20 Charming DIY Tea Party Styled Centerpieces

Afternoons with the ladies just got better with our newest handmade roundup. Grab some vintage saucers and check out any one of these 20 charming DIY tea party styled centerpieces! Add a personal touch to the table and have brunch or an evening cup of Earl Grey look a bit more girlish and romantic than it did before.

1. Purple & Orange Florals

Purple pale and orange table centerpiece

Martha Stewart Weddings begins our DIY adventures with this beautiful purple and orange floral arrangement. Learn a bit more about the flowers themselves after the jump. This is a great choice for anyone throwing a more traditionally set afternoon tea party.

2. Gold-Painted Bottles

Gold Painted Bottles floral arrangement

Grab some old bottles and start dipping them! This simple idea from Wedding Chick is easy enough to recreate – whether you have any DIY skill or not. But, it’ll also bring in some contemporary style to the tables.

3. Mini Balloons

DIY balloon party centerpiece

How can you not help but swoon after checking out this mini balloon table garland from Sugar and Cloth? You can make it yourself and create something more unique and fun for all of your guests to enjoy. Just hop on over and follow along with the tutorial to make it happen.

4. Fall Fruits

Purple pale and orange table centerpiece

Is tea time calling for you in the fall? Whether you’re having a traditional tea party with the girls or throwing a tea party themed bridal shower, use the season as inspiration. Autumn calls for fall fruits and  Cherished Bliss used that to their full advantage.

5. Clamped Mason Jars

Mason jars DIY table tea party centerpiece

Offbeat + Inspired went with mason jars as their centerpiece inspiration. A few clamps and some wildflowers is all you need to get this DIY off the ground. This is a great route to take for those looking for more rustic setups.

6. Petal-Filled Birdcage

Purple pale and orange table centerpiece

How about a birdcage? It’s unique, it’s vintage and it’s easy enough to recreate. All you have to do is find the right design and throw some of your favorite petals – and greenery – inside.

7. Antique Teapot

DIY tea pot on a sliced wood centerpiece table

What better way to decorate for a tea party than with antique pieces once used at one? The Knot inspired us with its use of a vintage pot in the centerpiece design. And we love all of the possibilities that spring from the idea!

8. Gilded Vases

Purple pale and orange table centerpiece

Some vases are really all you need to get started. A Practical Wedding dipped their finds into some metallic paint for a super simple DIY idea. Just add some fresh buds for the finish.

10. Wooden Planter

Purple pale and orange table centerpiece

These wooden planters will fill up the tables nicely and create a warm, less stuffy vibe. Make the planters and add some homegrown flowers to the mix. You can check out the details at Infarrantly Creative .

11. Classic Reads

Tea party books centerpiece DIY

A pile of vintage books could do the trick too! Grab your favorite old reads and start stacking!

12. Citrus Inspired

Purple pale and orange table centerpiece
Purple pale and orange table centerpiece

Theparty Society also gave us this citrus-inspired garland surrounded by beautiful greens and sunlight. And that reason alone makes this a pretty design to try and recreate for your summertime event.

13. Hanging Greens

Green plants hanging over table

A Daily Something gave us one of the more unique ideas of the bunch. Get really innovative with your centerpiece design and create a new focus at the table. Look up and find it!

14. Christmas Basket

Christmas basket centerpiece

Here’s another great idea for when the season becomes the inspiration! Christmas or holiday-styled tea parties can be topped off with one of the baskets filled up with winter accents. Grab the details after the jump!

15. Tin Cans

Purple pale and orange table centerpiece

An upcycled idea that’s hard not to love. Don’t throw out those old tin cans! Collect them instead and start dipping them into some pretty, metallic shades.

16. Succulent Runner

Purple pale and orange table centerpiece

This succulent runner we found on Swoonedmagazine could be a funky way to top off the tea party too! When you’ve got a southwestern vision or you’re located in a space with a similar scenic value, use it to your advantage. These textures can be as pretty as fresh petals.

17. Unicorn Pot

Purple pale and orange table centerpiece

Are you throwing a tea party for the little ones? Why not theme it around one of the biggest trends of the moment? Learn how to make this unicorn pot over at Best Friends For Frosting!

18. Paper Windmill

Purple pale and orange table centerpiece

Paper windmills would be a fun tea party centerpiece idea if you’re having it outside in the spring. You can get the kiddos or the gals to sit and help you make them as well!

19. Metallic Pumpkins

Purple pale and orange table centerpiece

Pumpkins are what fall is made of so, of course, it’d be only natural to incorporate them for your autumnal party as well. Just go with a more stylish version like these metallic beauties from Homey Oh My.

20. Flower Garland

Purple pale and orange table centerpiece

And finally, She Knows will walk you through the making of a classic flower garland. Fill up the table with girlish charm and no fuss!