DIY Easy Pom-Pom Blanket

It’s not a secret that the pom-poms make the world go round, especially the DIY side of it. If you don’t know by now, I’m slightly obsessed with their texture, playful shape and softness, to the extent that if I could, I would attach it to every possible thing or living being at home (including my boyfriend and our dog). The only reason why I don’t, is a risk of becoming instantly homeless (together with all my pom poms!). Pssst: Think twice before moving in with a guy.

diy pom pom blanket

After crushing on the blankets, finished with the fluffy balls, seen around the internet, I knew I had to attempt to DIY one and when would be a better time than the winter season? Just imagine – long, cold winter evenings, spent on the sofa wrapped up in your new soft cover, drinking mulled wine and reading a book. Sounds like a perfect plan to me.If you’ve never made pom poms yourself, you will be surprised how easy it is, using this simple method. Have a look!

pom pom blanket supplies (1 of 1)

You will need:

  • cardbox
  • yarn in the color matching your blanket / cover
  • scissors
  • thread and niddle
  • pencil

And here are two simple techniques to make fluffy balls yourself:

How to Make Pom-poms:

1. We will start by cutting out the 2 circular shapes, you see in the picture below – the size of the circle will determine the size of the pom pom so make sure to decide before how big you want them to be.

pom pom blanket step by step

2. Place 2 cardboard circles in front of you.

pom pom blanket cardboard circles

3. Cut a yarn string of about 10-15 cm, and place it in the center of one of the circles.

pom pom blanket yarn

4. Place the second circle on top of the first one, making sure, the yarn is hanging from both sides.

pom pom blanket tutorial

5. Take yarn and start wrapping it around the cardboard circles, making sure it’s wrapped evenly. Keep an eye on the two sides of the string, we placed in the middle so that they don’t get lost.

pom pom tutorial

6. Once you’ve wrapped a fair amount of yarn around the circles, cut it out.

pom pom with yarn
making pom poms

7. Take two ends which we placed in the middle of the circles and tie them. (Tie only one knot at this point)

pom pom blanket steps
pom pom blanket diy

8. Hold the circles together and start cutting the yarn at the edges of the cardboard.

pom pom blanket yarn

9. At this point, you can tighten up the center of the pom pom by making a second knot.

pom pom blanket steps

10. Remove the cardboard circles and trim your pom pom.

white pom poms

How to Make a Tassel Out of Yarn:

1. Wrap the yarn tightly around 3-4 fingers (depending on how large you want your tassels to be). The more yarn you use, the fluffier your tassels will be.

tessel tutorial

2. Pull the yarn through your fingers.

yarn tessels diy

3. Tie a strong knot at the top of the yarn.

make yarn tessels

4. Take your scissors and cut all of the “loops” around your yarn.

fluffy tessel

Attach to the blanket:

Using niddle and thread, sew pom poms and tassels to the edge of your blanket, leaving about 5-10cm distance between them.

pom pom blanket final step
pom pom blanket basket (1 of 1)

Doesn’t it look amazing? Now that you know how to make pom poms, you might want to turn everything into fluffy decorations, but please mind the people you are living with first!