40 Pieces Of Mermaid Decor That Will Have You and Your Home Swooning

It’s hard not to fall in love with the romance and whimsy of mermaids. Fortunately enough, if you’re inspired by these beautiful legends, you can create inspiration for your home with their fairy-tale qualities. From wall art to bookends, there are tons of great mermaid decor pieces that will have both you and your home swooning.

1. Mermaid Gallery Wall

Framed mermaid pictures above bed

If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon some beautiful mermaid pieces of art, you can create a gallery wall with them and an entire theme for your guest bedroom or one for the kiddos.{found on lkdefrancesandassociates}.

2. Wooden Mermaids

Wooden Mermaids above fireplace

Whether it’s a handmade piece of art or one that was bought from the store, we love the personality that wooden mermaids can bring to a space. They’re relaxed and whimsical too which can be quite the delightful pairing.{found on mhkap}.

3. Mermaid Cutouts

Mermaid Cutouts

Check out these pretty mermaid cutouts that are highlighting this gorgeous, pre-teen bedroom. The girls of the house will love these additions and it’s another great inspiration or DIYing.{found on jamesglover}.

4. Mermaid Side Table

mermaid coffee table

You may even be lucky enough to find a statement piece like this side table. It can blend within a variety of rooms and style genres too!{found on site}.

5. Statement Mermaid Pieces

Statement Mermaid Pieces

Are you swooning over this large, statement piece hanging behind the sofa? It’s gorgeous right? And it depicts a mermaid, a surprising twist on classic home art.{found on cantoni}.

6. Painted Mermaids

Painted Mermaids

Take a good look at the ceiling in this bedroom and you’ll get a glimpse of some swirling mermaids. Topping this magical room off right, if crafty enough, handpaint some of your very own mermaids anywhere in the room.{found on maryshipleyinteriors}.

7. Mermaid Prints

Ombre striped walls and mermaid art

These would be pretty easy to find scouring the Internet or even trying your hand at making some of your own. We love how they dress up this little one’s bedroom with a simple and sweet mermaid above the bed.

8. Mermaid Enhancers

Mermaid Enhancers

Check out this gorgeous mermaid design hidden in this fabulous walk-in closet! If you want to get really creative think about how some mermaids that inspire you could really “enhance” your space.{found on abbyschwartzassociates}.

9. Mermaid Backsplash

Mosaic mermaid kitchen backsplash

If you want to get really creative with your love of mermaids, you’ll want to take a good look at this gorgeous kitchen and the backsplash to the stove! It’s a gorgeous mermaid mural!{found on viphotodesign}.

10. Handmade Mermaids

Mermaid wall art

You can find your fair share of handmade mermaids for the house as well. Just look at this gorgeous piece complimenting a bare nook in a living room.

11. Shower Mermaids

Outdoor shower mermaids

Inspiration for both indoor and outdoor showers of your luxurious home, these accents can make your personal escapes even more magical and enjoyable for you and the family.{found on demarialandtech}.

12. Seashell Mermaids

Mermaid and seashells

We’re loving the texture and 3-D element of this gorgeous mermaid accent. Topped off with shells it’s perfect for a beach home or covered patio.

13. White Mermaids

white mermaids

Check out this white mermaid hanging out on the chimney breast. It breaks nicely with the aqua blue and also adds the airy and light essence of the dining room.

14. Plush Mermaids

Plush mermaids

Of course you can always decorate the kiddos rooms with mermaids – plush ones at that. Add them to the bedding and chairs for extra fun and extra fluff.{found on dfordesignoc}.

15. Ceramic Mermaids

Ceramic Mermaids

This ceramic mermaid, made of puzzle-like pieces, creates a fun corner in this living room. Reminiscent of decorative plates on the wall, it’s unique and funky!{found on drichardsinteriors}.

16. Modern Mermaids

Bathroom ceramic mermaid accessories

Check out this adorable modern mermaid highlighting this light and bright bathroom design. This is just a prime example of how easy it is to incorporate these cuties.

17. Mermaid Bookends

Mermaid bookends

Another personal favorite are these charming mermaid bookends that can really jazz up nooks, crannies or home libraries with ease. You can find them in a variety of colors as well.

18. Mermaid Blankets

blankietail mermaid tail

A great addition to the kids’ rooms or even the playroom would be some mermaid blankets. They’re fun, they’re adorable and they obviously work well with themes.{found on coolmompicks}.

