Yarn Crafts for Holidays – DIY Mini Christmas Trees

Create your own bottle brush inspired miniature Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes using a bit of floral wire and colorful yarn (items you may already have on hand in your craft room!).

DIY Mini Yarn Trees

Make trees in a variety of textures and shades of colors to craft an eye-catching forest scene that makes the perfect decorative display for the upcoming holiday season!


Materials to Create Mini Yarn Trees

Materials you’ll need for mini Christmas trees:

  • Yarn in various shades of green (or other colors if you’re feeling alternative!)
  • Sewing scissors
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Super glue
  • Wooden dowel with a small hole drilled in the middle or halved cork

How to craft these mini Christmas with yarn:

DIY Mini Yarn Trees Instructions
  1. Start by wrapping yarn around your fingers (as if you were making a yarn pompom) but continue to wrap up and down your fingers to create a long wrap of yarn. Gently slide the yarn of your hand and spread out.
  2. Cut a piece of wire about 2 inches longer than your yarn wrap and bend in half. Twist the ends of the wire together to create a tree stump (which you will later insert into your dowel or cork base).
  3. Slide the wire over the yarn (in the center) and flatten as much as possible to secure the yarn.
  4. Use your sewing scissors to thread through the loops on each side of the yarn wrap. Cut the loops so that the yarn is fringed on the ends.
  5. Trim the yarn in a tree shape, gently tapering the length of the yarn as you go up towards the top of the wire. Cut off any excess wire at the bottom of the tree to prepare to put into your wood or cork base.
  6. Dab a bit of super glue onto the bottom of the wire and insert into the base. Let dry for the amount of time instructed on the back of the bottle.
DIY Mini Yarn Christmas Trees

Repeat steps 1-6 with various colors and textures of yarn to create your own crafty little forest! Display these on a bookshelf, atop the mantle, or down the center of a festive holiday table to add a little holiday cheer to your decor! And if you chose a green or blue hued palette, keep the trees out all season long to celebrate the winter season!

DIY Mini Yarn Trees Collage
DIY Mini Yarn Trees Top view
DIY Mini Yarn Trees with Gold Base
How to make Mini Yarn trees