40 Summer Living Room Decor Pieces To Brighten Your Home

Summer has definitely sprung and if you haven’t started sprucing up for the season yet, it’s time! Gather all of your beautiful, lively colors, prints and top trends as you refresh and revitalize your space. Check out these 40 summer living room decor pieces the are sure to brighten your home all over again.

1. Dipped Planters

Dipped Planters

This is the most perfect summer DIY project for the home and it turns out to be so much fun too! Dip some white planters in bold, summer like colors and give your greens a pop!{found on craftberrybush}.

2. Grass Greens

Green Grass Living room Decor

Sprinkle some grass green around the house for an extra pop of summer time flair. From the living room throw pillows to the lampshades, this works when it’s time to infuse some of the season into your decor.

3. Lemons

decorate with fresh lemons

Lemons are another perfect addition when you’re steering clear from the winter blues. Whether they’re in a fruit basket on the kitchen counter hiding in an apothecary jar in the foyer, they work!{found on yellowblissroad}.

4. Tulips Anywhere

Tulip wreath flowers

And then we have tulips, which are a quintessential summer time flower and they work anywhere in the house too. Whether they’re woven in your welcome wreath or dawning a vase in the dining room!

5. Mason Jars

Mason jars flowers on wall

Summer is a great time to whip out some mason jars. They’re versatile for tons of DIY projects or just to use as vases, planters and more around the house as is.

6. Pastel Pops

Geometric shelves with pastel colors

This is also the season to weave your favorite pastel pops around your home as well. Dip it in paint, buy it readymade or create a brand new accent wall in your stairway.

7. Bar Carts

Gold bar carts

It’s also the perfect time to utilize your bar carts. Create a station in the dining room or even revamp it into a party or pool cart for your most fun and entertaining necessities.{found on kimberkarolina}.

8. Cacti & Succulents

Table centerpiece

We love seeing your green thumb and that goes for trendy and textural cacti and succulent plants as well. They’re funky, they’re fun and they look great on the windowsills and even office desks!

9. Cheery Layers

Cheery Layers

Add flowers, fruit and more to your layered mantles, lazy Susan’s and other nooks and crannies around the house. This is where you can get really creative and show off you personal style.{found on dearlillieblog}.

10. Bright Mirrors

Bright Mirrors

When you have a bright spot in the house, utilize it and add a mirror. It’ll create an even more cheerful nature and the illusion of more space.{found on theeverygirl}.

11. Copper Accents

Copper home decor accessories

For another unique and trendy addition, think about utilizing some copper pieces as well. These agent provide both a feminine and edgy twist to your home’s decor.

12. Fun Garlands

Colorful Fun Garlands

Summer time can be a bit fun and festive in and of itself, so it’s only fitting that you add floral, colorful or just plain pom pom garland to your mantle, banister or even inside the breakfast nook!{found on adoremagazine}.

13. Blushing Tones

Blushing Tones

Break out the blush neutrals as well. Drape them, use them as big furniture accents, wall pieces and more. It’s the perfect time to revive your girlish charms.

14. Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

This is also the season to refresh and revive your life. So, why not sprinkle around the stylish and inspirational quotes and weave them into your home’s decor as well?{found on cleanandscentsible}.

15. Colorful Doors

Colorful front doors

Give your outdoor a quick makeover as well with a pop of color on your door. Yellows, blues, greens and more can create a much more beautiful curbside appeal.

16. Bold Arrows

Bold arrows

Arrows are super trendy right now too, so utilize their style as well. They blend well with all genres from rustic, cottage looks to modern, hipster vibes!{found on houseofhawthornes}.

17. Mixing Patterns

Mixing bold patterns

It’s also the time to mix and match patterns and prints. From geo to floral, summer time decor is all about liveliness and energy!

18. Wooden Pieces

Wooden pieces for storage

You can make your space feel a bit more organic as well. From wooden crates to exposed wooden beams, this can be a fun project to takeover as well.{found on roomsforrentblog}.

19. Sweet Ottomans

Sweet turqoise ottomans

Switch out your furniture for the seasons! Add color and texture to your living room by accenting the space with colorful ottomans.{found on inspiredbycharm}.

