Cool Wine Rack Plans And Inspiring Designs You Can Make Your Own

It’s never a bad time to add an accessory piece of furniture to your home. A wine rack would fall under this category, being one those non-basic elements that help make a space feel more like home, more complete and more enjoyable.

Cool Wine Rack Plans And Inspiring Designs

As you’re probably used to by now, we have some plans to share with you regarding this very idea. We’re ready to show you a bunch of cool wine rack designs which you can make your own. These are all DIY projects so get ready to be crafty. We also have an article on IKEA wine racks so be sure to check that out as well.

Wine rack ideas to store the favorite bottles

Small, wall-mounted wine rack made of wood

Small, wall-mounted wine rack made of woodView in gallery

Wine racks don’t follow exact specifications in terms of dimensions or shape, especially the DIY kind. We have a bunch of great wine rack plans which would be perfect for small spaces like studios or tiny apartments. Let’s start with this one. It’s a hanging wine rack made of wood, big enough to hold 4 bottles and 4 glasses which hang upside down under the rack. You can paint it in any color you prefer. Find out more about it in our tutorial.

Leather swing wine rack design

Leather swing wine rack designView in gallery

This leather sling wine rack is a collection of modules which can be in any number you prefer. You can customize the plans according to your own needs. each modules has a wooden frame and a leather strap. There are many different ways in which you can personalize this design, either by staining or painting the wood or by choosing a particular type of leather or even fabric.

Wall-mounted wine rack made of reclaimed pallet wood

Wall-mounted wine rack made of reclaimed pallet woodView in gallery

We’re big fans of reclaimed pallet furniture so we had to also include some pallet wine racks in this list. This is one of the options. A wall-mounted wine rack with a shelf/ box for bottles and a hanging rack for glasses. Building this is fairly easy once you take apart a wooden pallet and you clean and prep the boards. It’s mostly just a matter of making the right cuts and then assembling all the pieces.

Wooden design with built-in glass rack

Wooden design with built-in glass rackView in gallery

This is a very similar pallet wine rack and the instructions on how to build it can be found on theburtzcorner. You can make use pallet wood or basically any other type of reclaimed wood you might have from previous projects or other sources. The tools and materials required are fairly simple and accessible: wood screws, sandpaper, wood stain, various saw types, a drill and some glue.

Vertical wine rack with shelves

Vertical wine rack with shelvesView in gallery

Vertical wine racks are better suited for certain spatial configurations and layouts and there are many different design options for them. One option is presented on shanty-2-chic. It’s a 5 bottle rack, each bottle having a dedicated shelf with a cute label. The label is, of course, optional and can be personalized in lots of different ways. As for the actual wine rack, all you need to make something like this is a few wood board, some stain and basic tools.

Geometric rack that holds bottles at an angle

Geometric rack that holds bottles at an angleView in gallery

If the type of design you’d prefer is the simple and compact kind, check out these wine rack plans from rogueengineer. The rack looks sort of like an arrow pointer, with two holes on each side, each able to hold a bottle. As you can see, you only need a bit of wood and some screws to put something like this together. The color contrast showcased here is really pretty and quite inspiring.

Freestanding, slanted wine rack

Freestanding, slanted wine rackView in gallery

For this wine rack featured on hgtv you’ll most likely need some free space on the floor. The design is very rough and rugged, almost primitive. There’s basically a big, thick board with a support at the back similar to those used on picture frames. The bottles fit between wooden dowels which are inserted into the board in various places. Although the arrangement may seem totally random, the placement of the rods is actually planned so that they can hold bottles comfortably and practically.

Simple wine rack made of wood and rope

Simple wine rack made of wood and ropeView in gallery

A wine rack is not just a means of storing wine bottles but also a way of displaying them in a chic and beautiful manner. That being said, there’s no point in complicating the design. Something simple like a wooden board and some loops made of rope can turn out to be a great combination. You can have this rack displayed somewhere on a wall or lean it against a wall, on a table, counter, etc. {found on cambriawines}.

Customizable wine rack made out of pipes

Customizable wine rack made out of pipesView in gallery

A really cool idea (if you like industrial design) can be to make a wine rack out of black icon pipes or out of PVC pipes if you want something more lightweight. The idea comes from uncookiecutter. Check out the plans and the instructions to find out just how easy is would be to make something similar for your own home. Surely you can already think of a great spot for such a wine rack.

