How To Make A Wooden Looking Lampshade With This Easy Trick

Before I get into the details of this post, I have a confession to make – I’ve never been a fan of ‘faux’ decorations, trying to trick you into thinking they are real. It just didn’t seem right. But recently, I noticed a lot of design brands working with substitute materials imitating the look of wood, brass or ceramics, creating really pretty pieces, so I started appreciating the possibilities those materials can actually give you (especially in the world of DIYs!).

DIY Wooden lampshade

To prove, my new point of view – today I will show you, how to make a lamp, pretending to be wooden with a little faux brass accent. Let’s go crazy – one design, two faux materials, seems like I really like those new methods. The wooden looking lampshades seem to be quite popular in the Spring/Summer collections of some of the big interior brands, so if you like to stay on top of the trends you can find this DIY very useful.

Wooden Lampshade supplies

You will need:

  • an old lampshade
  • lamp base
  • faux wood (wood contact paper)
  • faux brass (golden contact paper)
  • scissors

And here are the instructions:

The lampshade

1. First of all make sure that the lampshade does not have dust or dirt on top of it. It is very important to clean it well in order to achieve, smooth surface, professional effect.

2. Measure how much contact paper you will need to wrap around the lamp shade, then cut the desired amount.

wooden lamp step by step

3. Remove the protective layer from the contact paper, and slowly attach the ‘wood’ to the lampshades surface. Make sure to press it well while wrapping, to avoid any air bubbles.

wooden lamp roll

4. At the end cut out the excessive laminate from the edges. Try to be as neat as possible to give the lamp, professional looking finish.

Wooden Lamp Cut Out

The brass accent at the lamp base:

1. Clean well the lamp base.

Brass accent gold contact paper

2. Cut a small rectangular shape of golden contact paper.

Brass accent lamp base

3. Remove the protective layer and wrap it around the lamp base.

Design Wooden Lampshade
Foux Wooden lampshade

Now you can enjoy your new, wood-looking like lampshade! If you are not into the wooden trend, you can choose a different ‘material’ and follow the same method. Some of the popular transformations include marble and concrete, so decide which style fits your home best and experiment a bit. Remember if you are not satisfied with the look, it’s very easily removable and does not destroy the original lampshade. Good luck!