Transform Your Favorite Spot With These 20 Stunning Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Sometimes plain walls just doesn’t cut it, especially when you don’t have a theme or particular vision in mind. But when you do find your niche and your ready to start decorating, look for a bit of art – in a variety of forms – to bring it all to life. Transform your favorite spot in the house and your most personal with these 20 stunning bedroom wall decor ideas.

A Gallery Wall

A Gallery Wall - diff picture sizes

A gallery wall is the perfect way to bring in a bout of your own personality and personal style. Behind the dresser or behind the bed make a great spot to concoct and design this type of special area.{found on prettyprovidence}.

Decorative Mouldings

Decorative Mouldings

If you want something more tradition but unique too, add some mouldings to the wall. They’re inexpensive and you can paint them whatever color you’d like that accents the space.{found on tiffanyhankendesign}.

Bold Initials

Bold Initials Above the Bed

This is a great idea for both couples and singles. Accent the bed with each other’s first initial or put your full name on the wall to add a personalized appeal in any style you want from rustic to ultra-modern.{found on thepinktumbleweed}.

Full-Length Canvas

Teenage Full-Length Canvas

Maybe you find yourself inspired by some gorgeous, extra-long canvases that can fill the wall completely. Use them as an accent, not only it is art but will add interest, depth and texture to your room!{found on dkorinteriors}.

Hanging Frames

Hanging frames above the bed

Here’s an interesting take on classic all decor. Instead of just hanging some photos or art in frames … by their frame … hang it with a bit of girlish charm instead! Use ribbons or the like to create a gorgeous scape behind the bed.


Love words for bedroom wall decor

Of course, you can always use words that inspire you but in a variety of ways. Painted, made with alternative means or even like you see here.  Use them in a gallery design or behind the headboard.


Turquoise bedroom with a round mirror above bed

Mirror must be included on a list of bedroom wall decor, because they’re so versatile and beneficial! They give the illusion more light and space, and any room that appears to be bigger will look even better!

Polaroid Pics

Polaroid Pics above the bed

Family photos are a traditional home’s staple but what about giving that idea a unique twist? Snap shots of the family using a polaroid and then hang those photos right up on the wall in any way you please.

Scattered Sculptures

Scattered Sculptures for bedroom wall

We absolutely love these scattered sculpture pieces that fill up a wall but always add a stunning, modern flair to any room. And that’s exactly what will happen if you decide to go with a similar idea.{found on kellecontine}.


Small Sunbursts mirrors above the bed

Sunbursts, whether as mirrors or just fun pieces of art, can be a great way to add texture and interest to the walls. Big or small, they have a very contemporary appeal but also a slightly feminine essence as well.{found on themesforbabyroom}.

Special Dates

Special dates on wall like wall art

Birthdays, anniversaries or any other special event in life, use the date to decorate your master bedroom. This is great for newlyweds or first-time parents, to signify the beauty of their big days!{found on nalleshouse}.

Flower Portraits

Modern wall art creation for bedroom

Whether they’re painted pieces or up-close and personal photographs, there’s a certain elegance and beauty to the addition of flowers to any space. And we love this set that’s been made in neutral tones.{found on nubuilds}.

Wooden Pieces

Narrow bedroom featuring wooden wall art pieces

We’re so used to seeing wooden palettes, it’s hard to picture other pieces done in the natural material that aren’t so rustic. But just look at this modern wall art, it’s got everything you’d want in a transformative piece.{found on woideanglephotography}.

Themed Collage

Themed wall collages for bedroom

Whether you’re room is dressed in a beachy theme or a metro feel, create a collage on the wall that reflects the choice. We love the sleek and clean look of this design, don’t you?


Dreamcatchers Bedroom art

Dreamcatchers can also be a fun way to dress the bedroom, but only if you’re looking for a bit of bohemian romance. Find designs that are extra-large in size to create a similar look – or use several smaller pieces and build upon each other!{found on pinterest.}.

Ledge Collections

Ledge Bedroom Collection

Add just a shelved ledge to your wall and then fill it up with all kinds of artwork and pieces that inspire you. This acts as both wall decor and a personal reflection of your style!{found on jino-design}.

Simple Overly-Sized

Simple Overly-Sized ART

Simple and overly-sized pieces can truly help to transform the space without overwhelming it. Just look at this piece here, easy in design but also has a punch of personality with its typography.

Tin Tiles

Patchwork above the bed

Who knew that tin ceiling tiles could double as wall decor? Use just a few as an accent to the space or go all out and create a fully-covered accent wall that will wow!

Bed Framed

Frames around the bed frame

We’re not talking about an actual bed frame but instead, we’re looking to frame your bed in artwork! It’s simple, it’s clean and it works for both modern and traditional styles!{found on glennlaytonhomes}.