Home Office Decor Ideas To Revamp and Rejuvenate Your Workspace

Home offices don’t have to look like they do at your typical workspace or cubicle downtown. Instead, they can have a deep infusion of your personality and style. And today, we’re helping to jumpstart that brainstorming with these home office decor ideas that will revamp and rejuvenate the area! Let’s have a peek.

Think Wallpaper

Home office wall tree patternView in gallery

Wallpaper can be a great addition to the space as well. Highlight your work space, add color or create a clear focus to a larger room.

Refined Style

Home office refined styleView in gallery

Gilded accessories, sharpe edges and overall, contemporary vibes, sprinkle your space with a more refined taste. This is a great theme for sophistication and poise.{found on sitamontgomeryinteriors}.

All White

Scandinavian home officeView in gallery

Monochromatic spaces can be fresh and rejuvenating and that goes double for bright white. Widen, lengthen and give the illusion of more space with a bout of white.

Color Pops

Pop of color for home officeView in gallery

Add some pops of color around the room too. Bright tones or vibrant shades will give the space an extra bit of personality.{found on erikabrechtel}.

Vintage Pieces

Hang personal picturesView in gallery

You could also look for strong, vintage pieces to sustain your space as well. A desk, a mirror or something a bit more substantial will help with the transformation.

Scatter Art

Scatter ArtView in gallery

For extra inspiration, pour all of your focus into artistic touches. On the walls, in the trinkets, don’t be afraid to be extra creative.

Minimalist Mind

White office room - wall deskView in gallery

It’s okay to go with something a bit simpler and more minimalistic too. Free your mind and get rid of the clutter.

Chalkboard Help

Chalkboard office wallView in gallery

Create a chalkboard accent wall or add that DIY spirit in some other, similar way. It’s just another way to add that unique, workspace twist.

Utilize the View

Amazing office room viewView in gallery

If you’ve got one, flaunt it. Keep clear of window dressings and utilize both the view and the natural light pouring in throughout the day.

Oversized Choices

Attic office room with a ceiling windowView in gallery

Think about creating a focus or center of the room with an oversized piece. The desk, the chairs, whatever you fancy the most will do.

12. Textured Types

Textured types for wall officeView in gallery

Texture is always a good addition no matter the colors or theme of choice. Think about these details from top to bottom if you want a more interesting area.

Paper Collage

Decorate the office wall with magazine postersView in gallery

Whether it’s clippings from magazines, to-do lists or paper scraps, collages are a great way to hone in your personal style and create focus. And you’ll have a great time designing.

14. World Views

World wall map for officeView in gallery

Maps are a great ways to top off your home office. It can help create a more eclectic feeling or spark a vintage flavor as well.

Pick Pink

Pink desk accessoriesView in gallery

Pink pops can be fun too. Go for something girlish with just a hint at a more feminine style.

On the Floor

Add a carpet under your deskView in gallery

Your interest can start on the floor. Provide unique detail and depth by placing a throw or area rug that’s full of color and detail.

Masculine Masks

Masucile office designView in gallery

You can go for something more edgier with a more masculine appeal too. Utilize leather and dark, chocolate browns to begin this sense.{found on awelldressedhome}.

Neutral Layers

Neutral layers for office areaView in gallery

Layer up the interest but keep it subdued by staying within the confines of natural tones. Nothing has to be the same yet it will all play well together.

Glam Glam

Glam office designView in gallery

It’s okay to go with something glamorous too. Don’t be afraid to add sparkle and a bit of leopard prints to the overall scheme.

Cozy Effects

living room and the office in the same timeView in gallery

Some of you may want to create a space that envelopes you complete. Cozy up the corners with sofas, cushions and throw blankets with matching pillows.

Double Duty

Double duty office tableView in gallery

If you don’t have an extra space for your office, you may want to think about different ways to utilize the guest room or even the breakfast nook. Use the space for dual reasons.

All Blue

Eclectic Home Office in BlueView in gallery

Blue is another great choice for creating a work foundation. It’s relaxing and renewing while still being professional and stylish.

Floral Days

Floral pastel frameView in gallery

If you’re inspired by nature, then you may want to make room for some florals. On the walls, on the floors and in the details, this too can be quite refreshing.

Shelving Nature

Narrow office shelvingView in gallery

Your shelving choices can create beautiful focus as well. Depending on your display, depends on what floating shelves or units you’d need to install.

Bedside Routine

Bedroom office designView in gallery

You may even want to create a little work nook next to the bed. Your vanity space can actually where you do your writing, bill paying or sketching.

Plaid Ways

Plaid WaysView in gallery

Why not add a bit of plaid to your home office? It adds some masculinity but also a rustic, cabin feel as well for something cozier.

Nautical Nest

Nautical inspired officeView in gallery

Here’s a fun theme that you may not equate with home offices. But, it’s a great way to revive your sense and feel refreshed.

Clear Contemporary

Contemporary office roomView in gallery

Sometimes you just have to go straight for what you want. Clear, contemporary lines can really make a stunning home office.

Eclectic Tastes

Eclectic TastesView in gallery

When creating your own workspace, there’s no rule that it has to “make sense.” Instead gather everything that inspires you into one spot.{found on advicefromatwentysomething}.

Letters & Numbers

Add leters and numbers for wall decorView in gallery

What better way to decorate your workspace than with letters and numbers all around? Use these in the details for freshness and a bit of youthful appeal too.

Corner Cove

Corner desk area - beautiful curved shelvesView in gallery

You could do something that’s a bit outside the box but kind of obvious too. Go with a primary color scheme for something bright and modern.

Industrial Eyes

Industrial style office areaView in gallery

Raw and more urban, take it to a funkier space with the enhancement of industrial elements. Start with the light fixtures and work your way down.

Stripes Sides

Office stiped wallView in gallery

We love the contemporary appeal and timeless style of a group stripe. Whether it’s the carpet, the window dressings or an accent, be bold with a chunkier pattern.

Girlish Charm

Girl charm officeView in gallery

Feminine touches are always welcome too if you want to create something more delicate and soft. From the mirrors to the chair choice, girlish charm will make you smile every time you enter the room.

Black & White

Black and white office area with window seatingView in gallery

We had to add this classic decor idea to the list because it’s, well, classic! Black and white will dress any space in a refined and polish way, especially the home office.

Focus on Storage

Focus on storageView in gallery

Make sure that you think about organization. It’s only to make it a focal point of the room, especially if you’re working with a lot of artistic pieces.

Add Metals

Wire organized wallView in gallery

Don’t be afraid to work with metals. From wall art to your furniture choices, it’s okay to do something a bit industrial.