5 Ways To Decorate With Tinsel And Merry Christmas !

Sparkly bits of festive decoration, tinsel is one of the most fun and vibrant holiday home accessories. You can adorn the tree with the shiny strands, but you can also make a lot of others things and places sparkle with a bit of Christmas cheer. So, let us show you how! With all it’s vibrant metallic shades, mimicking icicles of all colors and sizes, tinsel is a great source of holiday decoration and DIYing for around the house!!


May the spirit of Christmas bring you love,The pleasure of Christmas give you hope! Merry Christmas!!

1. DIY mini Christmas Tree.

Diy tinsel wreath 600x400

Spruce up the mantle or any of the tables in the house with these glittering little cuties. All you need is some small tinsel garland to wrap around a paper or Styrofoam cone.These are great for the kids to try and make too! Make different size cones to make a collage of sorts or make several of the sames one to add consistency to the house.

2. Brighten up small spots.

Diy tinsel wreath 600x400

Using a ton of tinsel garland everywhere in the house is such a fun way to decorate for the holidays. Outline the doors. Dress up the mantle. Jazz up the staircase. You can find so many different, beautiful colors and even festive, holiday patterns like peppermints swirls! Drape it above the dining room table or just wrap it around some of the banisters for extra oomph.

3. DIY welcome wreaths.

Diy tinsel wreath 600x400

Welcome your guests with some extra style. Use tinsel garland to create wreaths for every door in the house. Use different colors on all the doors for extra personality and add a snowflake or two for extra wintery flair. You can even lean some smaller wreaths on the buffet in the dining room or some on the bookshelves.{found on blushink.}.

4. All over the tree.

Diy tinsel wreath 600x400

You can’t use tinsel in the house without throwing some of the tree. It’s a classic Christmas tradition for you to finish off the tree’s decorating with a bout of silver tinsel icicles. It’s pretty, it’s fun and extremely festive. The whole family will enjoy literally throwing the strands onto the tree and it’ll look nicely “frosted” afterwards.

5. DIY ornaments.

Diy tinsel wreath 600x400

You can create some pretty, sparkle DIY ornaments too! Make your tree extra shiny by using tinsel to make stylish and fashionable pieces for the tree. Miniature wreaths, miniature trees … of course you can always just wrap some tinsel garland around the tree and dress it entirely too!{found on throwingcake}.