How To Make Pot Holders – A Universal And Customizable Hostess Gift

Going handmade this weekend? These simple pot holders are a great beginner’s sewing project and make a great gift to add a handmade touch to someone’s kitchen. Give them as a hostess gift or in a gift baskets with other home or kitchen goodies!

How To Make Pot Holders

Supplies you’ll need to craft these beautiful pot holders:

  • half yard of patterned fabric for the front
  • half yard of solid fabric for the back
  • insulated interfacing
  • sewing scissors and rotary cutter
  • thread
  • straight edge for measuring and cutting
  • pins or clips
  • ribbon
  • sewing machine
Materials you'll need to make the pot holders

How To Make Pot Holders – Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Cutting the fabrics

Start by cutting a 4 10.5 x 10.5 inch squares from your fabric using your straight edge and rotary cutter. Cut 2 of these from the patterned fabric and 2 from the solid fabric. Cut out 2 more 10.5 x 10.5 inch squares from the interfacing. The 10.5 inch square is the template that we used here which makes a 10″ square pot holder, if you prefer that yours are smaller you can adjust your sizes accordingly.

DIY pot holders finished2

Step 2: Pinning and sweing

Layer your squares for pinning and sewing. Place the interfacing on the bottom, the solid fabric right side up, and the patterned fabric wrong side up all lined up on top of each other.

Step 3: Put them together

Before pinning together your squares, cut a piece of ribbon approximately 2 inches, fold in half and place in between your solid and patterned fabric on one of the sides. Pin in place.

DIY pot holders finished2

Step 4: clips

Using clips or pins, fasten together your square in preparation for sewing.

Step 5: Sewing process

Using your sewing machine, sew around 3 sides of the squares with a 1/4 inch to half inch seam including the side with the pinned ribbon.

Step 6: Trim corners

After you sew around the square, trim the corners and flip inside out between the pattern and solid fabrics. Fold the bottom edges that were left open inward to make a hem and attach with pins or clips.

Step 7: Sew the edges

Sew a 1/4 inch seam around the pot holder. This will fasten together the bottom seam and give your pot holders a finished look.

DIY pot holders finished2

You can optionally finish off your pot holders with stitching down the center of the pot holder, quilt it, or leave as is!

DIY pot holders finished2
DIY pot holders finished2

Repeat steps 2-7 for the second pot holder to finish off your set! Such a simple project you can make a bunch in an afternoon.