How To Make Yarn Pom Poms – Wicker Basket Update

Upgrade a simple thrifted or outdated wicker basket this season with a fun and flirty pom poms. Add a crafty touch with colorful oversized yarn pom poms on the front of your boring old basket!

How To Make Yarn Pom Poms

Pick a bright colors perfect for summer or go with a monochromatic theme that will work all year long. Play with different sizes of pom poms and color with this fun, simple, and budget friendly DIY!

Materials for Pom Pom Basket

Supplies you’ll need to craft pom poms:

  • yarn in various colors
  • oval or circular basket
  • scissors
  • pom pom makers
  • thin floral wire
  • wire cutters

How to make the yarn pom poms: Step by Step guide

Step 1: Different pom pom sizes

Start by making pom poms with pom pom makers in a few various sizes. These can be found at your local craft store in a range of diameters. Here we chose larger oversized pom poms to match the larger basket.

Beautiful DIY Pom Pom Basket Instructions

Step 2: Wrapping process

To use the pom pom maker, wrap your yarn around one side of the device. A thicker wrap will make a fuller pom pom and a thinner wrap will make a skinnier pom pom. Pull the yarn over to the other side of the pom pom maker and continue wrapping as pictured above.

Step 3: String the yarn

Once the sides of the pom pom maker are wrapped, close the device and cut along the outer edge. Use a piece of yarn to tie around the outer edge to secure the pom pom strings together.

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Step 4: Trimming process

Release the pom pom from the device and trim up the sides to make a nice round ball.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 to craft different sizes

Repeat steps 2-4 with various sizes of pom pom makers (we used 2 different sizes here) and various colors of yarn (in a coordinating color scheme).

Beautiful DIY Pom Pom Basket Instructions1

Step 6: Attaching

Attach the pom pom to the basket by cutting a piece of wire and threading it through the pom pom. Then thread it through the openings in between the wicker on the front of the basket. Twist and secure in place. Bend down the excess wire so that it’s not sticking out from the basket.

Step 7: Continue attaching

Repeat step 6 with your multiple colors and sizes of pom pons until the front of your basket is complete!

Beautiful Tutorial Pom Pom Basket

Use your basket to store a multitude of household items. From hand towels in the bathroom to scarves in the bedroom, this basket can be customized with color to accent any room in the house!

Beautiful DIY Pom Pom Basket Closeer
Cool DIY Pom Pom Basket
Colorful DIY Pom Pom Basket
Bathroom DIY Pom Pom Basket