Innovative Storage Key in a Tiny House Floor Plan

The trend for building a tiny house on wheels is going strong in many countries.  As with many non-traditional types of housing, local codes and ordinances can often a stumbling block for tiny house enthusiasts. Some cities, like Fresno, California, are meeting the challenge: Fresno recently passed laws regulating tiny houses on wheels.

The Collingwood tiny house on wheels is small and compact with many interior features.
Eskett exterior
Far from mundane, the exterior of tiny homes on wheels can be very interesting and unusual, such as the Eskett Tiny House.
Eskett exterior 2
The wooden siding of a traditional home, combined with as unusual roof line, make this a truly unique tiny house design.
eskett fireplace
The Eskett House exterior belies the modern amenities that can be included in tiny house floor plans, like this fireplace.

In addition to such overarching issues, this type of housing presents one major challenge even for the most dedicated tiny house fan: storage and organization.

Obviously, space is at a premium. Homeowners must be supremely organized for these tiny house floor plans to function smoothly and effectively. Besides paring down what you own, to live in a tiny house you need to carefully consider what appliances, tools and accessories you really need to have. Start by making a list of what’s most important to you for each space and prioritize those items.

Lots of cupboards to hide the clutter and ample shelving provide plenty of storage in this vacation tiny house design from Escape Homes.
Sleeping space that double as a sitting area in this tiny house floor plan includes plenty of storage in the form of shelves and cubbies.
With the right tiny house floor plan, you can still have room for full, or nearly full-sized appliances if that is important to you.
Dual functioning appliances like a clothes washer and dryer all in one is perfect for a tiny house on wheels.
If you are building a a tiny house and your floor plan can accommodate a small bathtub, you can probably add a shower as well, as in this Traveler model.

Because space is tight, it’s easy for things to get messy. As Sustainablebabysteps says: “Small spaces get messier and more disorganized much faster and much more chaotic than a larger space.” That makes the old adage of “a place for everything and everything in its place” the mantra for those who live in tiny houses.

Self built
This couple decided to build a tiny house on wheels. Their design is modern and very attractive. .
Self built floor storage
In a smart move, they incorporated storage under the floor for lesser used items.
Self built kitchen storage
The kitchen in their tiny house floor plan makes stylish use of cupboards as well as open shelving.


Speaking of the kitchen, it is probably one of the toughest areas with regard to organization in a tiny house design. If you choose this type of life, gone will be the multitude of gadgets that most of us own. Big stand mixer? Maybe not. Cupboard full of post and pans?  Nope.

Letter kitchen
Living with less is the appeal of these homes and keeps the tiny house cost low. Paring down the volume of kitchen items you own helps them all fit into a tiny house on wheels. This lovely kitchen has ample workspace and makes smart use of shelving and under-sink storage.
letter kitchen storage
Raising the shelving above the work area give you extra room for food prep or cleaning dishes.

If you’re moving into a tiny house on wheels that has already been built, you’ll have to work within the parameters it offers. If you are refurbishing or building a tiny house, you’ll have more freedom to design your space.  Either way, you can get clues to organization from other small living spaces.

First, get rid of everything you really don’t need, or don’t want in your new tiny house.

eskett dishes
You only need enough dishes and silverware for one meal, which frees up lots of storage space in your tiny house floor plan.
mitchcraft kithcen storage

This tiny house on wheels by Witchcraft includes a kitchen with ample storage. Open shelving, hanging baskets and storage over the window provide a lot of space for all kinds of necessities.

mitchcraft open drawers
This view shows you the innovative sliding cabinets over the fridge, which have a ton of storage space that is now easily accessible.

Check out the smaller kitchen appliances that manufacturers offer.  For example, do you really want a food processor?  It doesn’t need to be a big one. There are many smaller models available that might do double duty as a blender or mixer. It also saves on your tiny house cost.

modern full view
The decor in a tiny house on wheels does not have to be rustic. This modern tiny kitchen floor plan has all the appliances you would expect in a regular home, in a more manageable size.
modern seating area
The living area of the modern tiny home is well organized, allowing for a regular seating area with two chairs, complete with seating area and table lamp.

Plan to use every nook and cranny of your tiny house floor plan for smart storage, from areas above doors and windows, toe kick drawers under cabinets and hanging storage options.

craftsman full kitchen
This craftsman style tiny house on wheels sports a large refrigerator in the kitchen. Again, a hanging pot rack and raised shelving allow for extra counter space.
craftsman kitchen
Here’s a closer look. It even has a pot faucet for filling large pots on the stove.

Multipurpose is the word in a tiny house floor plan!  Maybe that kitchen table can be used as a work area, or fold away when not in use, freeing up valuable space.

Collingwood drop table
Drop-down tables are an excellent option for a tiny house on wheels, like this one in the Collingwood. It frees up precious floor space and can hide items on the shelving when it’s closed.
Nashville kitchen area
The bright and sunny interior of the Nashville tiny home on wheels has excellent kitchen storage options, including the hanging utensil rod above the window.
nashville kitchen sink
Again, a side set, single handle faucet saves space and leaves more room for storage canisters.
nashville kithen storage
Keeping small appliances on high shelves frees up valuable counter space as well as closed storage space for other items.
Vintage dishwasher
In the kitchen area, the owners opted for a drawer-style dishwasher. Of course, adding appliances like these subtracts from storage space in a tiny house floor plan. It is a matter of priorities and what is most important to you.
Vintage kitchen
A granite countertop and clean white cupboards complete the look of the kitchen while hiding away kitchen items and the dishwasher.
The "Elegant" tiny home on wheels has traditional exterior with many amenities inside.
The “Elegant” tiny home on wheels has traditional exterior with many amenities inside.
Elegant barn door
The traditional style kitchen makes good use of space in this tiny house floor plan with the trendy barn door that slides behind the fridge when not in use.
Elegant long view
The home’s practical design includes an eating area. You can see the separate living space and the sleeping loft.


