5 Stylish Ways To Utilize Wine Racks

Believe it or not wine racks can certainly be used for more than just holding some of your favorite bottles of vino. And obviously they are a great fit for your home in more rooms and corners than just your kitchen, although, there are some nifty, new ideas for the kitchen too of course! Take a peek at these 5 clever. stylish and super cute ways to use any or all of your wine racks!!

1. Create A Chic Towel Rack!

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This is something I’ve had on my to-do list for my future home for months now. And it’ll probably be one of the first things I accomplish in my own since I’ve been so anxious about doing it. All you need to do is find the right kind of towel rack and you’ve got a super chic and tidy place to store your warm, clean towels!

2. Sodas & Oils now have a better, more fashionable home!

Maybe you’ve recently received a uber stylish wine rack as a gift, but unfortunately you don’t even drink any wine! Well, you can definitely still use it in the kitchen. Wine racks can also be used to store your fun bottled sodas, olive oils or even vinegar!

3. Store some reading material.

Sick of the boring magazine racks that simply stack your favorite mags and books? Well, try using a wine rack instead. It’ll display your best and it’ll be easier to find specific magazines too. No more using the back of the toilet to keep your newest Time or Cosmo!

4. It’s a new place to organize your shoes!

A wine box is perfect, a wine rack is even more stylish. Use these beauties as a new place to organize your shoes with less clutter! Find your favorite flip-flops and keep your patten leather heels from getting scuffed!

5. Have it in your office for a clean up!

Get your home office in tip-top shape by using a wine racks to organize all your supplies. Papers, pens, markers and more! You won’t loose anything and it will always be tidy.

You can store virtually anything that needs to be sorted or organized in a wine rack. Maybe even makeup brushes, jewelry, yarn for your crafts or maybe even turn one into a place for some potted plants by sticking glass bottle in each hole! The possibilities are tremendous. So, we’ve gathered some extra stylish and super sleek wine racks for your enjoyment and inspiration!