Drop-Down Tables in Small Spaces: 1 Useful Concept, 5 Different Styles

My grandmother just contacted me for some help. She’s renovating her house to create a small apartment for her and my grandpa (the rest of the large house will be used by another family member’s family). Grandma was wondering how to incorporate a drop-leaf table effectively into her open concept (albeit fairly bite-sized) kitchen/dining/living space. I think the concept of drop-down furniture is fantastic – it works in small spaces and specialized spaces and for a variety of purposes.

I was able to work some things out with my grandma, but it got me thinking about other ways drop-down tables are useful. This article includes some of the examples I found; you might even find one or two that would work in your own home!


Drop down night stand

Adorably imaginative Flower Shop motif aside, this drop-down play table is probably eye-candy for every mother out there who’s ever stepped on sharp legos or barbie shoes strewn about the floor. This table is perfect for keeping toys in check, helping the child be organized (they have to decide what they’re playing with and keep it confined to the space provided by the drop-down), yet it’s still completely play-able. And the bright green color makes it an imagination oasis. I love this.

Laundry Space.

Drop down night stand

If your laundry room is abominably small (I can relate), a drop-down folding table just might be the solution for you. This concept allows you to sort and fold laundry on-the-spot without having to lug it to another part of the house. And, of course, once you’re done, the easy-drop-down table becomes a just-as-easily-fold-up table – a critical component in a tight space. (On an unrelated note: That dog wallpaper is so fun! Paired with the black lacquered table, I’d almost look forward to doing laundry! Almost.)

Living Room.

Drop down night stand

This wooden drop leaf table plays several different roles in this cozy bay window nook. It’s coffee table to the built-in bench, table outright to the two white chairs, and expandable game or dining table to the whole room. (What’s more, the natural wood assists the hardwood floor in keeping the pastel space grounded and substantive.) This table is such a versatile piece, especially for something that takes up so little space “at rest.”


Drop down night stand

This specific drop-down desk is ultra-contemporary in the clean lines and minimalist arrangement of the room; however, the concept behind a drop-down desk really can work with nearly any decorating style. Or, better yet, through it’s drop-down/fold-up nature, it doesn’t have to work with any style at all because it can be “put away” as needed! This would probably work best for people simply needing a temporary work surface; if your home office requires desktop items (e.g., swatches, papers, books, etc.), this idea might not be for you.


Drop down night stand

Perhaps more stylistic than practical (unless you want to clear off your nightstand every morning so you can put it away), a small drop-down nightstand like what’s shown in this photo is a wonderful space-saving idea. This idea would work best for those whose bedroom floor space is at a premium or for those who really don’t need a lot of stuff within arm’s reach at night. Out of all the drop-down table examples in this article, this one plays more off of style choices than function. Still, I love the contemporary vibe of this bedroom space, largely due to the “floating” feel of the platform bed and drop-down nightstand.

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