DIY Plywood and Elastic Memo Board

Create this simple crafty command center memo board for the entryway or office of your home by repurposing elastic headbands!

Plywood and Elastic Memo Board

With a few other budget-friendly supplies you create this easy organizational project in just a few simple steps. Following the simple tutorial below you can craft this multipurpose piece in under a half hour!


Elastic Memo Board Supplies

Supplies you’ll need for the memo board:

  • Square piece of plywood
  • Sand paper or sanding block
  • Pencil
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Small paint brush
  • Drill with medium sized drill bit
  • Straight edge
  • Sewing scissors
  • Elastic headbands in various colors and thicknesses

How to build a memo board to keep office or entryway organized:

Step 1: Prepare the plywood or wood piece

Start with a square piece of plywood (here we used a 16 x 16″ inch piece but you can have your local hardware store cut to your desired dimensions). Sand down the edges of the plywood to get rid of splinters and dull the edges.

Start with square piece

Step 2: Measure and rill holles

Measure out where you want to place your elastic pieces. Use a straight edge with measure to mark out where you want to place the 2 holes on each plane for your elastic bands.

Drill some holes

Step 3: Drilling process

Drill out holes where you marked with your drill and a drill bit big enough to accommodate the end of an elastic band. Sand around the holes to get rid of any splinters after drilling.

Use the Elastic

Step 4: Cut elastic and thread

Once your holes are in place, cut each elastic band. Thread through the 2 holes on each plane. If long enough, tie the ends of the band together on the back side of the board. If you band isn’t long enough, tie two large knots behind each hole. Continue with each set of holes until your board is complete. Alternate colors and thicknesses of your bands or keep with one uniform color and size of elastic.

Elastic Memo Board Paint

Step 5: Painting the edges

To add a bit of color and finish to your board, paint around the edges with a coordinating paint color. Let dry for at least an hour (or as indicated on the back of the bottle).

This will complete your project! Use your board on a desk or table top leaned up against the wall or hang in the entryway or office with a few brackets on the back and nails in the wall. The perfect little DIY command center!

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