20 Natural Elements To Decorate With At Home

Whether it’s a tuft of cotton or furniture inspired by the great outdoors, decorating with natural elements will breathe new life inside your home. Even if your home is more contemporary a play on nature can spark a bit of creativity in an unsuspecting nook or cranny around the house. From the living room to the foyer, let’s have a peek at 20 natural elements to decorate with and inspire a bit of uniqueness outside of the traditional home decor.

1. Planter Table

Planter table - green grass

This coffee table has what’s called an “interactive runner,” which can be made with wheat grass or any other plant or herb that you’d like. Using the most natural of substances, your table truly makes the space you put it inside come to life!{found on emilywettstein}.

2. Cotton

tuft or two of cotton

Sometimes just a tuft or two of cotton can add fresh, uniqueness to a space. Although simple, these natural, cotton bouquets bring a bout of seasonal flavor and surprising texture to the mantle. You can also make wreaths or fill apothecary bowls with it!{found on magnoliahomes}.

3. Trunk Sections

Natural wooden coffee table

This pouf and coffee table were made with tree trunk sections in mind. The power, the organic beauty, both are easily seen throughout these designs that can blend inside a variety of home styles.{found on gervasoni1882}.

4. Twisted Branches

Twisted Branches

You can literally take a walk outside and find something to brighten up a spot and making a corner more interesting inside your home. And this twisted branch playing on this table is just one fine example of how you can make it happen.

5. Seashells

Bring natural decor accessories on the summer - Seashells

Seashells are great way to dress up the house for spring or summertime or give your bathroom a natural, beachy vibe. From big conches to small seashells in apothecary jars, you can do so many different things!

6. Agate

Rocks inspired coasters

Rocks, gemstones and agates can bring bouts of colors and texture into the home. We’re, personally, in love with these coasters, but you can also find pieces to use for the mantle or even on the bookshelf.{found on makinglemonadeblog}.

7. Potted Plants

Potted plants for dining table

Yes, obviously potted plants would be a great natural element to decorate with – which is why we had no choice but to feature it! They bring in character, life and natural beauty into any part of the home.

8. Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture for dining area

Wicker furniture works so well on porches and patios and it inspires that natural, organic energy as well. Woven like a basket and made from plant stalks, it’s delicately feminine but strong like the outdoors too.

9. Pine Cones

Pine cones for fireplace mantel

Perfect for the holiday season or even in the fall, add some outdoor life in your home with the textural love of pine cones. In bowls, on the tree or as garland on the mantle, these bits are a great way to bring in the natural feeling of nature.{found on yikesmoney}.

10. Stove Poufs

Pave stone rocks

These poufs, made of wood and marble, use the look of lake rocks and brings them into a whole new level of style for your garden area. Placed by the pool or decorating the product of your great thumb, these are gorgeous bits to add to your outdoor space.{found on kreoo}.

11. Leaves

Leaves above the dining table this fall

I love the idea of going outside, gathering some beautiful leaves that have fallen from the trees and bringing them inside to create something magical for the house. Just look at this chandelier accent!

12. Water

Living room water fountain

Indoor water fountains can really make a surprising “splash” within your home’s ethos. And if you’re really creative, you room partitions will be trickling with some magic like you see here.

13. Butterflies

Pressed butterflies

Pressed butterflies are beautiful, mix them with florals for an extra feminine and natural pop of beauty. We love this idea for a formal living room or even inside a home office.{found on vendomepress}.

14. Fur

Real or faux bedroom design

Real or faux, fur makes for a great way to layer up the textures inside the home. Throw pillows or rugs will create interest in unsuspecting ways and you get that organic, cozy feel from it as well.

15. Terrariums

Glass Pyramid Terrarium

Terrariums add a lot of interest to the home too! And what’s great about these pieces is that you can make these at home and partake in a DIY project with the family.

16. Flowers

Dried flowers wall hanging

Of course the obvious idea here is to decorate with gorgeous fresh flowers around the living room and kitchen – which is always a great addition to the home. But you can also use dried flowers in unique ways to add a burst of eclecticism and natural beauty too.{found on freepeople}.

17. Antlers

Wall Antlers

Whether real or replicated, there are tons of people using these pieces around their home. They’re trendy inside eclectic spaces, rustic spots and even more contemporary homes looking for a rugged, edgy accent.{found on scoutandnimble}.

18. Tree Table

Tree table into your house

Looking as if it’s legs were plucked right out of the forest, this table speaks volumes in terms of creativity . This is a beautiful example of nature meeting contemporary, geometric design.{found on lexpott}.

19. Wood-Lighted Poufs

Bright solid wood pouf with light

Wood is one of the best natural elements you can use around the house. In its most organic nature it works but even when it’s used to make something as unique and outstanding at this, it works too.{found on Luxyde}.

20. Plantable Table

The plantable

A bit similar to our first feature on the list, this table has four “plantable” pot legs. Perfect for a porch or patio, we’re kind of in love with the entire idea, let alone the whimsical design of the piece.{found on jailmake}.