Wine Rack Designs That Impress With Their Originality And Flair

It’s easy to just enter a store and buy the first wine rack you see, that common type that everyone has and which serves its purpose well but doesn’t really stand out in any way. However, if you want something different, something that’s more than just a simple countertop wine rack, you need to do some research and look into several other options and styles. You could also consider something on a larger scale if you have the space. Maybe you could turn a room into your very own wine cellar. The possibilities are almost endless. Start with a few examples we’ve put together here and let your mind go wild from there.

12 bottles wine rack support

In case space is limited, consider a wall-mounted wine rack. This way is very simple and versatile and can gold up to 12 bottles of wine. It has grooves where the bottles are inserted neck first, being held horizontally and forming a pretty cool sculpture. This particular model is made of sapele, maple and wenge and is attached to the wall using two screws. You can buy it for $185.

Wall unit storage for wine

But a small wine rack with room for only one case of wine is simply not enough when you’re a serious collector. If that’s the case then you might want to consider building some custom shelves on which you can store and display your wine collection. Don’t make it too fancy. Just make sure the conditions are right. It would be nice to add some built-in lighting so you can easily look at each bottle without disturbing it.

Go home wine storage cart

If you’re an entertainer that likes to have people over for wine tastings and other events, make things easier and more convenient on you and everyone else. Consider a serving cart with a built-in wine rack. This way you’ll be able to easily pick the right bottles of wine and bring them to your guests along with all the accessories needed.

kitchen corner cabinet wine rack

Wine racks usually fit well in kitchens, especially in custom-designed ones. So if you’re considering a remodel soon or if you have some space left for a wine rack, you should definitely go for it. You could opt for a grid-like system of shelves that lets you store your wine bottles vertically in order to save floor and counter space.

Freestanding tall wine rack

But wine racks aren’t meant to only be functional storage-wise. A lot of times they double as decorations and sculptural features for the room’s they’re in. This design is a perfect example. It looks beautiful even when no bottles are stored in it. Moreover, its design is versatile enough to fit in corners and in a variety of spaces and decors.

Modern minimalist wine holder

Of course, not everyone has a large wine collection. Some prefer to only keep a couple of bottles. There are plenty of stylish wine racks that are also small and this is one of them. With its delicate undulating lines and gentle forms, this wine rack can be placed on a counter or a table without looking out of place or taking up much space.

Small wire and burlap wine storage

Similarly, this wine rack is small and space-efficient while also looking very stylish. The bottles are displayed on leather loops, on two levels making for a total of six. The sleek metal frame has a lovely vintage-industrial flair that gives the rack a distinguished and elegant look.

Storage system for wine bottles storage

If you’re serious about your wine collection and you like to keep everything organized and lined up, we suggest a custom unit with built-in racks for the bottles, space for accessories, a rack for wine glasses and also some room for wine crates and other things. You could store and organized everything according to type, color, origin or however else you want.

Large wood wall wine stoage

Even if you have a large collection of wine bottles, that doesn’t mean they should occupy an entire room or a lot of space in general. Some wine racks are incredibly space-efficient, like this one which is basically a thick wooden panel which rests against the wall and has holes for bottles. It comes in three sizes.

Wall art wine storage rack

On the other hand, if you don’t really put a lot of emphasis on how well-organized your wine bottles are and you care more about the way in which they are displayed, perhaps you’d enjoy a wine rack that looks like a sculpture. This is a really cool example.

Metall and live edge wood for wine rack
Industrial small wine rack

Another possibility is to opt for a multifunctional accent piece which can serve both as a wine rack and a side table. The idea behind these last two designs is very simple. They have a solid and heavy top and a matching bottom and the body of the side tables have pockets, each designed to hold a single bottle of wine. The design is convenient, practical and quite ingenious. Moreover, we really like the live edge wood that makes up the supports for the wine bottle pockets.

Millesime wine racks
Millesime wine racks
Millesime wine racks

The primary role of the Millesime wine racks is to put the spotlight on what’s really important: your wine bottles. in order to achieve this, their designs are simple and focused on flexibility. The racks are constructed from a combination of wood and metal, two contrasting materials that complement each other in a very refined way in this case.

Millesime wine racks
Millesime wine racks

Defined by sleek lines and contemporary designs, these wine racks are designed to highlight the bottles from every angle. They can be affixed to the floor and the ceiling or the walls and the bottles can be seen from all angles. Basically, there are no limits as to how you can position these racks.

Millesime wine racks