15 Stylish Ways To Utilize Wine Racks

Believe it or not, wine racks can certainly be used for more than just holding some of your favorite bottles of vino. And, obviously, they are a great fit for your home in more rooms and corners than just your kitchen. Although, there are some nifty, new ideas for the kitchen too of course! Take a peek at these 15 clever, stylish, and super cute ways to use any or all of your wine racks!!

 Utilize Wine Racks

You can store virtually anything that needs to be sorted or organized in a wine rack. Maybe even makeup brushes, jewelry, yarn for your crafts, or maybe even turn one into a place for some potted plants by sticking a glass bottle in each hole! The possibilities are endless. So, we’ve gathered some extra stylish and super sleek wine racks for your enjoyment and inspiration!

The Best Ways To Use Your Wine Rack That Don’t Involve Wine

1. Create A Chic Towel Rack

Use A Wine Rack As A Home For Your Rolling Pins

This is something I’ve had on my to-do list for my future home for months now. And it’ll probably be one of the first things I accomplish in my own since I’ve been so anxious about doing it. All you need to do is find the right kind of towel rack and you’ve got a super chic and tidy place to store your warm, clean towels!

2. Give Vinegars & Oils A New, More Fashionable Home

Use A Wine Rack As A Home For Your Rolling Pins

Maybe you’ve recently received a uber stylish wine rack as a gift, but unfortunately, you don’t even drink any wine! Well, you can definitely still use it in the kitchen. Wine racks can also be used to store your fun bottled sodas, olive oils or even vinegar!

3. Store Your Reading Material

Use A Wine Rack As A Home For Your Rolling Pins

Sick of the boring magazine racks that simply stack your favorite mags and books? Well, try using a wine rack instead. It’ll display your best and it’ll be easier to find specific magazines too. No more using the back of the toilet to keep your newest Time or Cosmo!

4. A New Place To Organize Your Shoes

Use A Wine Rack As A Home For Your Rolling Pins

A wine box is perfect, a wine rack is even more stylish. Use these beauties as a new place to organize your shoes with less clutter! Find your favorite flip-flops and keep your patten leather heels from getting scuffed!

5. Store Pens And Pencils Neatly In Your Office

Use A Wine Rack As A Home For Your Rolling Pins

Get your home office in tip-top shape by using a wine racks to organize all your supplies. Papers, pens, markers and more! You won’t lose anything and it will always be tidy.

6. Color Coordinated Yarn Storage in Wine Racks

Wine Rack Yarn Storage

Do you love to knit but have trouble keeping all your yarn from getting mixed up and tangled? Then you should use a wine rack to store your yarn! Just look at how amazing this craft from by Repeat Crafter Me looks, thanks to the wine rack yarn storage system. She even goes a step further and sorts her yarn by color creating a beautiful rainbow look. Who needs wine when you’ve got yarn that looks this good?

7. Hang Your Indoor Herb Garden Using A Wine Rack

Hang Your Indoor Herb Garden Using A Wine Rack

Everyone loves when a recipe features freshly cut herbs from the mini-herb garden you keep on your counter. Keep it from taking up too much of your cooking space by using a wine rack to mount it to the wall instead! This idea can be found on Curbly, and it looks great! The only caveat is that you will need to transfer your plants to the right size vases/glasses to fit this wine bottle holder. And don’t forget to label your plants like they did in the example so you don’t forget which spice is which!

8. Wine Rack For Sorting Additional Craft Supplies

Wine Rack For Sorting Additional Craft Supplies

If you love to craft, then you’ve probably accumulated boxes upon boxes of craft supplies that cover every space in your craft room. These boxes can be difficult to sift through when you need something specific. That’s why you should use an old wine rack and glass mason jars to sort and store all your craft supplies. This idea comes from Quilted Turtle, and it is absolutely brilliant! She uses the wine rack to sort colored buttons, but you can use this system to store other things like gems, clothespins, sequins, glitter, and even glue!

