DIY Wall Mounted Hanging Wine Rack

Keep wine glasses and wine bottles on display and at easy reach with a handmade wall mounted hanging wine rack you can customize with any size or color! A great option for those needing alternative storage solutions or that host often! This hanging wine rack is the perfect addition to your kitchen or dining area.

Wall Mounted Hanging Wine Rack
DIY Hanging Wine Rack

Supplies you’ll need to craft a wall mounted wine rack with glasses:

  • 2 pieces of wood 4″ wide x 16″ or taller
  • 3 pieces of wood 4″ wide x 14″
  • sanding block
  • saw
  • pencil
  • drill with forstner drill bit (approx 1/2″)
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • wood glue
  • hammer
  • nails
  • straight edge with measure

Instructions to build this wall mounted wine rack:

DIY Hanging Wine Rack

Step 1: Finding a piece of wood

Have your local hardware store cut wood to the specified dimensions listed above (or larger if you want a larger scale wine rack). Sand the edges of your wood pieces.

Step 2:  Drill holles

Use a tape measure to mark out 4 points evenly spaced apart in the center of one of the shorter pieces of wood. This will be the part that holds the wine glasses. Drill out the holes with your forstner drill bit and drill (or a drill press if available).

Step 3: Anchor hole

Use a straight edge to draw two evenly spaced straight lines from the holes to one side of the wood. Mark out the edges with a pencil. Make these lines slightly thinner than the hole so that the hole anchors the wine glasses.

Step 4: Cut along holes

Use a saw to cut along the edges that you marked with your pencil. This will open up the holder so that the wine glasses can be slipped into the whole.

DIY Hanging Wine Rack

Step 5: attach the glass and wine holder

Once the wine glass holder piece is finished, put together the wine rack. Line up the two larger pieces of wood on the outside vertical edges of the rack and place the smaller pieces at the top and middle to lower section of the rack. Place the glass holder portion at the bottom of the rack. Place a small amount of wood glue at the intersections of the wood and let it dry.

Step 6: nailing process

Use a hammer and nails to attach the wood rack together.

DIY Hanging Wine Rack

Step 7: Coat paint

Once the rack is put together and the glue has dried, apply a thin even coat of paint to the entire rack and let dry for the amount of time as indicated on the back of the paint can or bottle. Apply a second coat or a glossy clear finish if needed.

Hammer two nails into the wall and hang up the rack. Display your wine glasses and wine for easy access!

DIY Hanging Wine Rack
DIY Hanging Wine Rack
DIY Hanging Wine Rack
DIY Hanging Wine Rack