it is to personalize.

33. Navy

Navy bedroom colorView in gallery

Navy blue is one of the most classic tones but it’s also one of the most functional. If you want something richer, go with blue to keep that inspired feeling about it.

34. Plum

Plum bedroom color paintView in gallery

Darker purples will bring about a luxurious and royal vibe to your home. If you want that tinge of luxurious, try out plum!{found on beccysmartphotography}.

35. Robin’s Egg

Turquoise bedroom designView in gallery

Personally, Robin’s egg blue will always put a smile on my face. So why not dress a room in a blue that does that no matter your mood?

36. Marshmallow

Marshmallow bedroom decorView in gallery

This touchable white is a little fluffier than a crisp white but just as bright. Why not dive in and cover those walls of yours in marshmallow?

37. Lemon

Traditional bedroom desognView in gallery

A softer side of sun, this yellow shade has a sweet tooth that we’re in love with. For those that love a happy tone, think about using lemon inside your bedroom.

38. Cranberry

Cranberry bedroom designView in gallery

For something rich and bold but with a feminine touch, you’ll want to pay attention to cranberry. It’s got the passion that red has but with a pink undertone.

39. Blush

Blush bedroom wall paintView in gallery

Another personal favorite color, blush is one of the most fun to dress bedrooms in when thinking about romance and relaxation. Just look at this space!

40. Mint

Mint green bedroom colorView in gallery

Mint green is another show stopper and fan favorite. It goes well with neutrals but can also be super feminine as well.{found on insigniahomesmi}.