The biggest decision in the bathroom after choosing what type of toilet system you want is how you will configure the shower or tub– there may not be room for both in a tiny house floor plan!

Letter shower
A smaller space will likely require you to hang the shower near the ceiling.
Vintage bathtub
These homeowners decided that a bathtub was a priority and included it in their vintage style tiny house on wheels.

There are so many more options today for washbasins that you should be able to find something stylish that works for you.  Even top bathroom furnishing companies like Duravit are producing very small washbasins that could work in a tiny house floor plan.

nashville exterior
The exterior of the Nashville tiny house on wheels is eye catching and colorful.
nashville bathroom
This Nashville tiny house features a modern rectangular washbasin with a side-set single part faucet with a lever, which also saves space. The thinner edges and angular shape of the washbasin save space while preserving functionality.

Most tiny houses floor plans won’t have space for a sizable bathroom vanity, so you’ll need to devise storage solutions under the washbasin or up high near the ceiling.

mitchcraft exterior
The Mitchcraft home exterior features rustic wood and a unique roofline.

Keep in mind that the bathroom is small and ventilation may be minimal. Don’t plan to store moisture-sensitive items in a tiny house bathroom.

mitchcraft bath
The same warm wood tones are found inside. The home’s bathroom features a water resistant panel around the wall and a small but stylish corner-set washbasin.
mitchcraft shower and toilet
All of the storage is placed near the ceiling to accommodate the shower, which is in the middle of the bathroom and is not segregated from the rest of the fixtures. This saves space as well as tiny house cost.

Living Area

In many tiny house floor plans, the living area also doubles as sleeping space.  Instead of a sofa, you can have a daybed. This is likely where you will spend the most time, so plan carefully not just with regard to layout, but also for storage.

Sustainablebabysteps notes that you need a “landing strip” in your tiny house, no matter how small. This is like an entry way — the place you hang your coat and bag, stash your keys, and so on.

Letter stairs storage
This tiny house is very homey and has a place for keys on the wall and a credenza under the stairs. This area serves as an entryway as well as a dining/work space.
Vintage living space
The living space in this vintage style tiny home floor plan does not offer a great deal of storage space.
Vintage sleeping area
The home’s sleeping area includes a storage area above the bed,
Vintage storage
These homeowners opted to have all their storage at the end of the home in two closets and above the wood stove instead of in the living area.
nashville living area
Space under a desk or table can be used to store items when not in use.
nashville living area view
TV trays and extra pillows for the futon style sofa are stashed under the desk/ work space in this tiny house floor plan.
Elegant drop table
The eating area in the “Elegant” tiny home floor plan takes advantage of the window. This is a great idea because the point of a tiny home on wheels is that you can move it, and you can park it in a place with a great view!
Elegant seating area
Shiplap-style walls and modern furniture make the small sitting space stylish. The leggy pieces keep the area feeling light and open.

Small storage bins are your best friend in small spaces.  Follow the rule all organizers tout: Plan your space and decide what kind of containers will work best. Don’t run out and buy the containers first!

Letter Main sleeping area
Small cubbies and bins keep necessary items stashed and tidy in the sleeping loft of this tiny home on wheels.

Don’t overlook storage areas like those under the bed or sofa, or near the ceiling. If you have stairs instead of a ladder, the area underneath is prime storage space in any tiny floor plan.

Nashville under stairs
This is a fabulous example of making the most of your storage space under the stairs. Not only is the fridge under there, but so is open shelving and and a closed cabinet. By going over the fridge, it allows for wider stairs without wasting too much space.
Collingwood sleeping area
The drop-down desk/table in this home also serves as a door to hide necessities when not in use.
Eskett stairway
Just because it’s tiny and on wheels doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish! The curved latter adds interest and saves space in this tiny house floor plan. The large light fixture in the Eskett home serves as a home decor focal point and provides the necessary illumination.

One more consideration in a tiny house floor plan is lighting, which can be an afterthought even for people who live in large traditional homes.  It’s even more critical in a tiny space because it has to be very functional, particularly if the amount of natural light is limited.

Eskett long view
The light fixture is useful even from the sleeping loft.
Eskett chandelier
Viewed against the home’s angled ceiling, the fixture is stunning.
Office interior table down
OK, so this isn’t exactly a tiny house on wheels –it’s an office on wheels from FIVE AM — but we think it has a few great features that could be inspirational for a tiny home floor plan. Here you see the futon style couch on the floor.
Office interior table ip
The unique design of the pop-up table allows for a full-size work space with room for several people.
Office interior table
Pegboard walls make the space very functional and adaptable. And, it has a great view!
Office on wheels
The converted camper has a new lease on life as a tiny mobile office on wheels.

Yes, life in a tiny house on wheels can be challenging, but planning and organization can help immensely.