Home Landscaping Ideas To Inspire Your Own Curbside Appeal

Create a beautiful yard with the help of others. From the back to the front, your yards need a lot of work put in for most of the year. Designing, planting, watering, trimming, cutting and sprucing, it’s a weekly job. And to get started we’re providing you with home landscaping ideas that will inspire your own curbside appeal and help you restyle or enhance what you’ve got outside your own front door.

Seeing Green

Green frontyard landscape design

Larger yards and bigger homes call for grander landscaping designs. Check out this green, layered inspiration full of simplicity and precision.

Stone Lines

Front yard stone lines

Large, river stones are a stunning and more unique way to line your pathways. And you can make the style of your lawn more modern or more cottage-esque with the addition of these natural beauties.

Play Area

Frontyard play area

Create one area of “play” when it comes to your green thumb. Use a tree as the center and have fun getting creative with colors and petals.

Focal Point

Focal point front yard landscape design

If you’re lucky enough to have steps and a bit of a luxurious welcomed focal point at your curbside, then use that to your advantage giving it your green thumb of a touch.

Layered Up

Layered Up front yard

We’re loving these crisp layers. From the hedges to the flowers and brick wall, it’s such a clean and precise look for this family home.

Modern Treatment

Modern Treatment

If you live in a more urban space or you’re looking for something a bit more contemporary, check out this modern treatment. Rock, succulents and stepping stones come together for some beautiful work.{found on huettldesign}.

Formal Spaces

Formal frontyard space design

It’s hard not to love the courtyard design found here. There are so many different textures and focus that comes together to create a welcomed feeling for all guests and family members to step into.

Fence Details

White fence and pink roses

If you’re one of the lucky ones that have a true white picket fence, give it a bit of attention. Add some details in the form of pastel petals for a feminine feel.

Warm Welcomes

Warm mophead hydrangea along fence

This landscape gives off a vintage, old-age spirit but those gorgeous hydrangeas planted right at the front entrance makes it a bit more interesting and warm.{found on mieropdesign}.

Chic Plants

Chic plants to decorate frontyard

Here’s another super modern and clean landscape design for those in more urban or dessert-like developments. Not everything has to be lush to be grand or welcoming.{found on dabahdesigns}.

Romantic Wisteria

Garden Arbor Decor-Romantic Wisteria

For those that have a backyard garden or go for more whimsical styles, use wisteria around your space for an extra romantic feel. It’ll be like you’re creating your very own storybook.

Delicate Blossoms

Delicate Blossoms

We are absolutely loving the delicate pathway found here leading right up to the front door. Tulips and shorter stems come together to create interest and a gorgeous romance as well.

Decorative Grass

Decorative Grass

Sometimes just a bit of decorative grass can give your landscaping the crisp topping it needs. It provides a balance of texture and detail too.

Center Stage

Perfect lawn to decorate the front house

The roundabout found in this driveway is accented with stepping stones and a bit of greenery too. We love that it was detailed and adds to the homey feelings of the house.

With Pottery

Water fountain front house

Some homes, especially out west, will add large, pottery pieces into their landscape design. Use them as planters are accents to your overall vision.

Fancy Foliage

Fancy Grape Arbor and Plants

Everything about this space screams cottage style. But it’s a bit fancier with its red petals and crawling, gated greenery.{found on chelseapinedainteriors}.

Ultra Modern

Ultra Modern Concrete Stairs

Even in the most modern of spaces, you can add a bit of nature and a bit of texture. Use this as inspiration for when it comes to texture and delicacy in yard design.

Classic Duos

Classic Duos Frontyard

This yard has a certain classic and timeless appeal. And maybe that’s from the choice of black mulch and white, petite flowers filling out the design.

All Succulent

All Succulent to decorate the front yard

Inspire yourself with this eclectic mix of succulents. Throw out all the rules and go with something that matches the season and the location.{found on lanedesignbuild}.

Simple Dots

Royal front yard decor

There’s something a bit royal about this front yard. And maybe it’s its precision in dotted bushes lining the pathway to the front door.

Lit Palms

Tall Lit Palms

If you’re in a place where palm trees thrive, use that to your advantage. We love how these particular trees are highlighted by a light installed by the homeowner and how luxurious the space looks at night!

Victorians Looks

Victorian Looks Frontyard

For those with Victorian homes, use this yard as the perfect inspiration on what to do with your landscaping. Form the lush petals to the placement, this is a gorgeous example of that era presented in modern time.

Green Walls

Green walls on building

Have your home come alive and your yard highlighted by green and thriving walls. It’s so literal, the more innovative of us will love this idea.

Tropical Points

Tropical Points frontyard

This landscape has a more tropical feel, especially with tits palm tree focus. Use this space as inspiration for those with a location that thrives off of color and palms.{found on harwickhomes}.

Plant Pallet

Colorful flowers for front house

And here we have another eclectic design and it’s filled with so many wonderful details. If you like precision, this style isn’t for you but it’s still gorgeous inspiration!

Gravel Chips

Gravel to decorate the frontyard

Create a little escape for you and your better half. Covered in gravel chips, this relaxing space becomes a gorgeous part of the landscaping.

Tulip Walks

Tulip in front of the house

Tulips have so much personality, why not use them as your front yard’s focus. Here we have gorgeous, fiery orange petals lining the walkway all the way up to the front door.

Plush Design

Plush Design

This yard is all about texture and plushness. For those that like their greenery looking like a pillow of sorts, this design is for you!

Simple Green

Simple Green front lawn

And here’s a larger front yard that’s simple and chic. Gorgeous green takes center stage here so pay attention to how you’re caring for your grass.

All Rocks

Modern rocks in front house

Whether you’re in a location without a lot of greenery or you want an ultra modern look, all rocks can provide the same amount of detail and texture. Just remember stepping stones in your design!

Hang Ups

Hanging Flowers on porch

Don’t forget your porch when it comes to your front design. Hang up some petals for extra detailing and warmth.

Patio Perch

Front house patio perch

Here we have another gorgeous example of how to create a relaxation space and design it right into the landscaping of your yard – whether front or back. We love the medley of both texture and natural choice.

Styled Pathways

Brick pathway and flowers around

All pathways around your house should be styled. And here’s just another example of how to do it right.

Texture Blocking

Texture Blocking

Create an oasis all around your home. Here we have a backyard that is blocked out in texture from rock to soft and vibrantly green grass.

Delicate Curls

Delicate Curls

This scalloped space is filled with color and thriving foliage. It’s filled with a lot of texture but it’s also very crisp making for a tamed and modern style.

Grand Gardens

Grand gardens in front of the house

And don’t be afraid to make something that you’re really proud of. Turn your own backyard into a grand garden and turn your hobby into something magical.