20 White Quartz Countertops – Inspire Your Kitchen Renovation

Bring out a more modern energy inside your kitchen with a splash of new countertops around the space. When it comes to quartz you may want to go the arctic route and really brighten up the most centered spot of the house. Inspire your kitchen renovation with these 20 white quartz countertops and their unique designs.

1. With Teal

Open space kitchen with White Quartz Countertops

Check out these arctic white quartz countertops compliment by a muted, teal wall and a burst of white cabinets. Everything looks grander, brighter and bigger with this mix of shades and textures.

2. With Cottage Style

With Cottage Style

Even with a more modern, quartz countertop, you can create a friendly and charming cottage-style kitchen around it. Just look at this peek of a gorgeous, feminine kitchen with both a splash of contemporary appeal and vintage flair.

3. With Wood

White Quartz Countertops with Wood

Check out the beautiful contrast of a thick, white quartz countertop and a rustic, wooden island and accent. If you want something with a bold and striking look at first glance, this may be the route you’d like to take.

4. With Elegance

Marble backsplash with quartz countertop

If you want to create a house that’s infused with elegance and sophisticated, then this peek is exactly what you’ll want to grab inspiration from. Whether it’s the white quartz countertops or the muted, cloudy blues on the cabinets, it’s a luxurious experience in there.

5. With Sparkle

Quartz countertop with sparkle

These countertops has a definite sparkle about them so it’s only fitting that you may want to jazz up the kitchen a bit with a feminine, lavish vibe. Just look how beautiful this mirrored backsplash is paired with the quartz tops.

6. With MidCentury Style

fresh lemon on a quarts countertop

Here’s another quick peek at how beautiful both white quartz countertops can be and how funky and trendy that midcentury styling can be when placed inside the house. And, of course, we’re loving the using of relaxed, hazy blues.

7. With Stainless Steel

Quartz With Stainless Steel

White quartz countertops look really great with stainless steel appliances and hardware, especially when there is a bit of a swirl attached. Just look at it all plays together in a super chic and fashionable way.{found on millergreene}.

8. With Black

Black kitchen design with a quartz countertop for island

Of course, anything white is going to look great alongside a black counterpart. A classic, timeless addition of both fashion and interior design, black and white kitchens play well together – including the countertop and cabinet duo.{found on orangecoastinteriordesign}.

9. With Natural Elements

Quartz kitchen island countertop decorate with natural elements

Mix these brilliant pieces with a kitchen full of neutral tones and natural elements. Wood, burlap and linens can help create a more subdued area to relax and enjoy in.{found on oharainteriors}.

10. With Eclecticism

Traditional white kitchen wiht yellow door knobs and quartz countertop

Even if you like a funky mix of styles, white quartz countertops can shine bright and give your space a beautiful foundation. Just look at how stunning this space is with or without the trendy additions.

11. With Gray

Monochromatic look in the kitchen wiht a quartz countertop

You may want a kitchen that has a no-fuss, no-mess feeling to it. Create a slight monochromatic look, mixing whites and grays, like this gorgeous space which uses those white quartz countertops as it’s centerpiece.{found on blakeslondon}.

12. With Delicacy

White kitchen design with a quartz countertop

There’s something really soft and delicate about this modern kitchen and we love that. It feels more welcoming and cozy without straying away from a posh and polished finish with the combination of stainless steel appliances and quarts tops.

13. With Bistro Feels

Marble infused on the kitchen

Create yourself a French-style bistro right inside your home complete with European accents, white quartz countertops and beautiful, velvety blues or even lavenders!{found on kristispouseinteriors}.

14. With Tradition

Kitchen With Tradition Design

Traditional kitchens need solid pieces to work as the base of the room. From beautiful cabinetry to countertops that sparkle, tradition is all about bringing a warm, cozy and functional space to life.{found on searsarchitects}.

15. With White

Coastal inspired kitchen

White on white on white on white can be sleek, clean and give the kitchen an incredibly spacious feel. Open up your kitchen and breathe life back in by adding some white countertops, cabinetry and walls.{found on lindrossremodeling}.

16. With A Bar

Quartz countertop bar for kitchen

Whether your breakfast bar is big or small, make it a bold focus by adding a white to a darker-themed room. It creates a place to gather and enjoy at first glance.{found on randysinteriors}.

17. With The Family

Large family quartz table

If you have an island and countertop that works as a table too, you’ll love the way quartz can be versatile enough to fit every one of those functions under its umbrella. Just look at this innovation!{found on ernstbrothers}.

18. With Metro Style

Cool white traditional kitchen with industrial chairs and quartz countertop

Between the subway tile to the bar chairs, there’s something really urban about the subtle styling of this kitchen. And don’t worry, white quartz can be a part of the magic here as well.{found on moreyremodeling}.

19. With Beach Vibes

Blue and white kitchen design with a sea themed

If you want to give your kitchen an ultra-cool makeover, try out a style that evokes a sense of vacation with the family. Quartz tops can create a clean foundation to a beachy-vibed space.{found on stephengraver}.

20. With Modern Style

Kitchen island with bar chairs

Check out this sleek and chic kitchen complete with modern edges, contemporary lines and stark white quartz countertops. We love the contrast between the chocolate and the white, and we love how smooth the entire space is.{found on fifthelementhomes}.