How Nature Can Help You Decorate Your Home

Whenever you’re stuck on something, whether it’s writing a story or decorating your home, you can always find inspiration in nature. It’s a never ending source of beauty and there are a ton of ways in which it can help you decorate your personal space.

Large windows.

Bedroom with large windowsView in gallery

Large windows let in natural light as well as the views and this way nature becomes a part of your home. Take advantage of your location and orientation of the room.

Natural wood.

Wood kitchen furniture from table to cupboardsView in gallery

Wood is a very versatile material which can be paired with any style and any color. It’s used to add warmth and texture to a space and it always has an elegant impact on the overall décor.

A stone fireplace.

Stone fireplace add natural feeling to any roomView in gallery

There’s something very unique and alluring about a stone fireplace. The way this material perfectly complements the design, whether it’s a traditional or a modern fireplace, is always amazing. To emphasize the natural beauty of the stone, use accent lighting.

Fresh plants.

Fresh plants interior designView in gallery

Potted plants are out way of feeling closer to nature even when our worlds are completely separated. Use fresh plants to energize a simple interior design, to purify the air and to add color to a neutral décor.

Water features.

Stunning indoor water featuresView in gallery

A water feature is always a wow factor, whether it’s a pond, a fountain or an artificial waterfall. You can always count on it to make your home stand out and impress.

Building around trees.

Building around treesView in gallery

If you’re serious about including nature into your home’s design and décor, then built your house around the existing trees on the lot. They can be focal points for the design, encased in glass and piercing through the roof and deck.

Wooden floors.

The beauty of wooden floorsView in gallery

You can always count on the wood floor to make a room feel warm and inviting. And with so many types of wood to choose from and so many colors and finishes to select from, you can be certain there’s the perfect type to complement your style.

Decorate with branches.

Wall decoration birch branchesView in gallery

Use tree branches and twigs to decorate your home. Cover a wall with tall branches or use smaller ones to make beautiful artwork. Combine them with other natural materials for an exquisite, organic design.

Log beds.

Mountain wood bedView in gallery

It’s one thing to have furniture made of processed wood and a completely different thing to see wood used showcase its true beauty. Log beds are a perfect example.

Wood tables.

Natural wood kitchen tableView in gallery

The same thing goes for tables. Instead of the clean, sharp lines you’re used with, try something different. A live edge table top and a base made of wood logs and branches.

Branches used as accessories.

Branches used like accessoriesView in gallery

A beautiful branch can become a freestanding decoration for the fireplace mantel, console table or for the wall. Let nature impress with its simplicity. You can also use thin branches in vases, instead of flowers.