19. Mermaid Chairs

Mermaid Chair

It’s hard not to swoon over this gorgeous chair and it’s hard not to imagine it filling up a bare nook of your house adding so much uniqueness and personality: from the foyer or the home office!

20. Mermaid Pillows

Mermaid pillow

Shake things up a bit around the house with some mermaid throw pillows to lighten the mood. Beaded, painted, embroidered – you’ll be able to find a lot of inspiration here.{found on twigskennebunkmaine}.

21. Mermaid Towels

Mermaid bathroom towels

From the dishes to drying your hands, you may even find some towels that are adorned with adorable mermaids. Just look at the tea towels that can spruce up the kitchen quite nice.

22. Mermaid Canisters

Mermaid Canisters

You can utilize these cuties in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Separate snacks, staples or necessities by dividing and organizing with ease and mermaid style.{found on caseashells}.

23. Mermaid Shakers

Mermaid Shakers

Your kitchen table can get a fun makeover too with some mermaid inspiration. Just look how adorable these salt and pepper shakers are!Available for $14.

24. Mermaid Hooks

Mermaid clothes hooks

Hang up your towels or jewelry with some mermaid hooks! Their tails make a great organizational tool for a lot of nooks and crannies around the house.Available on Etsy for $30.

25. Mermaid Welcome Mats

mermaid Doormat

Welcome your guests in from the pool with a welcome mat that is full of mermaid flair. It fits perfectly with spring and summer style while giving the back porch an extra punch.

26. Mermaid Ottomans

Mermaid ottoman

DIY some yourself or be lucky enough to run across some on your hunt for the perfect piece. It’s hard not to smile over this charming mermaid-covered ottoman.Available for $69.

27. Mermaid Candle Holders

Mermaid candle holder

You may even stumble across some mermaid candle holders that will make you smile – like this beauty! Hold you tea lights and build a magical romance around any space.Available for $125.

28. Mermaid Clocks

Mermaid clocks

Even your clocks can be dressed in mermaids! This one would do well in a holiday-inspired breakfast nook or hanging over the door of a covered porch.

29. Mermaid Rugs

Mermaid carpet

Check out this vintage throw rug that would work great in bathrooms and kitchens! Add a bit of your favorite whimsy with the addition of one of these charmers.

30. Mermaid Curtains

Mermaid shower curtains

The little ones would love a bathroom surrounded by their favorite magical friends. Just look how sweet this mermaid curtain is laying the foundation to a bathroom full of that charm.

31. Iron Mermaids

Iron mermaids decor

Iron mermaids are great for outdoor decorating but don’t be afraid to use them throughout the house. Mantles, bookshelves and the like could hold these well.{found on wayfair}.

32. Mermaid Wallpaper

Mermaid wallpaper

Yes, there’s even mermaid wallpaper out there floating around that will make your bedrooms, craft rooms and bathrooms so much more special and enjoyable for you and the family.

33. Storybook Mermaids

Storybook Mermaids

These mermaids hanging out on this vintage dresser looked as if they were plucked right from the storybooks. And we love that magical flair.

34. Poolside Mermaids

Poolside mermaids

You can even decorate your pool with a bit of mermaid delight. Just look how romantic and sweet this poolside mermaid looks throughout this backyard.

35.  Mermaid Wall Lights

Wall mermaid with lights

Check out this fab wall light that we’re totally smitten with. It would be a great addition to a youthful apartment or even a bonus room with a funky feel to it.

36. Mermaid Bedding

Mermaid bedding

If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon mermaid bedding, you can create a magical place for the little gals of the house to enjoy. It’s so fun, youthful and quite charming too.

37. Mermaid Vases

Mermaid vase

Personally, these are my favorite pieces and they come in so many different styles – you just have to shop! Fill them with fresh flowers and decorate any room of the house!

38. Funky Mermaids

funky mermaid framed art

If your little ones are into mermaids and they have a more vibrant and vivacious personality, use these colorful and funky pieces of art as inspiration. DIY some of your own or go out on the hunt!

39. Mermaid Decals

Mermaid decals

You may be able to find some beautiful mermaid decals too for the kids room, a play area or as inspiration in the craft room! We love the subtly of this piece and how artistic it is!

40. Mermaid Manor

Mermaid on garden doors

Check out these steel cut mermaids that were used to adorn this home’s gate. Perfect for a garden or backyard area inspired by fairy tales and a bit of magic too.