Wooden wine rack with large framing nails as supports

Wooden wine rack with large framing nails as supportsView in gallery

Another project that shows simplicity is often the best approach can be found on kj. It’s where we found the plans for this charming wine rack. You can make your own stylish version and you’d only need a few things for that: a wood board, large framing nails, a drill and a hammer. This rack can hold up to six bottles but the design can be adjusted based on your own needs.

Copper pipe wine rack

Copper pipe wine rackView in gallery

Copper pipes and fittings can be combined into just about any structure, including a stylish wine rack. There’s actually a tutorial on abubblylife which shows you exactly how to put together something like that. The rack presented here is made of pipes and leather. You can make it hold as many bottles as you want by simply adding more modules.

Stylish rack made of wood and thin brass rods

A layered wine rack made of pallet woodView in gallery

On dreamgreendiy there’s this chic wine rack design which uses a combination of wood boards and thin brass rods. The wood is used to build a frame and the brass rods form the shelves which hold the wine bottles. The design is very simple and expertly combines subtle industrial elements and rustic features with modern flair.

Minimalist wine rack that holds bottles upside down

Minimalist wine rack that holds bottles upside downView in gallery

Not all wine racks have shelves. Some, like the one featured on camillestyles. use a different strategy. This one holds the bottles upside down, at a slight angle by featuring holes in which they can be inserted. All you need to complete this project is a wooden plank, a drill with an appropriate drill bit, sandpaper and mounting hardware so you can put the rack up on a wall.

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A wooden frame with leather straps for bottles

A wooden frame with leather straps for bottlesView in gallery

Another easy-to-make project is described on themerrythought. The wine rack plans shown here suggest a very simple craft. As you can see, the wine rack has this minimalist frame which is made of wood and the bottles are held by leather straps attached to wooden rods. The design is cute, chic and customizable so be creative or, if you like this look, leave it as such.

Large wine rack featuring rubber bands

Large wine rack featuring rubber bandsView in gallery

Rubber bands can be an interesting alternative for leather straps. Before you jump to conclusions, check out this wine rack that we found on instructables. It looks quite classy and the rubber bands don’t really diminish its elegance in any way. In fact, they give the design a playful look. Have a look at the plans and the tutorial to find out how to build a wine rack like this.

A map-shaped wine rack

A map-shaped wine rackView in gallery

Here’s a really cool idea: make a wine rack shaped like a map of a region (state, country, continent, whatever inspired you). It’s not easy but with enough time and patience you can get it done. First, print out the map you want to use and then trace its borders on the piece of wood you plan on turning into a wine rack. Then use the jigsaw to cut the wood. This can get fairly complicated if the border lines are are not exactly straight. Check out Instructables for more details and tips on this project.

Minimalist wall-mounted wine rack

Minimalist wall-mounted wine rackView in gallery

An interesting strategy is to allow the focus to fall on the wine bottles rather than on the rack that holds them. The wine rack plans featured on Instructables are specifically designed to let that happen. Actually, it looks like this is meant to be a decorative piece rather than a rack which can hold full wine bottles. Still, you can find some inspiration in the design.

A wall turned into a wine rack

A wall turned into a wine rackView in gallery

If you have a wall section you’re not using in any way, perhaps you could turn it into a wine rack. Although it is a fairly complex project, it’s not something to be intimidated by, even as a beginner DIYer. There’s not much you need for the project: just some wood laths (size and number depends on the wall you’re using), a drill, a jigsaw and some screws. You’ll have plenty of room for lots of wine bottles so start collecting. {found on instructables}.

Steampunk design featuring pipes

Steampunk design featuring pipesView in gallery

We also came across a really cool wine rack with a steampunk/ industrial design. You can find the plans for it on Instructables along with a list of supplies and tools needed and a bunch of tips to help you along the way. Assembling this wine rack is more or less like a puzzle. It can be pretty fun to come up with own design and to plan all the details for it from scratch.

A freestanding wine rack that can double as a space divider

A freestanding wine rack that can double as a space dividerView in gallery

A freestanding. wine rack would be practical if you’re the type that likes to regularly reconfigure the way the home interior is structured or to redecorate when the space starts to look and feel boring. It’s yet another project for which we found the plans on Instructables. If you want, you can use the rack as a space divider and you can give it shelves on both sides. It would hold six bottles instead of just three.