20. Woven Accessories

Woven baskets

Woven accessories on the walls to floor are a great addition as well that evoke a sense of warmer weather coming. Use woven baskets to hold your blankets or jazz the mantle with a handmade piece.{found on shadesofblueinteriors}.

21. Bare Windows

Perfect reading corner with a bold art above

Nix the window dressing when summer time rolls around. More natural lighting means more energy and brightness shining through to your home, which is always beneficial.

22. Boho Feathers

Spring colorful rocks

You may not think of feathers first when you’re brainstorming new home decor, but they work. Use them in a hanging piece or in a vase bouquet design.

23. Cotton Bundles

Cotton bundles

Cotton in a pitcher on the coffee table or in a wreath hanging over the mantle, it works! For those that like a bit of country flavoring, this too can revive for summer season.

24. New Artwork

New artwork home accessories

An easy way to spruce and style for hot season is to scour the aisles for fresh, new artwork. Rejuvenate your living room with a beautiful and colorful new painting or print!

25. Geo Prints

Geo prints patterns

Geo prints are exploding right now in both the interior design and fashion worlds. So, why not add a print that inspires you to your living room scheme?

26. Pom Pom Additions

PomPom addition to pillows

Whether they’re on the throw pillows, the curtains or the garland on the mantle, pom poms are friendly and fun – and full of summer flair. Don’t you think?{found on bhg}.

27. Whimsy Lavender

Whimsy Lavender

Lavender is another girly tone that evokes a sense of summer style. Don’t be afraid to dress a large piece of furniture in this shade.

28. Girlish Pairings

Girlish Pairings Bedroom

Of course you can totally rework any room of the house. Use this bedroom as inspiration of what you can restyle in your living room, making it lighter and more plush.{found on craftberrybush}.

29. Gilded Trinkets

Gilded Trinkets

Shining golden and gilded pieces are the perfect way to bring your living room summer decor full circle. Top off your coffee table books or side table with a trinket you love!{found on asoutherndrawl}.

30. Black & White

Black and white bedroom design accent

Black and white schemes are year round, timeless favorites. You can make them a bit more “summer” like just by using spaces like this as inspiration.{found on bliss-athome}.

31. Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers

Instead of throwing out older bouquet, use those petals! DIY a hanging piece or use those stems as small accents around the space, all while creating dried floral memories.{found on honestlywtf}.

32. Water Pitchers

Water Pitchers

Water pitchers filled with fresh florals are such a fun addition to your coffee tables, buffets, side tables, mantles and more! Don’t keep these beauties in the kitchen only.

33. Farmhouse Themes

Farmhouse Theme

Summer is also a great time to rework your living room and provide it with a more farmhouse feel. Scour the stores and the blogs for the right kind of inspiration.

34. Lace Linens

Cool lace linens

Delicate and pretty, lace linens can be another great addition to your living room summer decor. Lace curtain, pillow covers or a cloth over the coffee table is a great way to add light texture.

35. Petaled Wallpaper

Petaled Wallpaper

Instead of painting an accent wall, why not use some wallpaper. Behind the sofa or on the wall leading to the hallway, do something bold!

36. Cake Stands

Cake Stands

Cake stands are great for, well, displaying cake. But these pieces can be used to perch some of your favorite trinkets in the living room as well – just get creative!

37. Lanterns Too

Light your living room with lanterns

These lights can too be utilized all over the home – including outside, but they’re especially nice for coffee table and side table sitting. They definitely evoke a sense of the season too!{found on onsuttonplace}.

38. Inspired Collages

Inspired Collages

Here’s a beautiful example of reworking and restyling a nook or cranny of a living room to reinsure it. Layer up florals, copper pieces and mirrors for an extra special home addition.

39. Versatile Chalkboards

Versatile Chalkboards

There’s something about chalkboards too that brings in a sense of summer. It could be the entertainment value, but this setup in particular is rather inspired don’t you think?{found on makinghomebase}.

40. Hot Pink

Hot pink room decor

Don’t be afraid to use hot pink in the house! If there was ever a time to use it, it’s summer time. Just don’t go overboard and use it as a mere accent.