Putting A Creative Spin On The Classical Bookcase Concept

For years the only acceptable way to store our books was in a classical box-like unit known simply as a bookcase. Sure, there were a few exceptions but this didn’t change the situation very much. With time, things changed. We sought out new ways to store and display our books and we came up with lots of great ideas. Suddenly, we got tired of the classical design and started looking for something more special and unique.

Daga Cafe geometric bookshelf design in white

A lot of modern and contemporary spaces feature geometric book store systems. These often have asymmetrical designs and serve as more than just a unit that holds books. Such designs are common in living rooms where they serve as multifunctional units and showcase their eye-catching shapes.

Geometric bookcases and wall units

Geometric bookcases and wall units come in a large variety of designs. The WEB bookcase was designed by Daniel Libeskind and perfectly suits a modern lifestyle. The bookcase is, in fact, a versatile and multifunctional piece which can be used for much more than just book storage. In addition, its strong visual impact allows it to become a focal point without overwhelming the space.

Built in niche to display favorite books

Bedrooms, on the other hand, don’t need such a big unit. Those that enjoy reading in bed before they go to sleep want their favorite books to be within arm’s reach so designs such as this built-in wall niche are very practical. Their minimalism also allows it to integrate well into the room’s décor.

Brown Maryam Pousti Bookcase of Studio Pousti
Black Maryam Pousti Bookcase of Studio Pousti

Bookcases can often double as space dividers. In fact, it’s unclear which is their primary function when they both interlock so naturally. A good example can be the CHEFT bookshelf designed by Maryam Pousti of Studio Pousti. The piece is made of 12 interlocking elements which slide in and out through grooves.

Su line double sideboard floor design

Su Line is also a multifunctional and very interesting-looking piece. Designed by Diego Collareda this is a double-sided divider meant to be used as a bookcase. Its design is asymmetrical, unusual and dynamic, being composed of modules placed at various angles and attached to a black lacquered base which can be removed.

Wire wall mounted bookcase

What’s interesting about the wall-mounted bookcase designed by Filip Janssens for SERAX is its graphical design and 3D look. This is an open unit with a simple and versatile design and a structure which allows it to stand out without any external help and without using eye-catching colors.

Tea House Wall Bookcase Design

Large book collections often require a full wall unit. Actually, two or more walls can be covered in books if needed. In such a case, you’ll want to avoid making the room feel like a library. The design of the bookcase is very important. Consider a geometric design or a series of fluid, sinuous lines.{found on Archi-Union Architects}.

Corner bookcases

Corner bookcases are quite common but very few are as impressive as these ones. These bookcases were embedded into the walls, featuring unique shapes and becoming a part of the wall itself. The strategy is very interesting and very practical, offering a stylish, unique and space-efficient way to store and display books in a room with an unusual layout.{found on h2o architectes}.

Entire wall with a designed bookcase

When deciding to turn an entire wall into a bookcase, consider a wall that has a window or a door embedded in it. This way you could build around it and give the wall unit a less boring look. This bookcase was designed as a grid with square-shaped cubbies which follow its lines.{found on SAMI-arquitectos}.

Duo Bookshelf with a 3Ddesign

But not everyone has a numerous book collection. Since books are now closer to decorations or collectibles than actual reading material, individual bookshelves are more likely to be popular in contemporary homes. Designs such as the Duo bookshelf offer the functionality needed, in a minimalistic shell.

White Filip Janssens Shelf to display books
Filip Janssens Shelf to display books

Designer Filip Janssens came up with an interesting idea that allows one to store a small book collection and to highlight individual books. He created a series of modern wall shelves of different dimensions and shapes. All share in common the design which makes this collection unique: certain books sit at odd angles and this allows them to stand out.

Magda Bookshelf Design

Simplicity is also a main characteristic for the Magda bookshelf which was designed as a single steel tube bent at a right angle and attached to a central support. Given the simplicity of the design, one can place the shelf at any angle, depending on how they want the books to be displayed.

Bookshelf by Colleen and Eric

When storing or displaying books on a wall shelf, a book end is often a must-have. Some bookshelves come with such an accessory. It’s the case with the Hold on Tight design. The shelf itself comes in beech, walnut and oak wood. The book end is made of powder-coated aluminum and its size and color can be customized.{found on Colleenanderic}.

The beat shelf design

It’s easy to see why this piece was called the Beat Shelf. Designed by Van Tjalle en Jasper, the bookshelf was inspired by the heart beat and its dual purpose is to serve as a wall decoration and to hold books, magazines and other items. The spiky design also has a practical side, allowing you to place a book open on top of the spike so you know where you stopped reading.

360 Shelf display with an adjustable system

Simplicity is taken to a new level by the 360 Shelf. Not only this shelf is minimalist but it’s also very versatile and practical. As its name suggests, it can rotate at a variety of angles in order to hold books and other objects in various ways. Use a set of several of these shelves to create interesting patterns and designs. The shelf was designed by Luka Pirnat.

Canyon Book Display

When designing the Canyon Book Display, Coll + Drift had in mind two things: first of all to create a simple and modern storage and display system for books which can look stylish in any room and secondly to allow the user to leave a book or magazine open at a particular page without having to use anything else.

Tripod bookshelf with a unique design

The Tripode bookcase is a freestanding piece designed by Ingrid Michel and Frederic Pain. It has an odd and eye-catching shape which could be interpreted in a lot of creative ways (for example it could resemble a boat, a bow, a cocoon or even a boomerang). The bookcase is held up by three legs, hence its name.

Display books on your house idea

As you can see, there are many different and interesting ways to display books in a home. It’s up to you to find the style and concept which best suits your spaces. You could even mix and match various ideas, maybe put together simple wooden shelves and pipe units for a rustic-industrial look.{found on Halükar Architecture}.