Clever and Unexpected Ways to Use Balloons for a Party

Balloons and parties are like cake and ice cream – they just go together. While balloons can add instant festivity to many occasions, they can also be a bit predictable, even cliché. It doesn’t have to be this way, though! If you’re throwing a party and are looking for ways to freshen up this timeless party décor staple, you’ve come to the right place. Delight your guests with these clever and unexpected ways to use balloons at your party!

Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece

Hot air balloon centerpiece

This clever idea, whether hot air balloons are the party’s theme or merely a supporting role, is simple and versatile. It requires a basket, a wooden dowel, some floral foam and flowers, and ribbon to tie down the helium balloon. We love a centerpiece with some height, particularly for a party, where it’s the perfect way to decorate on multiple levels.{found on hgtv}.

Surprise-Note Balloons

DIY Balloon Wishes

This idea would work well as either a party game or the party décor (or both!). Have balloons blown up but not tied off, with a message written on with permanent marker. When the marker has dried, let the air out of the balloon. The Guest of Honor (be it a bride, a birthday person, or a mom-to-be) can then have the balloons blown up later on their special day to see and enjoy the personalized messages from dear friends.{found on studiodiy}.

Glitterized Balloon Garland.

Glitterized Balloon Garland

A balloon garland adds instant festivity to any party affair, but this idea makes the garland particularly celebratory! Pick out some sequins, glitter, chunky glitter, and mod podge at your local craft store, and go to town. The glittery end of the balloon is automatically heavier than the top, so these look great strung together as a high (ceiling?) garland.{found on sisterssuitcaseblog}.

Balloon Bottles.

Balloon Bottles

Decorate glass bottles with large balloons for instant party décor. Choose old glass bottles, old vases (you know you have a million of them from flower deliveries), or even filled water bottles. This is an especially great idea for a baby shower, with so many cute and applicable balloon options available.

Gold-Brushed Balloons.

Gold brushed balloons

What isn’t made more beautiful and special with a splash of gilded gold? These balloons certainly sophisticated, in an abstract, modern way. (Well, as sophisticated as balloons can get, anyway). Simply grab your white helium-filled balloons, a chip brush, and some gold paint (recommended: liquid gold leaf, or gold enamel paint), and go to town with quick, upward strokes. Just  paint the bottom 1/3 of the balloon.{found on potterybarnkids}.

Tulle-Wrapped Helium Balloons.

Tulle-Wrapped Helium Balloons

These add elegance to an otherwise ordinary lineup of balloons, perfect for a bridal party or similar. Choose large, colorful balloons that match your party’s color scheme, wrap with one layer of white tulle, and wire the bottom together, adding mini flowers and long satin ribbon for an extra special touch.{found on meliseamour}.

Palm Fronds Balloons.

Palm Fronds Balloons

Any tropical-themed party, or even any summer party for that matter, would be improved with this sweet balloon treatment. You’re going to love how easy this is: all it takes is a fun palm print, cut and attached to blown-up balloons with spray adhesive. Gorgeous, right? And completely customizable to any party occasion.{found on studiodiy}.

Balloon Arch.

Colorful balloons arch

Admittedly, this one isn’t for the faint of heart. Creating a balloon arch like this requires commitment and dedication…but what a stunning impact it has! You could downscale it a bit, though, to arch over a single door frame or a hallway or something. And, as always, it can be customized to fit the party’s color scheme.