6 Ways To Use Houndstooth Around The House

What is houndstooth you ask?  It’s a simple, textile pattern that resemble small broken checks. Typically a black and white design, it’s become quite the trend among recent home decor. It’s a bit preppy and a bit modern, but when used the right way you can incorporate to many eclectic styles and fashions. Take a look!

1. On the sofa.

On chairs

Mix a houndstooth print throw pillow with some other fun ones on your neutral sofa. This is an easy way to create a style and theme for any room! Whether you have sofa in the foyer or living room, use houdstooth to enhance your vision. For a funky, playful vibe, use the print in the midst of other complimentary ones!

2. On the window.

On chairs

Hang up some houndstooth curtains for a interesting touch to a modern study or home office. In a neutral, masculine room, this printed curtains can add just the right amount of style and texture to keep the room from being too boring or plain. Grab some with bigger size checks for even more of a designer’s touch.{image from site}.

3. On the floor.

On chairs

Just like chevron, houndstooth can add depth to the floor, giving the illusion of a bigger space. It also compliments any color combination or contemporary style. Try it out in the bedroom, living room or even the dining room for a different, unique take on home decor.{found on site}.

4. On the table.

On chairs

Spruce up the breakfast table with a little texture. Whether a table runner for simplicity or a tablecloth covered in houndstooth, this will certainly give any meal an extra unique look. You can easily add an accent color too with some red napkins or bright pink flowers for the centerpiece.

5. On the wall.

On chairs

You can find houndstooth prints in other colors too! Try out a neutral shade for a wonderfully fun accent wall in the kitchen or your home office. Just choose which wall and get started finding the perfect wallpaper to do the job. Go for subtly because this pattern in black and white can easily overwhelm any room, especially the smaller ones.

6. On the chair.

On chairs

For a bolder, contemporary look. Try out a houndstooth sofa or chair. It’ll create a focal point in a neutral room or pop right out of a more cultured, eclectic flair. If you want extra style and drama, don’t be afraid to commit to something this big.{image from site}.