9. Keep Your Water Bottles Organized With A Wine Rack

Keep Your Water Bottles Organized With A Wine Rack

It’s always nice when you get a free water bottle from an event or your job, but what do you do when these begin to pile up? Don’t just shove them all in a cupboard, use a wine rack to sort them for easy access and selection. This idea is featured in Better Homes and Gardens and is a great way to not only to store your water bottles but also when it comes to organizing your cabinet. No more nosily knocking over all the water bottles as you reach for the one you want in the back!

10. A Place For All Of Your Scarves In A Wine Rack

A Place For All Your Scarves In A Wine Rack

A scarf is best used to keep you warm when it is cold outside, but it can also be a style piece during warmer temperatures. But where do you keep all these scarves you’ve accumulated? In this article by One Crazy House, they used a standing wine rack to store all of the family’s scarves. This keeps them from crowding the coat hook, while also making it easy to select the one that matches your outfit! Plus it looks adorable!

11. Make A Wine Rack A New Home For Your Succulents 

Make A Wine Rack A New Home For Your Succulents 

Succulents are small plants that are very easy to care for. They are hardy plants that are hard to kill, and they generally can live anywhere, so why not make a plant wall using your wine rack? This is exactly what they did at Pottery Barn. Granted they kept some of the wine bottles in the rack as well, mostly using the succulents as decoration, but there is no reason you can’t turn a wall wine rack into a wall succulent garden for your home!

12. Wine Rack Bathroom Appliance Hack

Wine Rack Bathroom Appliance Hack

When it comes to looking stylish, women need not only a hair dryer these days, but also a curler and a straightener, and that’s just the bare minimum! Needing to store all of these things can transform a bathroom from organized, to a mess, quickly. That’s why this idea featured on Lewisville Love is such an awesome idea. Take an old wine rack and use it to store all of your beauty tools! This way they will be in arms reach when you need them, and you don’t have to worry about finding a drawer big enough to fit all of them.

13. Elegantly Hold All Your Glassware In A Wine Rack

Elegantly Hold All Your Glassware In A Wine Rack

Glassware is something many people accumulate over the years, after all, it’s so hard to just discard perfectly useful old glasses when you get a new set. Keep your glassware organized using an old wine rack like they did on Triple The Scraps. You’ll find that pint glasses in most styles fit perfectly. If the wine rack is small enough, you can stick it in the cupboard, or just set it on top like they did in the example. You can also use this cute idea to make a lemonade or soda station during a party in the hot summer months!

14. Reorganize Your Plastic Wrap Drawer With A Wine Rack

Reorganize Your Plastic Wrap Drawer With A Wine Rack

Most homes keep their tin foil, plastic wrap, and parchment paper all in one drawer. This can make it difficult to access these items when you need them most, then you have to mess with the tricky boxes as well! Eliminate the clutter and make all of these items easier to use by employing a wire wine rack like they did in The Domestic Diva. Not only does it feel much less cluttered, but you can easily see what you have! Just be sure you keep the boxes of anything that requires a jagged edge to cut, like plastic wrap.

15. Use A Wine Rack As A Home For Your Rolling Pins

Use A Wine Rack As A Home For Your Rolling Pins

Now, most people only have one or two rolling pins lying around, but if you are a true baker and enjoy cooking, you may have five or six, or even more! Store your rolling pins easily by placing them into a wine rack like this one on Sharon’s Scrapbook Blog. This will keep your rolling pins organized, and easy to grab when you need one! And if you don’t have quite this many rolling pins, you can use a smaller wall-hanging wine rack to store your rolling pins as well.


Hopefully, this article has taught you that wine racks are good for numerous purposes, most of which don’t even involve holding wine. So next time you receive a wine rack as a gift that you don’t think you will ever use, it’s time to put on your creative thinking cap and try one of these awesome storage ideas instead. You’ll absolutely love having a space that is more organized—all thanks to a wine rack!