A wine rack that you can hang from the ceiling

A wine rack that you can hang from the ceilingView in gallery

Hanging wine racks are usually very practical because they don’t take up space on the floor on the counter. Some are not even attached to walls. The one shown on dremeleurope hangs from the ceiling. That’s quite handy considering that there’s usually not a lot of space to spare in a kitchen, assuming you’d want to place the wine rack there.

A small design shaped like a triangle

A small design shaped like a triangleView in gallery

The triangular design of this wine rack is quite practical too because it forms that empty space at the center which can be used to store small items like a bottle opener or a few corks. The bottom of the rack holds glasses so this is actually a small but complete bar. All that’s missing is a serving tray or a surface on which to place the drinks. {found on instructables}.

A tree made of iron pipes and fittings

A tree made of iron pipes and fittingsView in gallery

Remember when we mentioned black iron pipes and how they can be used to build cool-looking wine racks? Well, this is one of the many possible designs. It’s something we found on Etsy and obviously you can treat as a DIY project if you just go ahead and gather all the pieces needed for the structure.

Wood crate turned into a wine rack

Wood crate turned into a wine rackView in gallery

This wine rack from Hometalk started out as a simple wooden crate. Those internal dividers quickly turned it into a wine rack and once the whole thing was painted there was no doubt that this project was a success. You can build your own wood crate wine rack by following the instructions.

A sculptural wine rack with tiers

A sculptural wine rack with tiersView in gallery

Wood is a really nice material which doesn’t need a lot of outside help to stand out or to look beautiful. It’s natural warmth and charm can thus be used in your favor when doing wood-related projects. Take this simple wine rack from instructables for example. It has such a nice way of being special.

A simple wine rack for two

A simple wine rack for twoView in gallery

This is a really nice design for a couple’s wine rack, the reason for that being it’s meant to only hold two bottles and two glasses. Of course, you can expand it and add more slots if you want to but there’s something about this small size that really makes it special. Check it out on instructables to find out how to build it for yourself.

Wine barrel turned into a wine rack

Wine barrel turned into a wine rackView in gallery

For this project you’re going to need something very specific: a wine barrel. Actually, only half of a barrel would be enough since the idea is to remove a section and to transform the barrel into a sort of wine rack and accent table combo. Everything is explained in detail on instructables so head over there for more info.

A wooden rack with a metal pipe rail

A wooden rack with a metal pipe railView in gallery

If you’re looking for a simple DIY wine rack design, something that a beginner could easily do, this one would be just right. It’s made out of wood for the most part which is easily accessible plus it’s easy to put together and to plan from scratch. What sets it apart from other similar wine racks is the metal rail at the top which holds the bottles in place. Check out the full tutorial on instructables for more details.

A wine rack built into a bookcase

A wine rack built into a bookcaseView in gallery

Another interesting idea is to have the wine rack integrated into an existing piece of furniture. This way it wouldn’t stand out as much and it would also help you save some space. Check out this cool project from instructables which shows how you can modify a small bookcase to give it a built-in wine rack. It’s a very practical and also quirky idea.

A half-dodecagon wine rack

A half-dodecagon wine rackView in gallery

What you see here is a custom wine rack shaped like half of a dodecagon which is a polygon with 12 sides. It’s a rather specific and intricate shape but when you split the design into smaller sections it turns out this is not such a complicated project after all. All the details and instructions can be found in the tutorial provided on instructables.

A stylish wine rack with an attached cork holder

A stylish wine rack with an attached cork holderView in gallery

Have you ever considered that the wine corks could be useful in some way? There’s plenty of DIY projects and crafts that make use of them but even if you’re not interested in that simply storing the corks could look quite cool and interesting. With that in mind, check out this beautiful DIY wine rack with a built-in cork holder. Doesn’t it look lovely? Imagine having one of these in your own home and customizing it to suit your style. For more info about the project head over to instructables.

A layered wine rack made of pallet wood

A layered wine rack made of pallet woodView in gallery

If you have the space for it, a wine rack like this would be a really nice way to showcase the beauty of reclaimed wood in your décor. This is actually a simple project and the reason for that is because it’s actually made out of a wooden pallet. Take out a few boards here and there and reposition them to make these shelves and you’ll have a wonderful and practical wine rack in no time. The project is explained on instructables to check out the tutorial if you want to find out the details.